This weeks assignment: Radio

Got radio?

I hope so. Though many disasters knock out normal communication methods such as cell phones, TV, and Internet – radio often continues on as a reliable source of information.

If you do not have a battery powered radio with extra batteries – get one. Stores like Big Lots often carry radios for as little as $5 – $10.

Amazon also carries a large variety of radios – here are a few examples:

Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio

Midland ER102 Emergency Radio [I own this radio and use it often]

ETON FR600B Solar Link Self-Powered AM/FM/SW/NOAA S.A.M.E. Weather Radio with Flashlight, Siren. Solar Power, and Cell Phone Charger – [This thing looks cool]

There are many more but the above list spans the price range and feature availability a bit.

Remember – one is none and two is one.


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  1. I have had one of the Eton FR600B for a year or two now and it is awesome. The only complaint I have is that the solar charging isn’t as easy as it looks. But other than that it is 100% as advertised and is great. Next to my pistol and ham radio, it is probably one of the most important tools that comes with us whenever we are up at our camp.

  2. I decided that is what I am asking my husband for Christmas. What a great gift idea for the prepper in your life (I want the one with all the bells and whistles). 🙂

  3. Midland XT511 Base Camp – one in the house, one in the barn, one in the workshop, one in each truck (3), and one buried in a cache.
    Only problem is they get really bad reception if it is very cold (unsure of the reason, but we don’t get a lot of really cold weather in south Texas so it hasn’t been a significant issue).

    I have some friends with the ETON – I just like the 2 way capabilities of the Midland units.

  4. I have the Eton Solarlink FR600. Save your money.

    It’s a flimsy piece of junk that eats batteries when the SAME monitor function is enabled (and doesn’t even come with a wall wart), has a fairly useless manual, and seems to freak out when you try to feed it power thru the back panel via the USB connector. The lower switch locations are kind of silly and seem designed to give the (inaccurate) impression of a sturdy unit which “armors” the switches with the hefty radio.

    I tried getting an answer from Eton tech support about the USB power issue and got a blow-off non-answer. I’ve done tech support for a living, takes one to know one

    Here are two reviews at Cabela’s|/pc/104795280/c/104774580/sc/104316480/etn-FR600-Solarlink-Radio-150-Red/719988.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse.cmd%3FN%3D1100740%26WTz_l%3DSBC%253BBRprd719988&WTz_l=SBC%3BBRprd719988%3Bcat104316480

    Well, at least my power crank did work. And yes, no way I’d ever take this thing outside.

  5. I have had very good results with these:
    (not shilling for Sportsman’s Guide- I get no cut of the action – just where I got mine – usually, not always, very good prices)

    I have 3 stashed away, and gave one as an Xmas present to my boss, about 5 hours before he got stuck in a blizzard on the way to Hilton Head, SC, for a holiday vacation. Came in handy for weather reports and charging his phone, to find a safe place to stop.

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