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If you are reading this post – then you likely already understand that bad things do happen. To you, and to me – it’s like – “duh!”. Prepping just makes sense. When we see the terrible unfortunate events unfolding in Japan – it provides just another example as to what we prepare for. It is just a fact of life that bad things happen.

I was having a business lunch the other day and the women I was eating with started discussing Japan and other disasters. She talked about how she and her husband have no food in the house, no water – that they are totally unprepared. She laughed about how the recent snow storms that happened here stranded them and they just ate potato chips because they didn’t have much else.

I thought to myself – “I am eating lunch with a statistic.” She truly believes that nothing will happen to her that will cause anything more than a minor inconvenience. I hope she is right.

Those poor people in Japan are facing a reality that few of us will ever know. When I see events like this – I think of my family and how I want to be the “hero dad” and keep them safe. Every day when I think of my preps – it is them that motivate me.

I pray for the people of Japan – and those poor souls that go through life totally unprepared for what life might deal them.

Take care all –


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I am lucky, my wife and I have been prepping for some time and I must say how shocking it is to see people who are clueless. To me it’s just common sense.

  2. +1
    totally agree;
    eventhough I am wondering how much of our preps would help us get through an earthquake of a magnitude of 9? If your house is leveled so is your stuff, at least as long as you can get a bulldozer to gain access to your underground vault (that I still dream of having one day) 😉

  3. Rourke, It does reaffirm the reason why we all do what we do. We don’t just do this for Disasters, many other things in life can happen. What if they lost their job, got really sick and could not work,hyper inflation of food prices. I mean the list could go on and on. It scares me to know that I could lose neighbors and friends because they are not prepared. They just keep up the attitude that terrible stuff only happens in other places. Great observation.

  4. One concern though. This nice lady and the millions of others who don’t have enough food and water for even three days will be a burden if TSHTF. If things get bad and the grocery stores are emptied overnight and our food supply chain is disrupted there will be a lot of hungry people and a lot of pissed off people. Who will they blame? Why you and me with 300 lbs of rice and 200 lbs of wheat and 500 lbs of canned food etc. There will be a call to punish hoarding because after all there would be plenty for everyone if you hoarders had not taken it all. (They will not care that you bought your food 2 years before there was a shortage the proof is simply you have food and the stores are empty.) I heard on the news that the Japanese government was warning people not to hoard! That’s a little ominous. What then is “hoarding”? And what will they do to “hoarders”? When disaster hits and the police, national guard or Red Cross shows up at your door to save you and demands you leave with them, what are your rights? And as we all saw in katrina, they will use force. Even the little old lady was tackled and thrown to the ground by the 250 lb policeman for daring to have a gun in her own home. Once they have secured you and removed you from your home who gets your preps? I’m betting at a minimum the punishment for “hoarding” is you lose your “hoard”. We all remember tha “X” they put on the houses i New Orleans to show the house had been searched and if there were bodies, etc. I’m betting there will be an additional symbol showing a “hoard” was found. Kind of a “Scarlet Letter” of our time. If you don’t know what the good citizens intended for the woman in the story then look it up.

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