The roadwarri0r’s take on basic economic collapse preparedness

One of my favorite YouTube Channels belongs to theroadwarri0r. Although not active currently he still has some great content. Below is one of his video’s related to Economic Collapse preparation. He discusses the basic items needed to prepare in a simple no-nonsense manner.



Right now theroadwarri0r has over 9,000 subscribers and 75 video’s. Check ’em out.



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8 thoughts on “The roadwarri0r’s take on basic economic collapse preparedness”

  1. theroadwarri0r,

    I was just turned on to you via a friend and this was my first viewing of your work! Excellent style, get’s the point across – good work.

    ArizonaEric – former Army and a prepper by nature.

  2. At PFULMTL,
    While I don’t know if that’s a good price or not, but I am glad to you bought some. I buy some every payday along with other stuff. It takes little room, stores well, can be used to barter, can be eaten many different ways. Being a half breed Hawaiian I am partial to it.

  3. Gosh…after being so poor when we grew up. 2 things I hated the most because we had to eat them all the time. Spam and Potpies. I guess it’s time to start buying or starve 🙁

  4. Medical supplies are vital as well! I put first aid material and medications above silver. Remember this: BEANS, BULLETS & BAND-AIDS. (food and water, guns and ammo, bandages and pills/ointments/liquids. Antibiotics will be worth more than anything when your children have infections!

  5. RW…I liked the video…however, if we are at a point of Bartering, I do not see how useful Silver will be to anyone, thus it’s value for survival… Ammo, yes…. food, water, guns….yes…. but Silver or Gold… I can’t eat it…or drink it…. or use it for medical emergencies…. I do understand some people have given it some sort of value ….but for survival?…. Come on… you can’t plant it to grow more Silver or Gold… so…I don’t understand….please help me understand….

  6. Silver is a barter value placeholder and sweetner. So is booze. If one items value is a bit less than the other, either real or perceived, some booze, some eggs, something of stable value can be enough to even up the values and make the trade happen. Plus, silver does not go bad with time and can not be shot at you. a jar of shine has the dangers of being the heads or tailings.


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