Time for a change….

Over the past few months I have been going through somewhat of a personal transformation. No – I don’t turn green when I get angry. Rather I am finding that my perspective on things and how I deal with them has changed. Maybe I have run out of patience. Maybe my confidence level has reached a level only challenged by Mount Everest. I have grown tired of compromise.  I am tired of “being nice” to spare other peoples feelings. I just can’t take BS anymore.

But,…..I am still a nice guy. Really.

With this said you may notice a few changes here at MSO. I am going to be outspoken. I have strong beliefs and I am going to voice them. It may be about about a firearms, food storage, a knife – or politics. God placed me on this Earth to make a difference and a difference I will make. No one will agree with everything I publish and that is just fine.

Fitness is another area I am going to talk more about. Health and fitness have become more important topics. As healthcare cost continue to increase and the quality of care becomes questionable staying healthy to avoid medical care altogether is extremely important.

crossfit, fitness, survival, preparedness
Me working out at my local Crossfit facility.

Politics  is something I am passionate about and can be controversial and generate heated debates. Regardless, politics is a topic that is directly related to preparedness as many of the issues that threaten our welfare are a direct result of governmental decisions. I could care less about political parties – rather it is the belief system which a politician governs by that matters.

Sticker from the last local elections held in my district.

Religion is another topic I may write about every so often. I have a relationship with God and struggle every day in that relationship like many others. If you are non-believer that is fine just don’t read those posts.

Scene from a mountain men’s retreat I attended.

Life – I am going to get more personnel as to things going on in my life. This is my blog and I have heard from many that they would like to get to “know” me better. I will comply. Please don’t mention OPSEC as I gave that up long ago.

My youngest after he broke BOTH arms.

Any comments, suggestions, or questions? Please feel free.


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  1. I completely agree with you. I get tired of the mealy mouthed crowd who are “…tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning.” After all what is a life worth if you don’t stand for something.

    Lead on Brother!

  2. I’m with you my brother. Continue to do what you do the way you do it and don’t look back. God be with you on your journey, this is not our home, we are simply passing through!!! Lord bless you – Keep Looking UP

  3. Tell it like it is John!! The “Thought Police” can just grab a double handful and kiss it in the middle. To hell with the PC crowd. I applaud your effort and support you.

  4. As an old fart, I hit the same wall as you just did, probably about the same age as you are now. I can tell you, there is a lot of freedom in your decision. PC causes more problems than it solves and in my opinion all the “feelings on the sleeve” candy asses out there need to get over it instead of being catered to! Just know the Lord is with you and you will have A LOT of backing and support from those of us that consider you a friend and spokesman. Love you and your work….the old fart

  5. Hey…it’s Your Blog, you can write about anything you like and anyone who doesn’t like what you have to say can leave.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Go for it Rourke! I’ve found, as I get older, the less BS i too will tolerate! I’m a no-drama-momma and am known for telling it like it is….

  7. If everyone practiced a high degree of OPSEC, then no one would gain any insight into Preparedness. Education of the masses one lost soul at a time may be all I can get to. Looking back at my neighbors and where they have evolved to gives me a calming feeling. I know most of them will weather the storm better now, and not be knocking at my door for help.

  8. If it feels good, do it! Like you I too do not care how many PC persons I offenhd with my beliefs and no longer curb my speech or thoughts to avoid disturbing the delicate physche of tender minded persons who are guided by the winsome winds of whatever is the popular thought of the day. Being seventy five, twice overcoming cancer and surviving a firebombing of my home, I haved reached the point where I am only concerned about my thoughts and feelings. I fell I have reached thispoint in my life that I will continue to live for me. Harold

  9. I agree with all the things you have said. I have been trying to get my grown children to understand their need to prepare, but they won’t listen! They write me off as crazy, getting my info from online crazy places. I was forwarding articles for them to read and they asked me to stop. I am concerned, but they are grown……..

  10. Believe me when I say that Rourke, this attitude comes with age and wisdom. It’s a good characteristic to have. I am currently fighting the VA tooth and nail, and the more I fight, the more stubborn I get. I am not going to give up my life for something they did, especially since I joined long ago to save their lazy, moronic butts.

  11. Thank you for your honesty! After listening to many people in our area being frightened and ‘prepared’ – definitely fed up with our people in Washington.. it is time that everybody feels like you.. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen but my feeling is not good.

  12. I just found this site/blog today – thanks for such an outstanding job. I just finished reading this article and totally understand what you’re saying and coming from. On political correctness, it’s the worst thing that mankind ever came up with. It stifles our voices – the voices of ourselves – our inner convictions, who we are and what we believe with every breath. It creates nothing good and only bad, mainly frustrations and deep, deep resentments. There really is no place in a society for PC – it’s destructive.

  13. The word I have told is you see where we now are from being nice and not making some one mad. We did not want to be called names at work , play and church . Well OK you see where that got us. Here we are. So about 5 five years ago I start the other way. I now tell people to go out of their way to PISS Off a libturd a day.
    So come on and join the fight , You here a libturd go out of your way to PISS them off. I fine the easiest way is , just walk up hit them with a fact smile and walk away.
    Pick up the fight ! We have shut up to long !!

  14. Rourke! Welcome to the “right” side. We have cookies, zucchini bread, and lots of beans, bullets, band-aids, and bacon.
    I do not go out of my way to hurt another’s feelings, but I WILL NOT hide who I am for their sake. If I say something that hurts, I’m sorry. Now grow some skin and get over it.
    Say whatever you want, so long as it is fact to the best of your knowledge. Give any opinion you want, so long as it is your true belief. Any disagreements can be dealt with in a civilized manner if everyone is honest.
    As for almost all the above comments: ditto.

  15. Right on bro! I’m so tired of this politically correct crap out there! People can’t please EVERYONE, and still be a individual, it’s time we all get back to speaking from the heart, and defend our beliefs, it’s time rourke, and as always I’m with you! Let’s roll 🙂

  16. as the pastor says, ‘speak now or forever hold your peace.’ in this perilous world,only God knows how much longer we will have the freedom and the internet (thanks algore!jk) and this website to voice our opinion,seek the truth, share ideas and show support for one another, people of like minds. love visiting your site and will continue to do so. thanks for all you do, brother. blog on.

  17. I appreciate all of the support!! It is great to find so many positive comments and it is very motivational.

    Thanks you everyone!

  18. You are right on point Rourke. Tis not the time to pander to those that can only handle the truth tweaked to work with their delusional political correctness. Let the chips fall where they may.

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