Tonight’s Sun Oven Cooking Seminar


20150726_105212This is a quick reminder about our special seminar tonight with solar cooking expert Paul Munsen.

This interactive online class starts today at 7 p.m. Central, (8 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Mountain / 5 p.m. Pacific)


Click Here to Attend:


See you there!!!


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5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Sun Oven Cooking Seminar”

  1. We have registered. Received an email with ‘tickets’.
    Not exactly sure how to proceed with that.

  2. We have been on for 15 minutes. No sound, no video. Has it been cancelled?
    we downloaded the sound thingee; still nothing. Blank screen comes up when you click on ‘listen in’.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar tonight. Thanks for helping me learn how to use the one we bought…that is still in the box…because I didn’t know how to cook in it… UNTIL NOW!

    • Glad you could make it Brad M. These Sun Ovens are amazing. I have cooked whole chickens and they were tremendously moist. I have a MeetUp group coming up and if weather allows going to cook something in it as a demonstration.


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