Thoughts on the Presidential Debate……..

I am not going to get into a lot of specific policy differences and platform issues of each candidate. I just want to give a few thoughts. I have not watched the past couple debates involving the Republican candidates. I know….shame on me.

One of the reasons I haven’t watch the past couple debates is I felt that my favorite candidate most likely stands no chance – and that is unfortunate. As far as this debate that took place Thursday September 22nd in Orlando Florida – I was really impressed.

I am not naive. Presidential candidates are not going to stand up and say blatant things I do not want to here. They play with words at times and are very careful how they say things. They are looking for votes – I know that. However, when trying to select who I will vote for in the upcoming Primary in my state as well as for President – I like to listen and get a feeling for each candidate. Of course I am interested in their track record and their beliefs on many issues. Many of the candidates have very similar beliefs. Ron Paul certainly stands out from the crowd as far as different beliefs and stances on many issues.

Here are my thoughts and no doubt many will say – “What? How could you think that? Did you watch the same debate as me?” Well – all is good as long as you realize that I am always right. 🙂

Mitt Romney impressed me. I have not always been a fan. Its just his persona – he bores me. Last night – I saw something from him. He was decisive. He was clear. He was confident. He also had passion. I was impressed.

Rick Santorum has always impressed me. He seems smart and impassioned. His stances on most all issue are inline with my beliefs. I like him a lot.

Michelle Bachmann was disappointing. I have liked her and her Conservative beliefs. I also like the stance she took on NOT raising the debt ceiling. She just seemed a little…..bland. She didn’t stand out to me. Who knows what will happen over the coming weeks.

Herman Cane is awesome. I really like this guy. He is not a politician and that is a major benefit to me. He certainly seems passionate and very much a leader. Of most all the candidates up on stage he seemed to me to speak “leadership”. I enjoyed hearing him speak and feel that he may be the best motivator running.

Newt Gingrich is the smartest person running. He also stands probably no chance of winning. He has been my candidate all along. I truly believe this guy could make a difference. There is still quite a bit of time so who knows. I have a lot more experience with Newt than all the other candidates and really like what he has to say.

Rick Perry – I do not like him at all. Now – to be honest – I have not seen him much and there is a lot of time. There is a reason why so many people like him. I just haven’t seen it yet. His answer on boarder security to me is ridiculous. He seems too polished and seems like another politician to me. I am totally ready to change my mind though.

Ron Paul. Oh boy – this is tough. I really like his Conservative stance on many issues. His beliefs on the Federal Reserve – right on. On other things – the guy seems a little “nutty”. Lord – here comes the comments and emails – I know, I know. I am not saying he couldn’t do the job. I just don’t agree with some of his views. That’s OK right? After all – this is America.

So – what are your thoughts on who you like right now?


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  1. Here’s my problem with Newt. I can’t look at him without seeing him and Nancy sitting on the couch lecturing me about global warming. Then I start thinking where his investments are. How much does he have invested in Gore’s Chicago credit scam that we are slowly but certainly being forced into. Did he get on Soros’s boat (Beck reference), so where is his allegiance to? It’s a shame because I used to really like him but still might not mind seeing him in an administration, just not as President or VP. Can’t help the way I feel about him nowadays. It is not my intention to influence anyone’s opinion of Newt. I most likely would support him and donate to his campaign except for that ad. At this point I will just sit back and vote for the Republican candidate that is nominated unless it’s Jon Huntsman.

  2. IMO the only way to change or fix America and its failing problems is to Drastically Change the way we think And remove our constitution from holding us back to the next stepping stone ( god forbid) or go back to the Basics of what we used to do with govt etc..
    IE Ron Paul for going back to the basics.

    Or Candidate X which is none of the above for drastically changing the way we think and do things and moving onto the next phase for our cycle were going through here in America.

    I Personally rather see us going back to the basics of our constitution.

    America is not ready for the next phase in greatness in progressing at the moment..

    • Shadowsil –

      I don’t think the Constitution is holding us back – its the lawyers and crooked Politicians using a stretch and distorted version of the Constitution.

      I agree totally – I also would rather see us going back to the basics of our constitution.


  3. LOL, you are so brave to be taking on us Ron Paul folks……some of us can be quite rabbid, unfortunately. I was right where you are on RP a few years ago. Loved his conservative/libertarian views on most things, but thought his foreign policy was wacky (I am making an assumption here that this is your main problem). I have to say, that the more I read of original documents and actually listened to RP and not some of his whacked out followers (of which I am now one, lol) The more I slowly shifted to his way of thinking. It wasn’t a fast shift, but a decisive one none the less. I’ve often said that the biggest problem with RP is not his views, but his “followers”. I suppose its because most of them are independent thinkers and Type A personalities and combine that with the feeling you get once you “get” it, that you have woken up from the Matrix, it can get pretty pushy sometimes. I always feel like that is so counter-productive because I always pushed back! I am with you 100% on Perry, but to tell you the truth, I feel like its pretty much academic at this point, no matter who gets elected, the citizens are too far gone for the the federal government to pull out of the current landslide we are in…….just ask the Romans…….

    • Suzannah –

      Thanks for the comments. I will certainly be paying attention to Ron Paul – looking forward to learning more about him.

      Take care – Rourke

  4. I agree 100% with your analysis. I have watched all 3 dabates and if I thought Newt could win, he would be my choice. Newt has a whole lot of baggage to carry and will be MSM fodder.

    Romney has continued to grow and develop into a candidate I can support. I’d love Herman Cain as a VP.

    Perry needs to go back to Texas. He’s a bad actor tying to convince me he’s competent. Bachman is beginning to sound shrewish, not knowledgeable. Huntsman is too liberal.

    The goal should be to be sure Obama is a one term president. Hopefully, we will all band together to see this happens.

  5. Boarder security? I don’t have boarders so no need for security. However I am concerned about the security of our borders.
    And was Rick as slick as Mitt? Didn’t see the debate. Read some of the stuff. Prefer Rick to Mitt, any day. My choice would have been Fred Thompson. He didn’t want the job it seemed. Better that than someone who’s whole life was geared toward running for President. I gotta thank that it is the worst job in the world. Most important, but worst.

  6. Yes, it’s OK to disagree with Dr. Paul on issues as well as agreeing or disagreeing with the other candidates for their stance on issues. The questions are, what issues and why? After all, currently, we are free to think for ourselves in these states united. I’d be interested to know, specifically, what turns you off about Dr. Paul’s stance on the issues with which you disagree. May I offer a reading assignment at this link: What you may have heard or seen about an issue that Dr. Paul supports and professes may be a diversion to illusion and channel the masses into a false paradigm to illicit their support for the aspirations of the rulers. In a world of lies, it is good to be disillusioned.

    • Hi Tede –

      I agree with Ron Paul on many fronts. Over the past year or so I have downloaded and watched many video’s of him. I am absolutely a fan.

      A couple points of concern regarding Paul:

      – His comments regarding Iran and Israel. I don’t like his stance.
      – His recent comments regarding the United States being partly responsible for 9/11.
      – I partly agree that with his stance on foreign affairs and that we need to pay more attention to us – but I think he takes it too far.

      Ron Paul has a lot going for him – and he is doing well. I look forward to learning more about him.

      Thanks – Rourke

  7. Rourke,

    I’ve been on your RSS for a while and usually enjoy your blog but had to comment on this recent post. I was very surprised to see some of your reasoning and choices after the debate so here goes:

    Romney – stop looking at ‘personality’ or how they can read a teleprompter and look at the issues. Romney has a horrible track record and has been flip flopping since his last attempt at the nomination.
    Santorum – Anyone who believes that the Federal Government can define/regulate/control the private relationship between two adults is too dangerous for any elected position let alone POTUS.
    Bachmann – This one deserves your ‘nutty’ comment. She has some of the right ideas (which she embraced from elsewhere) but not enough of a track record.
    Gingrich – Yes he is smart but only in certain areas and he should keep his mouth closed about everything else. His best role would be as an adviser in the area of foreign affairs.
    Perry – He used to be a Democrat and said he would vote the same even with an R after his name. Wow…I don’t even know how he has any support in the party.
    Paul – This is my guy 99% of the way.
    Johnson – You didn’t comment on this guy but you should really check him out…he is my #2 pick and I would love to see a Paul/Johnson ticket which leads to 16 years of fixing this Country.

    I truly hope Paul can get the nomination but I’m not holding my breath. In looking at the support levels for some of the other candidates I don’t think the Republicans learned their lesson when McCain (Bush the 3rd) got slaughtered. I find it infuriating when people learn about Paul and say they like everything about him except for one thing. If people didn’t vote for someone because of a single disagreement then nobody would get elected…which might not be that bad for a few years…;) It is truly a sad state of affairs when the ONLY candidate who talks about the Constitution and following the real law of the land is considered ‘nutty’ or ‘un-electable’.

    A simple litmus test of just the past decade or so should help people decide who should get their vote now.

    Patriot Act: Never would have passed with Paul as President
    Banker Bailouts: ditto
    Mortgage Bailouts: ditto
    TSA: ditto

    The list goes on and on…

    My bottom line is Ron Paul is the only candidate who will remove the interference of the Executive Office portion of the Federal Government from your life. We have other areas of the Federal Government to straighten out but the Oval Office would be a great first step.

    If you want to fix Congress then start with making it a TRUE representation of the people and learn more at:

    I’m still researching how to fix the Judicial…;) Also, the more I read about Lysander Spooner the more I think I am him reincarnated so check out his writings as well.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Lee –

      Wow…..thanks for the lengthy comments.

      I knew writing this post would lead to both positive and negative comments…..even a little hate mail. Politics are one of those issues that I rarely comment on – like most preparedness bloggers. It IS related to preparedness as our economy is a major concern to most preppers. None of these candidates are perfect and I find fault with all of them. For my personal vote – I have to believe they will make the biggest difference and I will feel will be the best leader.

      Right now – I cannot say who that is …..for me. Of course – if the decision was super easy – there would not be any reason for all these candidates to run.

      Thanks – Rourke

  8. Ooops…I forgot about Cain.

    Cain – He used to be part of the Federal Reserve and doesn’t see it as a problem. That is enough to disqualify him from the Oval Office.

  9. Perry – but, truth be told, I’m a Texan and an Aggie, so I have to stick with the Home Team.

    I do not agree 100% with any of them; however, compared to the disaster currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave anything would be an improvement (well, maybe not Gore).

    Good analysis, Rourke. If you ever get to south Texas, let me know and we’ll sit on the porch and have a beer summit.

  10. not sure i agree with you on your favor of some of the pres candidates but i really like your site and have learned alot about preping and survival (nice to see your a fan of nutnfancy on youtube, his stuff is awesome!!) i was wondering what your thoughts on medical cannabis are?? do you think it should be legal for medicine or legalized outright as i am for? just curious.

    • Hi Justin –

      Thanks for the comments. As far as cannabis – not gonna touch that one will a 10 foot pole. I am already in enough trouble with my readers from this post! 🙂

      Take care – Rourke

  11. I would say you’re fairly spot-on with most of your analysis. I happen to like Ron Paul but only because I think he’s the only guy that REALLY understands the causes of our economic woes… everything else is suspect. And I agree that Herman Cane is good, that is, at least he has firm beliefs as to what to do. The rest are all politicians and are, therefore, highly suspect… especially Perry.

  12. Actually I agree with most of your analysis, I disagree with you on Perry though. Yes his stance on immigration is a problem for him as it was with GWB, but I don’t think it will be a great deal breaker for him. For most right now the issue is the economy and jobs and that’s his strongest point right now.

    • Hi rwdowd3 –

      Yours will be the first of many responses regarding this post.

      First off -thanks for your comment. I rule nobody out and there isn’t a single candidate that is perfect and without flaws. I look forward to learning more about Perry.

      Take care – Rourke

  13. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in my opinion stench of yet another year of Bush/Obama. Bought and paid for, and there in case the actual ruling class can’t push their favorite choir boy Rick Perry (who I am pretty sure will be on a ballot with Sarah Palin).

    Perry is a POS who down in Texas brought a bill to end the groping TSA… while in secret, unknown to many of the people in Texas; asked his buddies to vote against it so that it wouldn’t go through. Doing this would make him look like the super senator trying to save his people from the TSA when in reality he could care less. I won’t even start on the GARDASIL, his happy to be part of the Hillary Care plan, or getting his rocks off by helping Al Gore lie about the climate so that they can make money off of tax payers.

    Michelle Bachmann… prettier on stage than the others, but she worked for the IRS. She quit because she had a child to rear, which is a fine thing; but I would have had more respect for her if she quit because the IRS is a fraud (and yes they are a fraud… we did not pay taxes until around 1913, which imagine that… is about the same time the federal reserve got their power).

    Rick Santorum and Herman Cane…. mmm I think Ross Perot has a better chance of winning.

    Ron Paul… non eloquent, stumbles and bumbles a bit, but neither is Obama without his teleprompter telling him what to say. I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but at the same time he is the only one that really injects the real issues. At least he is truthful and has told the people that the FED is nothing but a bunch of crooked scoundrels… and has even gone after them for it!

    Our economy, liberties and most other things are pretty much trashed. It isn’t going to be fixed over night and probably not by any one man or woman. Without anyone better to vote for, I have to say Ron Paul has my vote.

    • Bouncerman –

      Good points.

      I think any candidate that wins the nomination will stand a good chance against Obama.

      I disagree that Santorum and Cane cannot beat Obama – but I doubt they will get that far anyways.

      Thanks – Rourke

  14. I really like Herman Cain but after his remarks on Muslims (which I think were justified), I don’t know if he can get elected. He’s the only candidate I have any real hope for un-screwing this nation, but because he ISN’T a politician, I’m also afraid he’d wind up being a Republican Jimmy Carter, unable to effectively navigate the political BS in DC. Still, if he doesn’t get the nomination but runs as VP, I’d vote for whoever he runs with.

    Ron Paul. Oh dear. Yes, I like his stances on just about everything. But…and it’s a big but, he IS wacky. Probably too wacky for most people. Also, recent news polls have shown Obama’s support is slipping pretty drastically with the Jewish voting bloc, but I think that trend would reverse if he was running against Paul. Also he’s ancient, comparatively speaking. The young (ish) voters who turned out for Obama in droves are just not going to support a really elderly man for President. I wish he had more personal charisma going for him, because that could be the deal-breaker (or maker, as the case may be). But I don’t see him as POTUS.

    I really liked Perry initially but now I think he’s a classic RINO. Don’t even get me started on Romney.

  15. Rourke said.
    I don’t think the Constitution is holding us back – its the lawyers and crooked Politicians using a stretch and distorted version of the Constitution.

    Correct, I didn’t mean to imply that the constitution was holding us back at all. I meant there is always the next step in civilization for us to attain and we nor any other country ATM has found it IMO.
    I don’t think we in the world will be using the full constitution to attain those goals in the far future maybe just bits of it… and were talking years down the line………………………

    I shall strive to place my verbiage more eloquently next time.

  16. Well since you brought it up.
    Romney, Romenycare, enough said. RINO
    Perry, Forced vacinations, supported Gore, the border. RINO
    Bachman, wants the constitution to define marriage. Really?
    Santorum, definitley a republican politician.
    Cain, my runner up. This man is a leader. Though he is stuck in the republican mindset.
    Gingrich, cheated on his wife and will cheat on me. To bad, he knows how to get things done in D.C.
    Paul, Has been saying the same thing for 20 years. Listen to his arguement, not the soundbites, before passing judgement. His rationale is generally sound. He actually supports and defendes the Constitution as per his oath of office.
    Bottom line, I will not hold my nose and vote for a “republican” because I am a fiscal conservative. I support repeal of all drug laws. I support the 10th ammendment. I believe freedom does not require a permit. I support a strong military and bringing them home now. Am I republican, am I democratic?
    I don’t think that another Obama administration is the worse thing that could happen to the US. His presidency has been the catalyst of a great awakening of the population. Would another 4 years awaken even more. Could we then restore the Republic to its founding principles. Repeal the 16th and 17th ammendments to start.

  17. Newt–scumbag…I used to sit behind him in Church while his wife was dying of cancer and he was there listening to his latest girlfriend sing in the choir. I believe in forgiveness and that men can change but newts record shows him to be a really smart guy with low morals.

    Rom/erry — these two are both grease balls they will do/say ANYTHING to get elected. Some one who thinks that government at ANY level should be control of my medical decisions (ie health care or vaccinations) has no business in American government.


  18. Santorum–proved himself to be a status quo republican too when he backed the most liberal (soon to be democrat) republicrat Arlen Specter over a real conservative. He is a neo-con republican adventurer in a day when we don’t have the cash for military adventures even if they were constitutional.

    The rest are ok but do not distinguish themselves except for Cain and Paul.

    I say Paul because he understands that a government not ruled by the rule of law (which is the constitution) is invalid–and it’s a gov that will use the SHTF to enslave us.

  19. Probably not going to be a popular comment, but I really wish we could always have the formal choice “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on every single ballot.

    My own very unpopular take on modern American politics is this:

    The Democrat/Liberal politicians are out to gut the Constitution, take away all your rights, and make you into productive little slaves of the State, because they think that’s what’s best for you.

    On the other hand, Republicans/Conservative politicians are out to gut the Constitution, take away all your rights, and make you into productive little slaves of the State, because they think that’s what’s best for them.

    “We, the people” don’t even factor into the equation any more.

  20. Rourke,

    I like your analysis. Early on, I figured Newt would be history by now. I always liked him, but after his campaign stumbled a couple times and his staff quit … I figured he wouldn’t last long. He has been tremendous in the debates … winning at least two, in my opinion.

    Perry? There is something about this guy I don’t like and don’t trust. Just a strong gut feeling. I also like Santorum, he is a fighter.

    Ron Paul. I have always been a fan and am very happy he has had so much positive (conservative) influence on the Republican party over the last 5 years. My opinion … where he really needs to be is on the Supreme Court!

    While Bachman and I have many of the same convictions and political beliefs, I think Palin would have been the better candidate. Bachman doesn’t have much more experience than Obama did and hasn’t impressed me as a Presidential candidate.

  21. Despite his moral indiscretions, Newt is the smartest and most qualified candidate. I would have like to have seen Alan keyes run again. He wouldn’t have been afraid to address the eligibility issue. Bachman has to some extent, but the rest are cowards in this respect.

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