This is cool! Homemade covered bridge….


This doesn’t have anything to do with survival but I think it’s interesting.  I needed a bridge to get to the west side of my property so I built a wooden truss covered bridge.  Now I can get the tractor over to the hardwood side of the land.

32′ long, 9 1/2 wide inside, Towne Lattice truss — probably could have built a house for what it cost but I can sit on my porch and see a covered bridge – priceless.


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  1. I have heard that come this spring the wood stove ban goes into effect. Keep it mind friends if your planning to purchase one, because once goes into effect, they wont able to sell them

  2. I did learn a lot building this bridge. I lost lots of sleep over the design of the trusses but they worked better than I had hoped. I absolutely loved using the old time methods for construction. I figure the bridge will be around for 150 years or so. The only woodworking experience I have is making violins and home built aircraft. It’s a whole different set of skills when you deal with about 6 tons of lumber.

  3. Awesome job! I’d love to have that kind of skill/knowledge. Unfortunately I’d end up with a bridge that sloped down stream!

    Badger, regarding the stoves there are some people/manufacturers who might be affected, but all in all I don’t think this will be as bad as some think. You can see the EPA’s page on this here:

    In the end though we’re heading clearly to a point where our lives are regulated and directed by the government… from what we eat, where we hunt, if we burn wood, what doctor we see, etc.. I’m 100% on the Libertarian train, this government is out of control.

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