This country is doomed?

Last week I published a video from YouTube’s SouthernPrepper1 regarding the current condition of the United States.  To summarize SP1 expressed frustration with the direction the country is heading and the lack of true Constitutional representation.   If you missed the video I am republishing it below.

Lot’s of comments were made and many were very insightful. This is an important topic and wanted to pass on these insightful words……



From Badger:

I sub to his YT channel for years. I believe 2015-2016 will turn out to be a huge turning point not just here in the US but on a global scale. When looking at all the pieces. Infrastructures that have been pillars for years nationally and internationally are unraveling, While their telling us everything is fine, business as usually, or it’s just a temporary thing. While you see them and there 1% of the 1% making huge strategic positioning to move or isolate themselves. Makes me think of some of these sayings, “rats abandoning ship”, “roaches scrambling when the light is turned on”, “do as I say, not as I do”. “the yellow canary used by coal miners as a warning of no air”, hmmm. Now you look at what’s happening at a time when the Country pretty much is broke.

#1 Banks implementing policies to restrict the amount you can withdraw, moving to a cashless society so they keep and control your assets. JP Morgan loading up on Silver of last three years to 55 million ounces.

#2 Militarization of the police forces and equipping them heavy offensive weapons, Gunning down citizens to “No knock raids”.

#3 Massive redeployment of forces for the biggest war games in history. The repositioning of this many assets and lay out of territory I find interesting. Also given the fact the you do not deploy & spend this much money just to go home at the end of the training period, we shall see

#4 Data mining of US citizens

#5 Obama’s EO’s bypassing congress, let alone the creation a super commity (like Russia or Roman Empire)
Attacks on religion, free speech, 2nd amendment, private property, Healthcare (you have to sign it to read) totally irresponsible and no common sense. (but then again there is an agenda)

#6 Mandatory Vaccines coming down the line. Bill Gates said at the Bilderberg meeting, that vaccines was one of the elements to use for population control by helping to reduce world’s population by 15% among other things.

#5 World’s financial system in complete shambles


I think Badger nailed it in many ways. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that independently may be concerning but when you start putting them together the complete pictures starts to come into focus.


Rick states:

I have been saying the crap is coming for at least 5 years. . . . been told I am crazy as a loon. . . . the pols are all the same, they are the “elite”, we are serfs to do their bidding. . . . . the only solution left is revolution. . . .it is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. . . . no one wants to face it. I fear the hell we will go through, but what other choice is there? SP has definitely moved into the crosshairs of the enemy now. . . . pray he will be careful and safe


I feel for Rick. I often have conversations with people who are so out of touch. They have no idea what is really going on and often give me looks saying – “This guy is a whacko.” Revolution? That is a possibility but in what manner are we talking? What exactly would it look like? Who would be involved? Who are on what sides?

So many questions. So much uncertainty.


Capt. Michaels shared:

Okay..interesting. I almost emailed this video link to you yesterday Rourke, but I didn’t want to send more junk for you to be bothered with. I’ve been playing catch up myself. I feel like that scene in the Wizard of Oz when the house got sucked up into the tornado. I’m just trying to stop things from spinning. Anyway, when I saw this video my heart dropped a little as well. It dropped for me on two levels.

One, because it was discouraging to see him in a brothers in arms way. When you see the morale of your fellow brothers in arms start to give up you know it’s really, really getting bad. Not his morale as a fighter or for his family, but for this country. Secondly, because I feel the same way he does. When I saw and really started amping up/researching the TPP, TPA, it’s all crap whatever you want to call it. And then freaking Paul Ryan pulls a Pelosi. That really pissed me off beyond belief. I’m watching these fools sell America away(Traitors). There are so few real congressmen that really do care for America. Ted Cruz, Greg Abbot, and Bobby Jindal are some of the few. They are the only ones that have a flawless, untouchable record. Not only that, but they will be quick to tell you – “Tough, get over it!” As a result I started praying really hard this week for today’s agenda. Will they vote down the TPP or fact track it? In fact, so did Bobby Jindal.

I think a lot of us who are awake including David, see the writing on the wall. If this bill passes I’m very confident this will be the last/best celebrated 4th of July in America for a long time. If you guys want I can include what valid links we have available showing what little we already know about this bill, but I didn’t want to bore you guys to death. So, I’ve been praying really hard and if this bill passes I’m also very confident we will not see an election in 2016. I also believe…and please do not let my next comments not stir a huge problem, but I think this explains the plan and falls into line for Jade Helm. Nothing I can do about it, but just seem to have a better understanding as the pieces start to fall into place. Especially, since just a few weeks ago they admitted the FBI and DEA are also going to be involved. It’s clear what they are getting ready for. Anyway, I think David is spot on and I think/guessing at this point he’s pretty much fed up with it, ready to say screw it, blow up all the bridges, and get ready if this bill passes. So if it does pass, I think the time will be shortened and getting closer for most of us to get ready. Get ready if we’re already getting ready? Yes, get ready in your mind to tell your job one day –  “I won’t be coming back”, pack up everything and move to your area. Nobody knows exactly when that day will be, but if this thing passes you can bet your *beep* it will be coming. The poop thing.

My biggest fear, right now for me not all the many details for my prep base. It’s location. Our little group still has not been able to get a small piece of property and it’s border line causing lack of sleep for me. For sure, I’m a fighter to the end. It’s something that will not leave me and the Marines only refined for me. So, I will not quit, but (pardon me) I’ll be dipped if when I saw David’s video and didn’t feel exactly what he said. Today is going to be a big day in which direction this country will go in. Thoughts/Response?


Wow – Capt. Michaels shared a lot and I have to say my thinking is very much in line. No election? I used to think that was crazy talk but not so much anymore. I would put nothing past this Administration.  Jade Helm? My concern is growing. I was saying – ” Moving along folks. Nothing to see here.” Now? For just a training event it certainly appears to be just a “bit” over the top. There has to be more to it. Martial law? No – I don’t think so.

As Capt. suggests we need to keep prepping.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

In the original posting of the video I asked the question – “So what do we do?” . If we are not at a position of civil war, or armed revolution – where are we and what do we do?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Spread the Word: All of us that are like-minded and believe in smaller government and upholding the Constitution need to do what we can to educate those that fail to grasp of what is happening. Ignorance is running rampant and by educating – and not scaring people – we can gain numbers on our side.
  • Pick a Side and Stick To It: Far too often Conservatives and those Patriots that believe in the Constitution become divided over details and minor issues. If we are supposed to be all on the same side and get pissed at each other arguing over whether Rand Paul/Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio would be the best President and declare “I will only vote for MY candidate” we are missing a great opportunity. Debate is fine but to abandon your vote because the candidate is not 100% what you want makes no sense. I suspect that everyone that visits this site agrees on 80% of all the issues – if not higher. WE need to be unified however we do not need more of the same as far as politicians go. At a minimum getting the most desirable candidate may delay a potential collapse.
  • Networking: Whatever happens in the future we need to network and make contact with more like-minded folks. We need to get better organized. I am not suggesting that we create a website or Facebook page and all join up. I don’t exactly know but if there ever comes a time that WE need to come together for mutual benefit that organization needs to start now. Again – UNITY is key.
  • Keep prepping. We need to insulate ourselves from the effects of government of all levels the best we can. Reduce debt. Store more food. Extra medicine. Defensive supplies. Have backup plans for everything you can.








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14 thoughts on “This country is doomed?”

  1. I LIke your thoughts. They are not over reactionary… Just common sense.. I’m not sure as the small groups we are prepared to fight the government. Small groups will be labeled as terrorists.. domestic. Christian, Muslim .. is all the same to a corrupt government. It’s like when they played off unions against open shop .. etc etc . .play groups off each other so they don’t see what is being done .. classic. Stop and think first… Your prep can protect you against fellow citizens when LEO’s are co-opted by government. We will need each other to survive an upset .. absolutely. Then we see how MUCH of the military .. part-time/and full time as well as LEO’s fall in and on what side .. that’ll tell you what you have. It’s all speculation for the moment.
    I would ask people to remember .. while revolution sounds good .. that may be exactly what is wanted .. revolt and you WILL have martial law and a suspension of the constitution… or don’t and they get rights taken away more gradually. Big Govt wins either way… the difference being time. I hope the revolution, when it comes is more along the lines of an organized push for a “Convention of States” . Force term limits on congress and get career politicians out of Congress.. as well as override/repeal Presidential Over-Reach(es). Elect New Blood and build a path back to a solid Economy and producing american goods for sale instead of a service economy, without destroying the Economy to then try and rebuild it .. for several generations. Take all Tax benefits away from American companies that produce their goods off-shore or ship service jobs off-shore.. Protect our borders etc.. Put in place real Hum-int as well a EL-int .. Lead the world, instead of turning America into the subsidiary of either the UN or the EU. and while we are at it .. stop paying the UN anything and send them France .. they are made for each other.. sorry for the rant

  2. I watched SP until he started with the defeatist lingo. It will always be easier to tear down than to build up. Uncle Sugar is far from dead and with some attention from patriots at the polls can rise like a phoenix.

  3. Panhandle R-YES this upcoming election can turn the tide!!!!
    Capt. Michaels -not sure of your geographic location -but we would be very willing to practically give away some land to preppers.We are in upstate NY. Please speak with local farmers-many need the cash and will sell some
    land cheaper than real estate brokers.
    Pray-Prep and vote !!! Not only vote but get involved in helping the candidate of your choice by volunteering etc. Arlene

  4. I agree with all points above. It’s as if there has been a “Coup d’etat” of America with out firing a single shot. Remember what Reagan said “the loss of your freedom is only a generation step away.” And here we are folks. The socialist now run the country along with the globalist.

    There’s been this thing where is seems that the Govt is doing the bidding of big Corporations and big Pharma.

    Recently Walt Disney, called in there IT Dept and told them they being termed “Fired”, 250 good employee’s who thought they were being called into get a pat on the back, instead a corporate exec, told them “for the price of just one of you, I could employee five IT persons from India”. and so they were informed they they will training there replacements from India or they would not receive there severance. Good old corporate America putting the screws to there loyal employees. And yet some will still give there monies to Disney. How about Apple?
    How many own apple made products and yet not a single piece is manufactured in USA, it’s in China, hmhmhm.

    Why is GMO food good for us and yet the elite wont touch it, they eat organic. And when they do GMO it’s rare, they almost it just for a photo op. In my day before GMO or Organic labeling we just called it food.

    In England they have outlawed personal defense except under tight guidelines. Wonder if that law will make it here?.

  5. For now, refuel your patriotism, re-focus your energy. I grew up dirt poor, but rich in patriotism. This battle is not over yet. Yes, we may feel beat down for now, but I tell you Rise UP!! Get up! Take my hand brothers/sisters and pull yourself up. I freely give you my energy, and share my fighting spirit with you. Why, because we are not fighting for the evil miserable slime in office or those fools that follow him. Do not let the liberal, lying, evil minority bastards wear you down. The majority of America still believe in Freedom, God, and the Constitution. The minority has grown for sure and assisted with propaganda through the liberal media. However, they are NOT the majority. Know this..evil will not win. Good always conquers evil.

    -When evil man in office got a devastating blow by losing power in in congress, he did not expect he would lose. Yes, now we have some traitors we need to vote out, but he thought he could not lose and the media taunted that in our face. We rocked his physco mind and Victory in the eyes of the world.

    -When the evil administration actually used our tax payer funds sending people to Israel. All in a disgusting effort to help unseat Benjamin Netanyahu. The liberal media taunted people, spread their lies,…and lost big time. Stunning reality check. Netanyahu was over overwhelmingly re-elected.

    -Britain’s recent elections for the first time in decades the conservative party took complete control over parliament.

    -The recent TPA vote, shoot down surprisingly by democrats. Crushing reality check.

    Still,….STILL, the liberal media refuses to report the truth. They only report about Hillary now, because the evil man in office gave them the green light. Pretty pathetic as we know all of them have just as much slime on them as her. The real problem/sadness is the overwhelming portion of Americans that have allowed themselves to be content as long as they have Facebook, twitter, and other crap to fuel gratification. Whether those in America are still asleep or waiting cautiously to see which way the wind blows before acting. I can assure you of this. There is still a larger majority of American’s that will fight for America. Again, yes sadly there are a larger amount of sheeple that might pass come what may brings. However, the one thing that fool in office and these evil *beep* still don’t get. You cannot kill the American spirit! Those before us, before they knew you or will ever know me. They fought for that ideal and for that freedom. They paid the ultimate sacrifice, because they knew…and I know! Good will over come! The clouds will pass, the sun will shine again.

    Disgustingly, if America comes to some type of fighting within itself. Yes, there are some weasel’s within the American Military that might fire on American’s, but overall, they will not! For example Marine Sgt.Gary Stein who was forced out of the Marines for refusing to follow unlawful orders.

    Active and retired Green Berets sent a clear message to evil man in office

    So, even though the news from the liberal media posts their propaganda and sadly more people “seem” to be giving in. Overall, we are not. Rise up….get up! and fight I say. This video was shared once before and think now is the right time to share it again and find yourselves refreshed! Do not let them over whelm your heart and mind, because that is….where the current battle is.

  6. Incredible offer PR. Heh…you almost put me in tears of fire and encouragement. I humbly and gratefully will contact you to see if this is possible. I live near the Katy area. If your comfortable Rourke has my email and can send it to you or vice-versa. God bless you sir and thank you.

  7. feeling encouraged by the fervor here, but , wake up, PR. . . . . there are very few who have been elected that will actually work for a change. . . . most are like our Trey Gowdy here in SC. . . . . he talks a good game, but when you get down to it, talk is all he does, meanwhile he goes along on things that hurt us. . .

    • Rick – I think PR is awake – just of a different opinion. Good to see we are both in SC. WOuld be good to meet up some time.


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