This is why this country is so screwed up…..

Watch this video and see how this 27 year disabled Vet is treated by a member of Congress.

I watch this and totally understand why this country is the way it is with leaders like this. So frustrating!!!!


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  1. These things are the root cause of our Govt issues and those who voice it are scorned! This is the start of the political unrest that I see us heading into before we hit an potential economic collapse. They up their on their Podiums of Gold still fail to understand where our United States of America is heading.

    • Shadowsil –

      I agree totally. These politicians are so out of touch and just do not govern with “the people” in mind.


  2. As a Veteran this is very upsetting to me. I spent my life defending my country and I am very proud of that fact. I don’t expect any more respect than any other person. This Vet’s question was a valid one, an as usual the politician avoided the question by placing blame once again on someone else. To also tell the gentleman that he could either sit down or leave is insane. The man had a legitimate question. Congress is so far detached from the real world that they don’t even understand a simple question like that. And why it might upset someone that they stand around and do nothing but argue with each other. It makes me so damn mad that the soldiers and their families might have to go with out a pay check for even a moment. Thanks for posting this Rourke.

    • Badvoodoodaddy –

      Thank you for your service. I just saw this video and story make it on FoxNews. Certainly will make great campaign maerial AGAINST the politician.

      Thx – Rourke

  3. the democrats have had TWO SOLID years of full control of the government.

    they sure pushed obamacare through without any republican support as well as many other spending bills to their left wing benefit but they made NO effort to pass a budget in all that time. all they did was keep passing emergency extension after extension to keep the reckless spending flowing.

    they made ZERO effort to pass a budget because it would have been so bloated and so enormous under their complete control that they would have NOBODY to blame for it. that enormous grotesque number would have been solely on the democrats backs.

    i am sure they were relieved when the republicans took control of the house back – so now they had their foil once again – someone to BLAME.

    their only strategy is to BLAME. to play the never ending victim – to keep the game of they are “for the people” and the bad republicans want to take away all the people’s benefits. (now i am not so enamored of the republicans either, but the left are completely out of their mind with the endless entitlement spending which is nothing more then buying the votes of the dependents they perpetually create with their systems)

    obama flip flops so much i can’t even keep track of what he says – just a couple days ago he said he would VETO any short term spending extension – then on TV at past the eleventh hour he was nearly taking credit for the last minute spending extension!?! funny there is no mention now of that bold statement of the VETO – in fact it’s as if it never happened. who is running the show? who is typing the words that appear on his tele-promters as it most certainly has nothing to do with obama as i don’t think even he knows what he is going to say until those words appear.

    until the people get off their asses and do something about how our government is run – then this is just an endless puppet show of suits pretending to support the people. it is the matrix and all we citizens are is “juice” – as in tax money – to keep the matrix running.

    i’m disgusted, but most of the time completely helpless feeling as to what i can actually accomplish as just one person.

  4. Not only veterans should be angered by this a..hole elitist SOB (sorry, but this video really gets me jacked-up) but all Americans, as well. To have the gall to stand up on that platform and try a backdoor insult on a man who had a legitimate question and comments is, in my opinion, the highest form of insult and slap to the face of every American AND especially our veterans. I also served for better than twenty years (Army and later in the Air Force) and take great exception to pompous peacocks who can’t stand the heat of criticism when it is directed at them, and subsequently try deflecting that same criticism towards the other just as out-of-touch prima donnas on the opposite side of the aisle.

    His not-so-subtle comments referencing the veteran’s inquiry was audacious, mean-spirited, and really showed his true colors. A lot of people will thank veterans for their service, and most I would wager are sincere in their gratitude. However, there are those (like this piece of human scum) who only mouth tired-a.. platitudes they think are expected of them. THESE types of people are the true elitists and are at the very core of what is wrong with our government.

    Makes my blood boil!!!

  5. It saddens me with the way our government consistently fails the American people. I’m so tired of these petty pathetic leaders of our community, acting like childish spoiled delinquents ready to take their ball and go home if they don’t get their way. For decades they have sat on their collective backsides doing just enough to ensure their next election and catering to corporate America. But doing nothing to ensure that all Americans succeed. Hence the gap between the rich and the poor. When you hear about the congress or about the senate, its never in regards to how the demacrats or republicans have helped America. It’s in regards on which side won. Apparently the American people have been looking at it wrong. The congress and the senate arnt here to help us, they’re here to compete against eachother. Obviously, that’s more beneficial then working together. Like its a race. First side to 1000 wins?
    Well I say congratulations. YOU WIN… that a 1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee. You guys rock!

  6. A veteran interrupts the congressman and this is why the country is screwed up? I don’t think so. Seems like a lot of people are just looking for excuses to make trouble. Reactions here seem totally blown out of proportion. The veteran objected to the mischaracterization of his remarks and interrupted. I was surprised too that the congressman characterized his remarks like that but saw that it was a just a red herring. The veteran took the bait and fell into the congressman’s trap. He didn’t have too and could have let the congressman hang himself rather than making himself look bad. You have to fight politicians at their own game. They do stuff like this all the time so they don’t have to answer hard questions.

    • Hi Patty –

      We can agree to disagree. The Congressman displayed a disrepect to this veteren that goes beyond absurd. The Congressman also tried to make the Vet out as the “bad guy” by saying that his comments and question were “caustic”. What I am saying is that this country is screwed up because of “leaders” like this.

      Thanks for your comments – –


  7. Patty,

    Although I will agree with your assertion that the congressman’s red herring was just that and, that the retired military man probably did fall for it hook, line and sinker, I also feel that the congressman’s baiting and subsequent attempt to avoid the hard question is EXACTLY the sort of ploy most Americans are sick and tired of. Instead of getting a straight answer from an elected official (an official obviously accustomed to the thrust and parry that accompanies a debate of any type) the questioner was made to look small by that same seasoned veteran of the double talk wars.

    Unless and until we (the American voters) are insistent on holding our elected officials accountable for all of this continuous doublespeak and denial of any wrongdoing that typifies the vast majority of them, we will continue being fed the same cheap pablum of “no mea culpa” that we have been hearing for far too long. And although I may also somewhat agree with your assertion that comments made heretofore on this post (mine, for a certainty) have been a bit blown out of proportion, I also believe that to readily accept the unethical behavior and deliberately ambiguous language of most politicians as being merely what “…they do all the time…” makes the rest of us just as guilty and complicit as the offenders themselves.

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