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I have never written anything like this before, but I feel passionate enough to write about prepping. Before I became what people are calling a “prepper” I put most of my extra cash into remodeling my home and into my garden. My gardening skills will prove very handy if the time comes-EOTW, but most of my extra cash now goes for prepping. Bills get paid but after that…. I still garden and do small repairs around the house(can’t have the place falling in around me) and I am now a beekeeper, also handy when- well you know. After that it’s food, water, and ammo.

It all started with one MRE. One of my customers gave me one when he was moving and cleaning out a closet. WELL! That MRE grew into a small B.O.B.- then I realized what was in that bag was not enough for myself and one other. The size of the bag grew and so did the weight. Then the challenge came to find more lightweight items without sacrificing anything needed. It is now a 35 lb. external frame backpack. I feel it will be enough if I bug out. I plan on bugging in, but if the need calls for it……
I was in the Boy Scouts and learned how to Be Prepared ( their motto ) at a young age, but never thought I would count on those skills to be as helpful as they are today. I am always looking for things that might be useful in a disaster and add them to my bug in location.
I come from the Detroit area and now live in South Carolina. Being from Michigan I have always had guns for hunting and protection. The changing times convinced me to get my CWP again and I feel safer for doing so. The gun craze has made it hard to find and stock ammo, but it seems to be letting up some.
There are lots of websites out there for preppers- some good, some bad. ModernSurvivalOnline has been very helpful without the use of scare tactics. Most preppers keep to themselves, so it’s nice to have a site like this for tips and advice. Check your sites well and use whatever info you need for your prepping level.
If you prep you know the cost, but the peace of mind what I now have is priceless. If I go before it happens I will have died knowing I had the means to keep myself, loved ones, and friends fed and sheltered during the worst of times. It’s hard to stock up when the cash is low and the need and desire to prep is high.
I knew a man in 1999 who was prepping for the computer crash of Y2K. I thought he was a bit out there at the time. It passed and all is well— so to speak. People who know I prep look at me a little differently now. Most think it’s a bit crazy but, who knows? I can only hope one of them will carry on with what I have started. I can trust the government, that’s right I can trust them to do only one thing quickly and that’s F— UP and it appears to be going in no other direction at this time.


Whatever it will be, try to be as ready as you can because the sh-t will hit the fan one day.
Dr Don

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  1. Dr. Don, the government at this time appears that it can not help itself let alone anyone else. People who know I prep look at me a little funny too, but I keep on doing it, I think they will be the losers in the end, so keep prepping. Volunteering to help in both the Blizzard of 78 in Massachusetts and Hurricane Andrew I saw what it was like when people did not have any preps of any kind and had to wait for government assistance.

  2. Dr Don, some of the folks who know I prep look at me funny too, including my own kids…but they know they have a safe place to go to…outside of my family, I don’t talk much about prepping, but will insert comments into conversations…people will either run with it and share their knowledge (and then I know I’ve met a kindred soul) or look at me weird and start talking about the crazies on tv with disdain (and I know not to share any further). I agree, you need to vet the sources you rely on. But MSO is one of my goto resources and I thank Rourke for giving us this forum to share!

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