This weeks assignment: Matches

Super cheap but highly valuable – matches. For $10.00 you can buy thousands of them. Many stores actually have books of them for free – giving them away with their logo on them. In a post-SHTF world – matches will become extremely valuable.

Your assignment for this week is to put back a decent supply of matches. Most grocery stores carry them and can be purchased in small boxes or larger mega-boxes. Either way – get several and either vacuum pack them or place them in a zip-loc bag. Place┬áthem up with the rest of your supplies.

One other valuable use for matches than starting fires and lighting candles…….barter.

Speaking of candles……..


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  1. Awesome Idea,
    SouthernPrepper1, had sudjusted buying candles from the Dallar Store etc and store them in 6 gal. buckets
    Also learn how to make your own.
    PatriotNurse, suggested buying tooth brushes in bulk for the same stores.
    Just my feed back brother.
    Great site

  2. Matches are certainly a great bulk item to purchase because they are cheap. BUT, always remember that they they can and will go bad after a number of years (especially in humid climates) so don’t expect these to be your only fire source. From lighters to firesteels to a magnifying glass, always have MANY backups.

  3. Went out after reading this and picked up 4 large boxes and put them in a large ziplock bag I had saved from something else. Great idea. You can never have to many matches.

  4. Awesome Rourke!

    This is one of my favorite “cheap” preps. You can buy tons of matches for next to nothing. I have a ton of wood stick matches, as well as safety matches. For my own use and for another useful idea……barter.

    I think woodstick matches or safety matches will be an excellent barter item. You know they will be needed by folks in the coming tough times.

    I like wood stick matches best because you can waterproof them more easily. Here is a good link on how to do it. The method is actually rather interesting. I have tried it and it works pretty well. I have used parafin too and both
    methods seem to work well.

    Another cheap prep are bic lighters. You can buy this things very cheaply. I look for sales or places that are going out of business. I bought two small boxes of bic lighters from a gas station that was going out of business for under $15.00. Heck, even if you throw a couple of lighters in your cart when you go to Wal-Mart each week, you will find that after awhile, you have a pretty good pile of them.

    Good stuff!

  5. Also, if legal in your state get “strike anywhere” matches. I believe Walmart carries them in California. It is my understanding that they are not legal in every state, so I have no idea why California has not prohibited them, YET!

  6. To Ken B.
    If you have a Harbor Freight near you, they will sell (with a coupon) Magnesium Fire Starters for $2 and another coupon will get you cheap gloves, or scissors, or a tape measure, or etc depending on the coupon. They have adequate stuff really cheap but their prices can be all over the place for the same item. I see the solar panel kit for $150 to $170 on sale with reg. price $230

  7. Went and got more matches to store. I pick some up just about everytime I go to the store. I have noticed that the prices have started to creep up some on them also so get them while you can. To make good fire starters I take my dryer lint and put it in cardboard egg cartons, then I take candle wax and pour that over it. When you need a fire just break off an egg cup and light it up. Works great and it uses up items that you have around the house.

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