This place is falling apart……

The United States is falling apart. I am convinced daily that this country is falling apart and I believe history will show things are accelerating. What the end game will be I don’t know and what the time frame is – mystery as well. Bottom line is evil is growing stronger and it is not looking good.

I don’t want to jump all into politics – rather I will point out some of the wrongdoings of those in power have been and are doing. The recent events overtaking the headlines are just a few indications.

Drudge headline Benghazi report


These are just a mild sampling of recent controversy occurring in Washington. The IRS targeting groups for political reasons. The Department of Justice accessing AP reporters personal information due to a White House leak. Let’s throw in the pathetic handling of the Benghazi  situation where it is now proven that the American public was seriously misled and lied to. Ridiculous.


Our corrupt government continues to destroy this country. Between over-regulation, dramatic steps to increase gun control, economic decisions that contain a total absence of common sense, and the degradation of the moral being  – this government is leading this country down a path that will be difficult to navigate back from.


If you are reading this site it probably does not take a whole lot of convincing to agree with what I am suggesting. This country…..this world, is drawing nearer to disaster. What it will look like is certainly up for debate. Whether it will happen or not – in my book, is a certainty.

What would our Founding Fathers think of what is happening to this country? No doubt tears would be shed and clenched fists made out of anger for the abuse of their hard work.

And we prepare……..


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  1. Rourke, I couldnt agree with you more. Even Piers Morgan (that prick) changed his stance on gun control amidst all the lies from this government. What this government has achieved is that theyve managed to divde us quite well, and its not so much about the color of your skin. The lines are more drawn between the highly intelligent successful people, the intelligent hard working middle class, and many of the lower class mindless “zombies” (as I call them). We need a leader, a strong leader, and those are getting hard to find these days as this country is clearly made up of so many differant people with their own interests at heart. If we dont organize and rally behind someone soon, I fear we will lose the “end game” of the transformation of this country into a socialist nation. Either that, or we better band together and start shooting. I have a prediction that whats going to kick this all off is going to be the armed March on Washington on July 4th. This is supposed to be a peaceful march whilst being a show of force at the same time. Im betting our government will prop up a few stooges in this march to fire upon the police and thats when the bloodbath on both sides will begin; and possibly the second American Revolution. One thing is for sure though, the time to wake people up is coming to an end. Its time to start identifying who’s on board and rallying the troops, because, like you, me and most of my friends and family believe the time is short. God bless us all and all the other true patriots of this country. We’re going to need it.

  2. Heard a quote from a guest on Alex Jones the other day.
    He said that at present America is involved in a “Cold Civil War
    The quote was like ‘revelation’ to me.
    I couldn’t have described it better.

    Let’s pray we can change things before it becomes ‘Hot’.

    • Dale –

      That quote really got me thinking. This country is so divided in so many ways – we could literally be divided up into 4-6 different countries.

      Take care – Rourke

  3. If tears were to be shed by the founders, I think it may be multiple reasons.

    They would see that very few people are capable of really taking care of themselves. Over and above the ‘takers’, we see very few who can really provide for themselves and their family because we have become so ‘specialized’. How many, these days, can fix plumbing, electrical, carpentry, home repair, mechanic, handle irrigation, grow food, preserve meat or can food. We are now dependent on others to do their ‘part’ to survive.

    They would see a gov’t that is unrecognizable to them. A government that thinks it SHOULD and MUST control the lives of the people. One that thinks it SHOULD provide handouts to the ‘poor’ – that live better and at a higher standard of living than almost everyone in their day.

    They would not recognize the top-heavy gov’t as anything even remotely sustainable. Not with something like one 1 out of 6 people ‘working’ for the gov’t. (When I was a kid it was on the order of 1 out of 20, as I remember. Dating myself.)

    They would not recognize a country with ‘lifetime politicians’, especially with their hands filled with money for ‘political favors’, as we have now.

    We are not the country they imagined. We are not the country they hoped for. Their disappoinment . . . . unimaginable. We may need a collapse of the system to at least attempt to recover what they hoped for.

    It may happen, and will likely be painful. All we can do is prepare to make it out the other side, and hope we can help to make things better.

  4. “Tyranny”: -The arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power, despotic abuse of authority.. all with the goal of staying in or increasing that power.-

    Amazing what a couple of weeks of bad news can do. Our watchdog media; who for five years took permanent residence up Dear Leader’s rectum has finally come out for a look see, at least some of them. Our neighbors are a different story, I’m not sure they can be “bothered” to realize that this administration has done more damage to this country than Al Qaeda could do with even 100 jets. The president calls a hasty press conference to announce that “I am not a crook” and all the masses can generate is a shrug. It certainly is a strange sight to watch Obama plead ignorance and claim that we aren’t evil… just incompetent. The smartest man in the room has morphed into the most unknowing. His usual brush-offs of “right-wing created myths” and “done by low-level peons” have lost some of their charm. It falls to us, -as it usually does- to save the Republic. Our solders can’t fight this fight, tyranny has touched our shore… it’s our burden to lift now. Put your “big boy” pants on… this is going to get bloody….

  5. My question is this: Are there enough who care, and will actually be willing to pick up a weapon and fight, or at least defend their families when the “zombies” come calling?

  6. John Gault-very well said .Yes we are in the struggle of our lives as Americans for justice and truth and freedom of speech and freedom to worship. Please we must keep expressing our feelings to our representatives. -and praying and prepping …. Arlene
    This current administration must correct their wrongs-
    impeachment may be necessary.

  7. Everyone talks of blood shed, and being “Up in arms”…against who? Our Congress, Senate, President that is who. But are you going to go after them? Your neighbor isn’t doing this to the country, your employer is probably not doing this either. So who are you thinking you’re going to go shoot? Until such time that the Govt sends troops at us (an incident on the 4th could do it), WE need to act responsibly, passively. Gaining the sympathy of the populace will win any battle. THAT needs to be the priority. Focus on educating the people that don’t see what is happening (calmly with facts). If we can do this and we can oust the current regime with little to no blood shed.

    We also need to have a leader, we need to have goals, demands, much more than just “get out”. We need to fix the system, clean out the politicians, a whole revamp of all the laws,policies,and amendments that have been enacted over the years. Clean out the IRS, term limits, bring back our troops, protect our borders.Focus on educating our people, our citizens,by making it affordable again. Stop giving priority to foreigners and illegals.Focus on making our country great again.

    There is a lot of thought that needs to go into what we want and need as a people, NOT just kicking them out of office. I think there are some that may step up, but they are afraid of being killed or disappearing (we know that is not below our Govt to do).
    It is a sad state indeed!! Every day our representatives let him stay in office more atrocities are committed, and it shows us they are working for him not us, and they can’t be trusted and need to be booted also.
    Let’s not attack our neighbors, instead a precise strategic attack on our Government politicians and their way of doing business! Molon Labe!

  8. Irish 7 – you are correct. MANY years ago the John Birch Society predicted the USA would have problems if we didn’t continually fight for our rights and defend our Constitution. They quoted a Chinese communist saying
    that “America will fall like a rotten apple from a tree”
    We all must make sure it doesn’t happen.Arlene

  9. Randy, I can only speak for myself here but when I use a reference like “this is going to get bloody” it is figurative, we are miles from any military stand-off, but it seems to me that if that day were to come, it is because it was brought to us, forced upon us by those who wish to silence us and make us yield to something other than what we know is just and right. And what we know is “just and right” is not after all some arbitrary thing. It is not some fractured ideology born from a smoldering un-satisfaction, but the ideas this nation was founded on and the belief that some things are not granted by men in power, but are god given. The fight now is for justice and the hearts and minds of a nation.

  10. Well, I certainly hope that people are NOT rallying behind this guy leading an armed march on Washington this summer! From what I understand, he is a loser, discharged from the military. He seems to be more like a “plant” to me, someone to rally the people FOR gun control. Whether or not he has patriotic, decent intentions, the media will relate him to every gun owning American. Any violence that ensues will make us all look like escapees from Waco or Ruby Ridge. I agree, we are fast reaching a precipice. We are more divided now than ever in my lifetime. As I see it, the problems stem from drifting away from our core values. Our Founding Fathers delivered us a superb set up! The further we drift from Judeo/Christian values and the Constitution as supreme law of the land, the deeper we fall. We do not need a new set of rules. We need to go by the rules that are in place. We should stop pandering to special interest groups and cease “reading into” the Bill Of Rights. We must also demand accountability from our leaders, and the media! I recently read a listing of Communist goals, written by the Soviets in the late 1950’s. This was a plan to conquer the United States from within. IT IS UNCANNY, HOW LIBERALS PLAYED INTO THE HANDS OF OUR ENEMIES AND DELIVERED THESE AREAS ONE BY ONE. These exact tactics were also confirmed by LTG Boykin, a formed Delta Force and Special Forces Commander, in the video “Behold A Pale Horse”. If ModernSurvivalOnline readers desire, I can post the Soviet goals so you can read and decide for yourself. Let me know. God Save The Republic!

  11. Irish, your comment reminded me of something I read so long ago it’s hard to remember exactly. The eagle in all of our seals and symbols holds in one claw an olive branch, in the other it clutches 13 arrows. These arrows shafts have been feathered from the plumes of this very same eagle… We often give our enemies the means of our own destruction…

  12. Irish-7…you hit the ‘BULLSEYE’ on that one,I’ve had a copy of that “list of rules” of the Commies goals for over 25 yrs., and have been high-lightening the ones they’ve accomplished already.The whole list is mostly ‘PINK’ now,(pun intended).It’s amazing how many of my fellow workers did’nt even care! As long as they got their sports on the weekend and their trash on TV. Please post it.

  13. Speaking as a EE/ME Engineer, it is beyond time to hit the reset button. There is little to nothing left to salvage from this ‘great experiment in self governance’ and it is time to start over. The Constitution is an inherently flawed document which has lead to generation after generation of people misinterpreting its purpose. For example, how many reporters say they have a 1st Amendment right to free speech? How many gun supporters say they have a 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms. People, you have NO rights given to you by the Constitution…just let that sink in. The Constitution doesn’t even apply to you…it applies to the Federal Government. It supposedly grants them certain authorities to PRESERVE your IN-ALIENABLE rights…NOT give you rights.

    I say supposedly because no one alive has signed the Constitution so it is worth just as much as any other UNSIGNED contract…NOTHING. I am not responsible for my parents acts/debts/obligations or my grand parents and so on and so on. So, its time to go back to the Declaration of Independence (the single most important document in history as far as I’m concerned). That document (with a few minor tweaks like ‘humans created equal’ vs. ‘men’ and so forth) is the starting point from which a new Constitution could be written modeled on our current one.

    Also, when you make a contract with someone/something you NEVER tell them what they CAN’T do…only what they CAN do. They are only authorized to do what you specifically say they can…it is ridiculous to even entertain the thought of creating a list of things they can’t do. Imagine taking your car in for service to get the oil changed…do you really want to create a ‘do not’ list for every single thing that a mechanic could do to your car?

    So, you do NOT tell the government they ‘shall make no law’ because you never told them they could make laws about free speech or arms or numerous other things. That single fact has lead to decades of politicians just arguing “you didn’t say we couldn’t do it” and the power grab has grown into the monster we are dealing with today.

  14. Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended,
    Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

    With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    The question for today is, can we get it back?

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