To Flee or Not To Flee……Weapons: Part 2

Part 1 can be read HERE.


To Flee or Not To Flee

That is the Question…


(…Well one of them anyway)

A (Short) Beginners Guide to Preparing for Emergencies

Proverbs 19:20

by M.B.

Now onto some other weapons.

Knives are good. They’re quiet, concealable, never run out of ammo & are easy to maintain. However, an issue with knives is the proximity you have to be in to use them & stabbing a living being (animal or man) requires more nerve than most people imagine or have readily available. A good sword may also be worthy of consideration. Caution always, sharp shit shreds. ‘Native American’ weapons are a good choice. A double edged dagger, a tomahawk or hatchet & a bow and arrow (hunting) or modern crossbow may be helpful to have. Whatever weapons are chosen they must be USEABLE in every sense of the word. Also, remember you may be on foot so not too big, heavy or awkward or (depending on the situation) obvious. (Luke 22:36)

Guns have their place as well. It is up to the reader to determine what best suits your personal situation. There are drawbacks to having guns. Not everyone is comfortable handling a gun & that may make them more of a danger. Some people might feel comfortable handling a gun, but not know how to properly shoot. They are also noisy & depending on the situation you may need to be stealthy. However, as I sit here editing this there are forces at work in America to disarm the citizens so this may not be an issue soon. [From Rourke: This is one reason that there is no time like the present to own firearms, ammunition – and get trained.] Weapons should include pepper spray, this is a must! It can buy you precious seconds when you’re being accosted by one, many or even animals. A tazer might be helpful too. It is important to remember that anything can be used as a weapon.

In any case remember, whatever weapons are chosen you have to know how to use them so practice, practice, practice. Let us not forget our greatest weapon either, our brain.

About your brain, or more accurately your state of mind, keep on top of it. If you give some thought ahead of time, even briefly, to the psychological and physiological changes that everybody goes through during a crisis, you may be able to better prepare yourself for the inevitable brain fart brought on by the chaos. You will need to keep your wits about you & it’s very difficult to learn critical thinking skills on the fly. Knowing how to remain calm, cool and collected under pressure is a useful skill to possess. Be sure to give adequate consideration to stress. Stress is natural & useful in the right doses, & you know what happens when there’s too much so give some thought to relaxation, meditation & spirituality.

I haven’t afforded a lot of attention to First Aid because I assume that you already know how important even basic knowledge of first aid is. However, as with the self defense, it’s just basic. Even a cursory glance at some “Ditch Medicine” or “Field Medic” type manuals would be helpful, IMHO. Also consider learning some not-so-common things like casting broken bones (including making your own cast) or stapling closed large wounds, starting an I.V., emergency child birth, suturing, etc.


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2 thoughts on “To Flee or Not To Flee……Weapons: Part 2”

  1. Old Native American Saying, “Never bring a Tomahawk to a gun fight!”

    The value of intimidation,…..
    Starting with neighbors and friends, the hungry and thirsty will first come-a-begging, for your supplies, then, come demanding them. The more intimidating and threatening you appear, the more desperate they will have to be to come and take from you what they need.

    Looking like Rambo may buy you more time, than by acting like Rambo.

    During “troubles” in the Balkans, one Gent intimidated the local looters away by appearing on his front steps with a machine gun, and belts of ammo draped over his shoulders. Later it turned out that he got the weapon from a museum, where it was on display and had been rendered completely inoperable.

  2. Knives are good.

    But, too many people seem incapable of sharpening them. So, along with getting knives (multiple knives) you should learn to sharpen them, too. You don’t have to be able to shave with them for them to be useful, but a dull knife may be worse than useless. A dull knife could hurt you when, instead of cutting, you put a lot of pressure on the knife to push through something that suddenly gives way causing you to stab our cut yourself.

    It does take practice to sharpen your knives, so practice NOW, not later.


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