Thoughts on effect of Ferguson decision….

As I write this the decision from the Grand Jury on whether to charge Officer Wilson in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. It is being widely predicted that the decision will be NOT be to charge the officer and that widespread violence and protests will follow. Will there be targeted violence against police officers? How about black on white violence due to the racial implications of the case? 

The case has demanded national attention and protests have not only been in Ferguson but in communities across the country. The possibility exists that violence could occur outside the St. Louis/Ferguson area. With this said – be mindful.


If the decision comes down as I expect just be careful. Likely wherever you are things will be just fine. Doesn’t hurt to be ready though. If you have a CWP – use it. If you don’t – then make your own decision. If you hear of any protests going on locally it would probably be a good idea to stay clear. If violence does break out in your community that would probably not be the best time to get brave and go to the store to get some milk.

Don’t overreact and panic – just be smart. Just be aware.




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  1. Good post. We don’t know what will happen but I agree with your assumption of the outcome. Being smart, using situational awareness, and avoiding areas that don’t look or feel good goes along way. I strongly agree, CWP/CWL goes along way. If this goes national, better be prepared for the long haul.

  2. I think Ferguson is just another distraction designed to further divide the people and take eyes off the damage the communist Muslim impostor is doing to the republic with his illegal executive actions.

  3. Has anyone noticed how many protestors have been out there for days- dont they work or care for families??? I agree with you all. Hopefully the Grand Jury will have all of the evidence .Will be tough on so many in the law enforcement field.
    We know there is a lot of prejudice in this country -some of it very unjust.We had two
    black friends who were visiting from Pa.One of our small towns has a strict 30mph speed limit.We warned them about this.They were speeding and got pulled over and it was” we were pulled over because we were driving while black.” The friendship didnt last long after this.
    We have a black cop on the force in that town -they failed to mention that !!!
    Everyone have a safe and Blessed Thanksgiving day . Arlene

  4. I agree with all comments made. I would also consider having additional preps like, food, water, medical supplies. Don’t forget PPE’s like gasmask’s, if CS or such is used on rioter’s you cd be caught in ground zero. You may need one (at my age with asthma or anyone with upper respiratory weakness) wind can carry that stuff a ways.

  5. During the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial, I was working in Mobile. An incident that did not make it to the national media, at least not to my knowledge, was a young white man being assaulted in broad daylight in front of his house as his family watched. A gang of about 20 blacks with baseball bats assaulted him, beat him severely, put him in the hospital. As they walked away, they shouted back…”this is for Trayvon”. So yes, if it can happen, it will happen. Right or wrong I expect the grand jury to not indict the cop. John’s advice is spot on. Our country under the current rogue administration has suffered a severe set back with respect to race relations which I feel will be the cause of problems across the country. So, be careful out there.

  6. When my son was newborn and having an extended stay in the Children’s Hospital of Washington, DC, I had to drive through town at all hours. Our nearest family was more than a thousand miles away and the wife and I were loath to leave our sick newborn without one of us cribside. I remember driving through a section of DC and noticing all of the nice white pickets that the day before were on a fence, were no longer there. Huh, I thought to myself while taking the P220 from the holster and putting it under my thigh (at the time I was a federal agent). Sure enough a few blocks later a gang of blacks had built a bonfire in the middle of the road and were beating on five gallon buckets and on one another with those nice white pickets. Sure I could have driven right on up, after all it was my right to be on the street just as they were exercising their ‘rights,’ I guess to have a riot. Common sense said ‘turn aside’ and I lived for another day. Some other folks likely lived another day as well.

    Twenty five years later, the lad all healthy now, and I were headed to Bachman Guns in Dallas. We were in an area of town where the business all had bars on the windows and the son’s head was on a swivel. “Low on gas,” I remarked as I pulled into a gas station where more than a few adult blacks were hanging out in the middle of the day. My son got all excited. “You can’t stop here Dad!” he exclaimed, “look at them!” “We both have our .45s, it’ll be all right,” I assured him. After all Texas is a stand your own ground state. “But Dad, what if you have to shoot one of them, wouldn’t it be better just to go on down the road?” I noticed he didn’t say ‘we’. What could I say, the son was indeed correct. I had as much right in that part of town as did say the Mexicans or Blacks. It was my ‘right’ to buy gas – but at what cost, at what cost?

    I’ll bet more than one Black might have come to the same conclusion down Jackson or Mobile way. Folks I hope everyone will just use a little common sense. Surely us preppers can make a week or so without going to the store. Is it our right to be out and about? Sure it is. But at what cost, at what cost, if we were to end up in a riot?


    As an aside Oren, I was in Mobile back in the early ’80s when a couple of Mobile’s finest interrogated a Black suspect and in so doing, managed to hang him until dead in one of the city’s parks. The officers, seeking to put a little scare in their suspect, cut down the US Flag from a nearby car dealership, tied a noose in the flag rope and accidentally hung the poor man (at least that was their story). Conviction (of the officers) made Time magazine.

  7. So long as the Anheuser Busch factory is well protected I’m good with whatever is decided.
    Sure will be a lot of disappointed ‘community organizers’ if he is indicted.

  8. Lets face it the cops have become more aggressive in the use of force and not only on minorities take a look on youtube now they are trying to prevent bystanders from recording their actions as preppers or patriots call yourself whatever you want just wait intill you have to explain your right to carry permit concealed weapons permit to some of these dirty harry shoot first alot then ask questions cops it only takes a few bad cops to soil the whole bunch.

  9. Cole, I think any cop who resents being videotaped must have something to hide. These folks should be exposed and routed out of service. We all remember seeing beatings by the LA cops.

    Many of the firearms ads show a SWAT team breaking into a house or similar. This bothers me on too many levels. Firearms are blind to their use and I hope most are wielded by thinking citizens and LEOs, but times are changing and with them is selective enforcement of our laws.

    Why does the nearby small town police department need a MRAP or other obvious weapons of war? a .50 BMG sniper rifle? Part of me wants to understand the LEO viewpoint, after all we are the most mobile society in history and it is just as easy for that terrorist to get in a car and come to the nearby small town as it is for me to do so. Still, those ads bother me and I’m a former federal agent.


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