Thoughts on Ebola

Rourke: The following was sent in by “KAT” who works in the medical field.

There is very little real information because this virus has only recently received the level of attention it should have given its seriousness.
Other hemorrhagic fevers include Marburg virus and Rift valley fever, all of which have been localized to Sub-Saharan Africa. This primitive is deadly, mammals have no natural resistance, deregulates the entire blood clotting system through the body.

There is disruption of the pathways regulating fluidity and clotting with in the body and causes death by creating clots in major organs destroying their function; the heart, lung, brain, guts, etc., at the same time the factors that dissolve clots are triggered and while are going into shock, these dissolving factors start.

Mortality rate is 60-90% depending where you are, ie a 3th world country or  Atlanta.

Victims hemorrhage from their eyes, ears, mouth, any orifice, all mucous, and may start to shed skin. External hemorrhage is said to start after internal clotting but NO ONE REALLY KNOWS.
Reports say it is liquid exposure/ secretions “not respiratory/droplet ” – Can’t be true, after all, a sneeze or cough is just aerolized liquid from your nose or sinus or lungs or mouth !
After admitting droplet, they will find “fomite transmission,” fomite is fancy word for any inanimate object, like a bed, chair, sheets, luggage handle, counter top. You see where this is going ! The deputy sheriff who cleaned Duncans room the day after he died is in the Hospital.

The government does not want a panic, sooner or later they will have to admit this. We are not being told the truth people.

PLAN 1 go to Lowe’s and buy N-95 Industrial Respirator Masks painting, wood work masks, $20 for 20 masks, are billed as single use, but you can reuse your own if it isn’t terrible, On the painting aisle, 6-7 boxes left. Harbor Freight didn’t know what I was talking about. My favorite site was OUT  say they will be in Tuesday. Buy 60 boxes at least 2 months worth. You can afford it. Buy at Walmart 6 or 7 boxes of Nitrile blue disposable gloves, Lowes also has gloves, same price size SML, carry in your pocket, so you can slip them on at a messy place RESTAURANTS ??? BATHROOMS?? Mask, we are now in flu season…SAME Symptoms AS EARLY EBOLI ! slip on the mask, whenever…you may just scare people away, whatever you do, never tell anyone ” My doctor told me to put this on…” They will think you have it ! Buy gallons of bleach try to find the wipes, keep handy, put in a smaller vial so you can disinfect surfaces, a tablet in a gallon is ok, in a pint very strong, carry a pint/flask around. They will just think you are drinking on the job. Who cares ?

PLAN 2 – stay on top of the situation Ebola can not be looked at every other day like other things, Tuesday was a case or two in Spain, the UK at lunch announced 2 cases today. IT IS SPREADING FAST !
DO NOT DEPEND ON CDC, HEALTH SERVICE, GOVERN AGENCIES TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH>  . GO to PREPPER sites, modern survival,, any daily site, American prepper network, FOX NEWS

PLAN 3 – QUARANTINE – Our government has the legal right to incarcerate people if they are a public health threat. In the old days people with TB were in sanitariums, Louisiana ran leper colonies, today the Admin will separate families, children every one into prison camps and worse in the name of quarantine you for your own good, suspect symptomatic people will be left more or less to perish. You will have Homeland security and the Military on your doorstep
The only 3 known human cures were treated at major medical centers, got tertiary care, got ZZMAP which is a combo of three Human monoclonal antibiotics as well as the best ABs in the world, were  put on ventilators, got dialysis, etc. ZZMAT is a small foreign country and the only supplier and says it will be months before production is up. Do you really think your government is going to do all that for you ??????

If quarantine starts it will be swift, if it starts in Dallas, then Hillsboro, Waco you have to leave with your group, your family, your friends before it even gets close. Leave 4,6,7 days ahead of the first Quarantining 100-200 miles within your area. Ask yourself, how fast can DHS travel down I-35 to make it to Waco and start rounding up people in the AM?  Expect Checkpoints on all interstates to stop anyone attempting to leave their area. You can fly, but suspect with that level of chaos and spreading disease, airports will be shut.  Security is an issue, also no guns.

Trains make a lot of sense, unless somebody has it on the train. The train becomes an incubator for Ebola..
Commandeering a train is possibly an option. Once you are in a camp, that is it, your fate is in other hands

Choose your friends wisely, stay with a prepper group or pull together your family/friends, what ever your most important group is,
Where to go ?/ My thought s are the Rocky Mts. East coast/west coast always a mess, too crowed, crumbling infrastructure, too much government. The South, hot, swampy just like where Ebola live now, warm, moist, dark
Nevada/Utah have high mountains, are cold, sunny, lots of water, ( in the Mountains) solid infrastructure, not a lot of people, the Mormons/LDS are great preppers. Its conceivable you could survive there. Maybe.

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  1. We have the SHTF plan for scare mongering. The situation is what it is. How about us sticking with palliative measures?

    I buy some things at Harbor Freight, especially seldom use non-critical tools. I wouldn’t depend upon them for my masks or gloves for anything other than paint stripping.

    For decades now, my family have kept alcohol based hand cleaning supplies in our vehicles. It is not only public restrooms we are concerned about, but gasoline pumps, and green cash tendered as change. The world is full of dangers and most are blind.


  2. I am glad that said Ebola can be spread by sneezing and coughing, when I mention that mode of dispersal to people I get looks of disbelief from them.

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