‘Tis the season……to Garden!!

So far the my gardens are looking good. My main, largest garden has vegetables such as Crookneck Summer Squash, Pickling Cucumbers, Zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, onions, watermelon, cantaloupe, and more. I planted everything using seeds and transplants and also staggered planting times over the past 5 weeks. By using transplants and seeds AND spreading out the planting times I will extend the harvesting times. 

Other raised bed gardens contain more of the same – peppers, tomato’s, cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash. A raised bed I created a few years ago maintain blueberry and blackberry plants. So far they are looking awesome with the blueberry plant containing small berries and and the blackberry loaded with blossoms.

Something I know many people do not agree with but I fully believe is invaluable when it comes to a post-SHTF garding plan is to stock upon fertilizer. If the garden has to be depending upon to provide sustenance then I believe using any and all methods to do so is fair game. Examples of these methods would include the use of pesticides, Round-Up, and various fertilizers. One of my favorite items for the garden is Miracle-Grow fertilizer and similar products made by other companies. I hand water my plants about once a week and dissolve the MG fertilizer in my watering can. The plants absolutely love it and grow bigger in a shorter amount of time.

In the past few weeks I have picked a few new gardening hand tools and need to put back some additional ones. Installation of another rain barrel is also on my “to do” list.

Looking forward to grilled zucchini, onion, and squash in a few weeks. Tasty!!

How’s your garden going?



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2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season……to Garden!!”

  1. Yes very chilly here with a full moon. I am excited about planting the heirlooms I have grown from seed and other plants I will purchase. However the Farmers Almanac is usually correct- here in zone 4 and a half we must wait until 10 days after the last full moon in May and even then watch for a surprise frost.
    Panhandle Rancher- ah holding back with determination is tough !!!
    Rourke- your garden sounds great. I also recommend Organic fertilizers such as manure but also the Espoma and Bulb Tone , Garden Tone etc.
    Happy Gardening everyone -great exercise and fresh air and oh those delicious just picked veggies and berries !!! Arlene


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