To the Wives, Girlfriends and Other Happy Ladies

by Jennifer S. in Reno

Today I woke up and did some house cleaning, I did some laundry and vacuumed the carpets, I harped on the kids to get them to clean their rooms and I changed the cat litter box, I mopped the kitchen floor and made sure all of my dishes were washed.  When I was done with that I went to the grocery store.  Actually, I went to four grocery stores because I like to go where the good deals are.  I like to come home and put my purchased food away and know that my family will have a good dinner and that I saved money doing it.  After I came home and stored away my groceries I went into the backyard to hang out with my husband and work on our backyard.


Six months ago, this was a normal Saturday for me.  With that being said I would like to say six months ago, I was happy, but also blind.


It all started on a normal day.  I believe it was near the end of November, perhaps early December.  My husband came home from work and joined me in the kitchen.  I was starting dinner and he began to talk to me about things I had never heard of before and quite frankly never would have considered listening too.  His topics included HAARP projects, the TSA and Chemtrails.  I remember slicing tomatoes and listening to him talk.  I also remember looking at him out of the corner of my eye and, while nodding along, thinking to myself “I have married a crazy person.”


Now ladies, you and I both know that most of us would never be so cruel as to tell the men that we love that their new interests or concerns are either crazy or scaring us to death.  We pretend to take interest and listen to as much as we can handle before we tune them out.  This is exactly what I did over the following 3-5 weeks as the subject matter got broader.  His topics ranged from economic meltdown to EMT catastrophes’, to hidden meanings in the artwork at the Denver Airport.  I would listen and listen and listen, and then the next day I would pretend I didn’t hear any of it and do what I usually do, clean and make things pretty.  I would read through the news from mainstream media and I would watch American Idol or other useless programming to make my life seem normal.  I didn’t do these things because I didn’t believe my husband, but because I was trying to forget what he had been talking to me about and pretend that nothing bad could ever happen to me or my family.


Thinking about unfortunate things occurring and planning to protect your family is scary.  It’s very disheartening and it’s very hard to buckle down and look at it in a realistic frame of mind.  It is much easier to pretend that we are untouchable and that everything will remain as it always has been. If you don’t see it and don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist right?  Wrong.


One day at work I decided to research a bit of what he had been talking to me about, I found myself reading some things on alternative news websites and blogs that pertained to the government and other worldwide issues that caught my interest, and then I stumbled upon a few pages referencing natural disaster.  I read some scenarios about what could happen (and most likely would happen) if we were not prepared or protected.  After I read those, I read some more.  Then I read some more.  Before I knew it I had been reading for a few hours and realized I was hooked.  It never occurred to me the domino effect that any number of SHTF events could have on the world.  I never thought of how it could directly affect my family.  I never thought of having to protect my family from others who were simply trying to protect themselves.  I actually copied one of those articles and emailed it straight to my husband and titled my email with “We should get ready”. That day, was the beginning of our joint effort to prepare to protect our family.


The truth is, not preparing your family before disaster takes place, means that you are actually harming them more than the disaster.


Through my own research and reading and having extensive night time talks with my husband, I began to prep mostly for a natural or manmade disaster.  We live in earthquake country so that is a big priority of mine, although I will admit that after I stopped being so stubborn and took of those rose colored glasses I got right after birth, I started to become aware of disasters that have nothing to do with nature and everything to do with our current political system and world leaders.  Our children are not old enough to fend for themselves, nor are they old enough to really understand what we are doing for them so it is our job to make sure that if SHTF, we have a strong support system to defend ourselves  and our livelihood.


The purpose of my guest post is to try to reach out to other women like myself.  Happy women who have never heard of any of this until their husbands brought it up.  Happy women who don’t want to think about it and who would prefer to see the world as a place with singing children, cooperative neighbors, and leaders who care.  To those women, please think for yourselves; please be strong enough to do some research and listen to not only your husbands, but to formulate your own opinions and ideas.  Think outside of the box.  Don’t accept the world as it is presented to you.  Your loved ones will Thank you for it when the time comes and you have supplies to keep them safe.


There are some very basic and easy ways that you can begin prepping your family for a disaster.  Here are some things to start with:


1.) Water. We all need water.  We cannot survive after three days without water.  What are you going to do if your stores are out of bottled water (think Japan) and your supply has been cut off?  Bottled water and other jugs are the easiest.  Gallon jugs typically cost less than $1.00 at any local supermarket or you can purchase the packages of individual bottles.  (Usually 24 bottles for around $3.00)  I prefer the packages because they are easy to stack and easier to store (although the jugs are easier to grab and run with).  You can also wash out old soda, milk and juice jugs and fill them with tap water for storage as well although some of these bottles disintegrate quicker than others so do some research on them before you start using those.

2.) Food. Food is easy, but can also be tricky. First off when you go to the store grab two of anything that stores well that you and your family normally eats.  The reason this needs to happen is because your body is used to the food.  If SHTF and you start eating nothing but canned corn, your body will have a reaction and you will get sick.  Make sure to stock up with food items your body is used too but also make sure you grab some items that are less conventional.  My favorites (courtesy of my husband) are dehydrated milks (remember, if electricity is down, that milk in the fridge won’t do any good), 100% natural honey (great vitamins and stores forever), dried beans, spam and even other liquid items such as Tang (tastes good, keeps the spirits up and is a great source of Vitamin C).

3.) Other misc., items: Batteries.  And lots of them!  If you have re-chargeable batteries that’s great but if you lose power it won’t do you any good.  Buy extra batteries for everything you intend to use should TSHTF.  Make sure that you have plenty of extra flashlights on hand and stock up on candles.  Cheap tea lights are better than walking around in the dark.  Grab some matches (big boxes are cheap and you can still find strike anywhere matches if you look in the right places!).  Get some extra blankets from the goodwill if you don’t already have some in-case the heat goes out.  Another priority item should be a weeks’ worth of clothing for everyone in your family, sealed in a vacuum air tight bag so they are ready to grab at a moment’s notice and stay clean and dry in case you have to leave your home.

4.) First Aid Supplies: This is very important, especially if you have kids.  Stock up on band-aids, gauze, fever reducer, pain reliever, diarrhea meds, a thermometer, cut ointment and other first aid items you can think of that you might need in case someone is hurt or gets sick.  Remember, depending on the size of the catastrophe, doctors might be unavailable and hospitals might be down or overworked.  If you have prescription meds, try to stock up on those.  I used to think that it wasn’t possible but found a very reputable nationwide chain store that actually fills up to four months if you pay with cash.  Call around and see what you can find.  It would be smart to also look into homeopathic medicine if you cannot get your hands on prescription meds.

5.) Your Sanity: It’s easy to think that when the time comes, your fight or flight instinct will kick in and you won’t need some of the normal pleasures of life.  This would be wonderful if true but I am not willing to blindly try it if I have the option.  Try and stock up on a few things to keep yourself and your family entertained.  Some hand held electronics or small board games will help.  Perhaps some puzzles and books.  If you own a portable DVD player it might be a good idea to have that on hand with extra batteries and some movies.  This way you are less likely to lose your sanity (and rational thinking) while you are waiting around trying to make it through whatever catastrophe hits.

6.) Last but not least, firearms: Imagine you have prepared your family and SHTF.  You are bunkered in your home with food, water, batteries and flashlights.  You and your family are getting by and while it is not ideal, you are alive and doing well.  Then there’s a knock at your door, you don’t answer it because you are being cautions.  Let’s say that whoever is behind that door decides that they are going to break into the house.  They come in and see that you have food and water.  That’s when you realize that they do not have what you have.  Are you willing to share your families’ rations with total stranger?  I would guess not.  When you tell them that you are not willing to share do you think that they will politely leave and thank you for your time?  I doubt it.  You need a way to protect your family.  I leave this one up to my husband and he has covered the bases.


Once you make an informed decision and think for yourself, it’s easy to start prepping.  It’s easy to take the first steps and turn preparedness into a part of your everyday life.


Please think about it and take the proper steps to prepare for your safety.  Don’t let disaster strike without having what you need to get through it and in turn letting you and your family suffer.  Other people are not going to help you and it will be nobody but yourself and your family looking out for one another.  Morals do not exist when people are forced to survive.  Make sure you and your loved ones are covered.

****This post was originally published back in 2011 . It can be seen here in its original format HERE.


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  1. Toothpaste, toilet paper, plastic bags to line buckets and cat litter to absorb the smell and liquids. It is not only the little things you will miss, but things like using the toilet when there is no running water.

    Your husband shouldn’t be the only one that has a gun, rifle or shotgun. PLUS you have to not only know how to use them, but be prepared to use them. If it is only your husband in your defense then a single shot could change the lives of you and your children with the possibility of violence and no hope for any of you. Learn and prepare for the worst.

    Look into strengthening doors and windows, all access points to your home. Doors are not the only way homes are broken into.

    Answer the knocks at the doors, but not so you can be seen. Let them know the home is occupied and not abandoned and free to loot unopposed. Then, if the doors don’t give in, due to the above strength added above, you stand a better chance they will leave without further confrontation.

    Do not succumb to curiosity and stick your head out to see where they went. Most people seem to think that if they wait a few minutes without hearing anything that it has somehow become safe. It isn’t safe. Maintain your guard. Be ready. Be quite.

    Be prepared.

  2. This was great…I’m glad you reposted it! One caveat I would add is do NOT reuse milk jugs…even if you think you’ve cleaned them well enough, they can still harbor bacteria from the milk and contaminate your water…

  3. Wanda is typical of so many, I can hardly blame her for believing it’s all paranoia. Though I wonder why she was even here. Most of us may have believed in monsters when we were very young, nightmares and scary movies reinforced our fears. A mothers loving touch and her tucking us in while reassuring us that monsters aren’t real helped sooth our fears, along a nightlight and a soft toy, but when she left, and the light went out…. the fear returned. In time we realize that our mothers were right, monsters aren’t real, least that’s what most believe. We age out of young adulthood (some of us) and start reading the news and realize that perhaps there really are monsters. If lucky we never fall victim to one, but we read that many in fact do.

    There has been study upon study by the likes of the Congressional Budget Office and the Government Accountability Office that future projections of GDP and American economic trends rarely extend beyond the 2030’s. Seems that with current government dept compounding, their computer models predict complete economic collapse by 2037. Course, we can believe that our government will avoid this, I guess based on their long track record of successful problem solving.

    People like Wanda can accept, or not, that some of us spend a slight bit of our efforts toward protecting ourselves from monsters. Whether the monster is turning your door knob to see if it’s locked, spinning of the Gulf Coast, or being ignored in the halls of congress.

    There are monsters….. there are!

  4. We started preparing as soon as obama was elected, we also bought property 8,000 feet up in the mountains, and drew all our money out of the bank and ONLY deposit enough to cover our monthly bills. If SHTF the deadbeats and freeloaders are going to be robbing and looting anything and everything, so we’re getting the Hell out of here and heading to the mountains. We have enough food for two years, we have thousands of rounds of ammunition, etc……Maybe nothing will happen, but if it does me and mine are going to be ready!

  5. good article!! and comments. . . .could “wanda” be a troll, or even one of oblammo’s “cybercorps” ? You know, those college grads who can’t find jobs, but are getting our tax dollars while living in mommy’s basement, and spying on the rest of us. . .

  6. Jennifer’s experience of having her eyes opened sounds like my wife’s. She told me many times that at first she thought I was crazy and because of the looks she gave me I was a closet prepper long before I shared my true feelings about it with her. I was afraid she would tell me I was scaring her and that she had concerns. Because I had been discussing things in the news with her slowly and not just hitting her with it, she was ready to talk about it. To my surprise, when I told her I wanted to get more prepared (water, food, defense, etc.) she told me she was “All in”. She got her Concealed Carry Permit and we go to the range to be sure she can use it. It has helped strengthen our bonds as we work together to strengthen our family.

    All in all, this was a great article to get folks thinking. After all it may not be some sinister dark plot that creates your emergency. It may be a natural disaster or even the loss of work that will make you glad you have a deep larder to fall back on.

  7. Jennifer S, I will try to get my wife to read this as she still does not truly believe what can and probably will happen even when she sees what is happening on the news. She firmly believes she will have time to learn and prepare after an event happens, she has not learned from previous events, the blizzard of 78 in Boston and Hurricane Andrew in Florida.

  8. I am thrilled to see an epiphany in Jennifer, but she couldn’t be more wrong in letting her husband take care of security. I agree with the person that said one shot and her husband could fall, leading to rape or worse for her and her unprotected children. SHE needs to know how to defend her home and children, SHE needs to practice with whatever measures her husband is lining up for security, SHE needs to find a gun that is right for her and PRACTICE with it.

    One Size Does NOT Fit All where firearms are concerned. My husband and I have different sized hands, different strength, and different eyesight. We have our own guns and know what they feel like and how to make them work for our protection. All guns do basically delivery protection in the same way, but have vastly differing aspects. When they are knocking down the door or breaking in the windows is not the time for her to ask him how to shoot the arsenal he has provided for protection. How does your and your husband’s gun have the safety engaged or unengaged? How do you reload? How do you adjust your aim for the recoil or maybe that sight that you have meant to get adjusted? Even the force required to pull the trigger can and does vary from gun to gun. We are not born with the innate ability to pick up any firearm and defend ourselves.

    Letting her husband handle security is a fast track to leaving herself and her children totally unprotected if something happens to her husband or if he is overrun or outflanked and needs her to back him up to defend their family’s lives. Even my teenage daughter knows how to shoot every firearm we own. She might need one of them someday to protect her life. I as a parent am trying very hard to make her self sufficient and able to defend herself. Jennifer has only gotten half the message her husband was trying to get across. Good start, but don’t stop with the job half done!

  9. I can’t remember a time when someone didn’t think I was silly.
    Is it better to be silly and ready for an emergency or silly and not ready? We silly people spend our money on seat belts, air bags, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and fire department taxes. I have only used a little of that emergency equipment that I have invested my money in for an emergency, but that doesn’t mean I will not need all of it in the future. If you prefer to not be ready that is your problem.

  10. I would like to just chime in and say that when I let my husband handle “security” it means I let him purchase the “security items” – it doesnt mean I dont know how to use them. =) Thanks for the compliments on my article!!!

  11. Great Jennifer! I love it when women take control of defense as well as the million other things we do. I have so many women friends that won’t even think of defending themselves and it makes me insane sometimes. Most of the time they say they will just come over to my house and I get heart attack serious and tell them…. “no you won’t”. I have told many a friend that I love you, but it is your job to take care of yourself and your family. Some get it, some don’t, but I will be very selfish and not share what my family needs because my friends have not prepared. That is just the way it is. I really do love your article and think you will change lots of minds with it. Getting people out of denial is the first step and your article is great at that. Keep up the good work. Very proud of you.

  12. To those who think this is about misguided paranoia,remember, there are parts of the government that are being used as a “backdoor defense” arm of the government, in order to herd you into FEMA camps in the event of a major catastrophe, and even in lieu of one.

    Case in point–there is now laws that allow the government to confiscate your land if there is any water on it, from seasonal running streams or creeks, to pounds or even collected rainwater.

    The government purchased 1.8 billion rounds of ammunition for a division that has no need for that type of ammunition.

    The government is trying to buy entire warehouses of Survival foods.

    Think about it.

  13. My husband and I started prepping a while ago as well. However, I was the one who had to convince him that we needed to do that. We have a 17 year old son, who thinks we’re kind of nuts, but he knows the drill and is pretty good with helping. We started off kind of hit or miss and didn’t have much of anything and had a lot of nothing. We have now decided that we will do one thing and then go to another. We’ve been storing water all along, and getting extra food put by (canning right now) for a while as well. We just finally got our first aid kits ready. If you have animals, don’t forget you need to prep for them too. We have 2 cats and a turtle.

    If you just go slow and steady, it can be done. It’s better to have all the “stuff” and not need it then to not have it and need it.

  14. Jennifer S -glad you saw the light!! Panhandle-well put on both your comments.
    CM- I would appreciate suggestions for strengthening doors.
    With the current news today- being prepared is essential !!! Arlene

  15. You can bet that my best daughter (well my only daughter), now a newly minted MD, wasn’t allowed far from home without knowing how to handle pistol, rifle, and shotgun. She now has a backup derringer in addition to pistol, rifle, and shotgun along with a well equipped BoB. It is hard for fathers to see their daughters leave home but equipping mine with the skills needed in a survival situation made it a tad easier.


  16. Panhandle Rancher,

    I hear you and applaud your efforts. Besides knowing how to shoot all our guns, my daughter also has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate, is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is taking Stick Fighting Courses. No “Gun Free Zone” campus nonsense will cower her. Girls need to be extra careful these days. It is not just disasters they will have to defend against, but every day life situations as well.

    • Karen S –

      Just so you know I have been taking Filipino stickfighting for over 10 years and it can be an excellent tool. Hopefully the instructor will emphasize that most moves can be done empty handed as well as holding a stick. My art deals with holding one stick only rather than two. The benefit of one stick is the other hand can be used in many ways such as defending, grasping, clipping, pushing, pulling, and of course striking.

  17. Arlene,

    Look up “reinforced door review” on google. There are many products that add strength to existing doors.

    If you have weak doors to start, strengthening the hinges and strikers won’t prevent or delay entry. So good strong doors are needed to start.

    The average strike plate and hinge installation use 3/4″ or shorter screws. Plus the frame around the door is usually not well attached to the wall surrounding the door, meaning it will flex easily when attacked with a pry bar.

    First either replace the screws at the hinges and strike plates with ones over 3″ long. This gets contact and support from the wood past the door frame. Better yet, there are hardware packages that also include plates that attach to the doors and frames to add strength against forced entry, at both the handle and hinge sides of the doors.

    If you have to, then get a handyman to install the hardware. Assuming you have suitable doors to begin with.

    Second, use deadbolts with longer engagement, and that require use of a key on the inside as well as the outside. Keep spare keys where you can easily get to them near each door but not where they can be seen if there is a window nearby. You don’t want to have to get out in a hurry but find yourself locked in because you don’t have your key on you. A internally keyed deadbolt prevents someone breaking in through a window and using a manual twist lock from opening the door. Also, make sure to have all door locks keyed the same.

    Assuming you have good doors, the simple fixes can be done for a few dollars. The more comprehensive ones vary from maybe $50 to $150 per door. But, you have to consider where and when to invest time and money if ther entry points become the weakness, such as windows for instance.

    Start with longer screws everywhere, then do more as needed. That is the most bang for the dollar.

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