Thinking of writing another book

A few years ago I published the book A Survival Story. I had a ball writing it as I wrote the story in “real-time” on the Internet. Readers would visit the website daily to get new updates. It turned out pretty decent and is currently available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. The Kindle edition has been recently edited.

I am getting the writing itch again and am looking more towards fiction than non-fiction. I have been jotting down some story line ideas but really struggling. Yes – this will be a preparedness story but I really would like something different. I could do zombies or economic collapse or EMP – whatever. Seems pretty much everything has been done before. Maybe a topic with a new twist?

Any thoughts or suggestions on a book topic/storyline?

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14 thoughts on “Thinking of writing another book”

  1. I’ve read several where the “guy” starts out in good shape and has “stuff” he put together and sets about the adventures of getting where he needs to go .. How about someone caught up in a place .. like an airline when things go bad and no where near anything he knows possibly not even in America… No Bag, or a light one and he’s attached and left injured and pretty hopeless, and has to MAKE what he needs and find a place to heal and hobble his way home. Something that really tests his beliefs .. hard .. and in which he loses faith .. and does something way bad .. and is lost altogether.. something happens and sets him on a path .. one step.. then another.. then bit by bit his confidence and faith return from the trip and it’s events..

    One I have never seen is the same type story, but of a woman, not man .. and all the very different problems when you are not muscular and bigger than everyone .. maybe a G.I. Jane type.. a good basis but no real experience .. but comes to believe as she must through her travels .. She meets a mentor in a very different way .. willing to teach for no other reason than she needs to know.. to survive.. It really might help some of the guys with gals think their might have a loose wing nut somewhere.. 🙂 and I have NEVER seen this story .. better hustle .. the idea is out now .. and yo probably need a tough chick to co-author to get HER perspective about the challenges.. maybe .. cuz we are not wired the same .. but you knew that. besides .. what’s the fun of everybody being the same .. there you go .. two ideas .. I have half of one written, maybe I’ll finish it some day .. have fun

  2. I remember the last story. Great job. I looked forward to each new episode. Given the current international situations, maybe a story where a large foreign power actually invades the USA. Not nuclear, just masses of soldiers being landed on all shores around the country. The American citizens coming out to meet the threat.

  3. How about a story where the 1% gather up all their money and leave the US pretty much all in one week. They had planned this out in advance, leaving us with our collective heads spinning.

  4. My suggestion is a mass confiscation of firearms that leads to a second revolution which throws the country into chaos. Can follow a group that chooses not to fight until they have not choice.

  5. I am also an author, under a pen name, and have great appreciation for books written as journals, and have a cataclysmic ending. World ending, economic collapse, viruses running amok- you name it, I am there. I have read many and feverishly scour looking for more. I commend you for following your writing passion and dream. I am starting over, as my name was tarnished by fellow co-writers and a publisher.

  6. How about a story where the popularised second revolution takes place, gets messy, UN “peacekeeping” troops come in to separate the patriots from the loyalists and the chaos that ensues.
    Or we could do the worst situation possible, EMP followed by zombie outbreak 😀

  7. Does there really have to be a known reason? Maybe not knowing is really the theme and the issues that come from that.

    Look at it from the perspective as someone who is not prepared at all, but has been in the beginning stages of information farming.

    I have often wondered about a year or two after a collapse. What government (if any) has been re-established? Are there now tribes? If it is a biological issue, did it happen only in the US? Did the survivors try and sail to Europe or Asia to find more survivors or see if the US has been quarantined by the rest of the world? If they did go across the pond, how? were there enough to people to get to a Naval base and start up a destroyer and make it across? Did they run into pirates?

  8. I would love to read about a small well trained aggressive force that moves into a rural area after the collapse only to meet their match with the old and frail country hill people that reside there. Tactical vs hillbilly. The story evolves almost as a horror story as the technology and tactics of the advanced force is slowly but surely reduced till they become the real victims of the story who must escape the hill people’s wrath. Kind of a tongue in cheek critique of the over reliance on tacticool gadgets and mindset of ninja wannabe types. Imagine the team doing a perfectly executed stacked entry into an old mans home only to be met with a house of horrors filled with redneck surprises. I can see many scenes with dangling fish hooks, snakes, hornet’s nest, poison ivy, guinea fowl… And horror of horrors don’t even think about messing with aunt sweety! Red Dawn meets Deliverance?

  9. How is this for a book scenario:

    All the city folk bug-out to the country after an ebola panic, and all get poison ivy and muddy loafers.
    Then, when caffeine withdrawl almost wipes out the survivors, Godzilla attacks.

  10. This is an idea that I’ve had but I don’t have the writing skills to carry it off. It is centralized around a trader that is moving across the United States in a post apocalypse scenario. The world as we know it has fallen and all that remains are small communities of people that have gathered together to try to continue for tomorrow. The trader moves from community to community buying and and selling at each community he visits. As he visits each community we get to see how they have coped and learned to survive.

  11. I am also writing a second book! It will be a sequel to my first book, FINDING HOME, A PLACE OF SAFETY (Amazon). I received so many requests to write another story that I finally caved and (after having a dream about a story line) I began to write several weeks ago. I’m on chapter 10! I do most of my writing in the early morning hours. I get some of my ideas from my ‘sleeping imagination’. The new story (fiction) is titled ‘FLEEING HOME, FOR SAFETY SAKE’. My stories are fiction, about a collapse of the ‘system’ in America. I look forward to reading your book!


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