To our Military, Police, and Firemen


I just want to say a very sincere “THANK YOU” to our military forces, our police, and our fireman for all that they do.

I am but a lowly Production Manager in small manufacturing company. I so respect and look up to these great men/women who risk their lives and go to work everyday to keep this country and its citizens safe.

 Thank you!!!





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4 thoughts on “To our Military, Police, and Firemen”

  1. I read your posts every day and value the information on this site. As someone who goes to work every day trying to make a difference (for the better) It’s nice to hear that every now and then! You don’t do your job looking for it, but thank you for saying it. I think most first responders feel that way. We are all in this world together and everyone is as important as the next! It’s as simple as treating people the way you would like to be treated and doing the ” right thing” Keep up the good work and everyone stay safe.

  2. Just Another Vet …. wants to echo your acknowledgement of appreciation for the Fire folks, LEOs and all military doin what they do. Tough spot to be in given the needs of the average citizen and some of the politics heaped on your ruck. Please know there are many of us that have your back.. Thanks also to many, many volunteers that make this all work as well!

  3. For several years I have read your books and read your posts; thank you. I really appreciate your moral compass and how you do not use “scare tactics” to fuel the fires. We all have complaints but you try encouraging people to use common sense. As a veteran and former law enforcement officer, I don’t talk prepping outside of my home but, try to encourage people every chance I get to ‘stock up’ because finances are dwindling by the day. I vote your site as the best! God bless you and yours.

  4. Rourke- YES !!! Thank you all out there who put your lives on the line for us all. Policemen and women,Firefighters, our military and those we never see but know are working hard to keep us safe.
    Hugs and prayers and deep thanks to you all. Arlene and family


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