There just might be hope…..

Recently in my efforts to understand the declining quality of humanity – I have not seen much to be positive about. Most people in the United States continue to have their world revolve around “Dancing with the Stars”, “what can I get that makes me look important”, and a total disregard of what should be truly cherished in life. “Patriotism” for many means nothing and is lacking in much of the population. The unity felt by so many after 9/11 is all but gone and a sever deeply divides this country.

But……I just saw a glimmer of hope!

kuI came across a young teenager named Keeleigh S. Utt.  She is proud American who loves this country and like I  is concerned for its future. As part of her description on Twitter she states, “Wake up America, Lady Liberty is crying.” So true.

She not only is making an impact on Twitter but has a blog where she is spreading the truth. On – It’s Time for a Tea Party – she discusses current events and her opinion on a variety of topics.


Here is an excerpt from a recent posting on the problem with illegal immigrants – and children – pouring across our southern border:

 “I hate that people do not realize that children are illegal immigrants. No matter the age, situation, background, status, or characteristics if one comes to America without proper documentation, they are illegal. Everyone. It is unfair to us to allow those who do not in just for who they are. Laws are laws, and they are meant to be followed, no matter who you are. I believe we are losing this mindset as a nation, and we are quickly becoming where we ignore the laws. I think it is sad that our legislation has become pointless. Perhaps if the leaders of our country would follow them, everyone else would fall in line. “


Well said.

Finding her is a glimmer of hope as so many of todays youth are – much like the rest of America – caught up in themselves and cannot fathom the first thought of “country”. I am sure there are more out there. Lord knows we need them.


It is youth like Keeleigh that are the hope for the future.



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21 thoughts on “There just might be hope…..”

  1. Mary, just wondering… which other laws do you think we should ignore? If someone had robbed you – should we ignore that one? What if that person was stealing for their children? I think laws should be enforced or repealed. And the last time I checked, coming across the border without going through the correct process was illegal. That is a recurring problem with whichever administration is in power. They think they know more than the elected representatives who made the law so they shouldn’t have to comply. We’re all in trouble if that continues!

  2. Mary, My ancestors go back a LONG WAY -one even to the Mayflower period. I have known immigrants in my lifetime who came here according to the laws and rules and have worked hard and contributed to continue to make America proud by their hard work and good values.
    The people in Mexico and Central America and other countries need to make their own nations accountable for the corruption. My heart breaks for their poverty and powerlessness but its their responsibility. If we want to help children lets start with our Native Americans
    who were screwed by selfish white people.Lets help US farm children=who cannot afford to stay on the farm.(our adult children included ). In an ideal world peace and justice would reign(Heaven) but here we need to protect the resources we have- water, food, FREEDOM,.
    The world is using us for fools . If the first adults and children were stopped at the borders the rest would NOT have followed. The world is over populated.Read Lester R Browns books -especially Full PLanet-Empty Plates. Gandhi said “There is enough for need but not for greed”
    These children havent been vaccinated nor educated. The people in these countries need to stop having so many children. Mary are you and others going to adopt a few of these children?Mexico wont even return our one Marine who made a wrong turn!!!!! Its time to close our borders and realize that Terrorists will use every opportunity to weaken America that is available. Arlene

  3. @Mary
    Seems that you, like most liberal progressives, have turned the situation upside down. It is those who come here illegally saying “screw you” to all Americans. Their entitlement mindset makes them think that they can steal a place in our society, along with unlawfully claiming benefits that have been worked for by citizens and lawful immigrants. Taking something that belongs to someone else is a whole lot more of a “screw you” attitude than trying to keep what you have. Get real and try to find a clue.

  4. I for one applaud Keeleigh for her willingness to enter the fray, be assured she is far from alone though I wish there were more at her age. We know they exist, we just don’t hear from them or about them till they get older. When they do get older, many like Keeleigh will join the group that today are referred to as “The Reformicons”. Today you may not know who Kate O’Beirne, Yuval Levin, April & Ramesh Ponnuru or the many others who make up this group, but I bet many of them were like Keeleigh when at her age. Course there are also many you MAY have heard of, Arthur Brooks, Lanhee Chen, Tevi Troy, or Ryan Adams. Keeleigh will be in good company should she decide to go in that direction.

  5. I appreciate all the comments so far and the perspectives provided.

    Mary: You provided very little – at least for me – to go on to understand exactly what your perspective is. Are you disagreeing with her politics and beliefs? Are you jealous that she seems to have her act together?

    Possibly you look for the negative in anything you see. Much of America is like that. They try to point out negatives whenever possible as a way to feel better about themselves and appear superior to others.

    Regardless Mary – I think you are off base.

    BTW – my heritage dates back to England and Germany.


  6. There are more people in this great country just like Keeleigh. Their love for this country knows no race, creed, religion or background, they just know that what this country provides is far greater than many others out there. However, when they talk about their love for America, more often than not they get ridiculed, laughed at and shouted down. To me, that is far scarier than the dancing with the stars crown. Who knows? Maybe they are one in the same.

  7. I thank everyone for the kind words, follows, attention and support. Mary, I have done some research and we believe that my family came from Germany. My cousin has records of us coming into America legally. We jumped no borders, swam through no canals. One must remember that we are a nation that must lead the others, we are a world power. We should display a honor code for all those who live and want to live her, and yes, I believe that means following any and all laws we have.

  8. i may not be a legal expert, or even a christian, but even i believe that some laws supercede whatever immigration laws our corrupt and selfish politicians choose to pass. like the golden rule, for example. if your kids were in so much danger that you felt you had to say goodbye to them forever and send them off to a foreign land, would you want someone to care for them? apparently, you would want them to get raped by the coyotes, live in squalor until we send them back, and then resume living in a war zone. if there’s anything about you that someone else might object to, i hope you never need a stranger’s help,

    • teabag –

      Do I blame the parents of other countries for loving their children? Certainly not however WE cannot care for the entire world. We send countless millions of dollars to these same countries whose people have started crossing the southern border. It is not a matter of giving a hand – it is a matter of them being responsible for themselves and creating change in their own country. As a matter of fact the parents are placing their children in harms way by sending them. There are many stories of the Coyotes and other people doing unspeakable atrocities to children and adults along the way. The reality is if the border was not so open and this Administration was enforcing the immigration laws as they are today the numbers crossing the border would only be a fraction of what they are today. Providing an open invitation to those on the other side by not deporting illegals found in this country was a purposeful action that has led to the current situation.

  9. With the self given handle of “teabag”, I think we can assume with a high degree of confidence that this person is another one who has spent little time or effort trying to understand the actual ramifications of our broken immigration system. Not just the causes and effects already studied to the 9th level with always the same end result, but the actual human costs, both to Americans and those coming here illegally. teabag even hinted at it, though briefly and in a glossed over way… because with his/her type, the end justifies the means… always. They don’t care to count the numbers of victims from crime committed by illegals, or the human and drug trafficking made possible by our open boarders. What about the effects on our economy, on the wages of the working poor or on those without a higher education. Clearly those like teabag function out of ignorance or self prescribed stupidity. And we know beyond any doubt that if illegals voted Republican, teabag would be on the reverse side, insisting that our boarders be secured and that our country’s laws be enforced. They habitually divorce themselves from reality, and their ability to reason and use logic gains them only a ride on the short bus…

  10. ROURKE: president obama has deported more illegal aliens than president bush ever did, and he’s even increasing the number of deportations (the white house doesn’t talk this up, presumably for fear of displeasing his base, and the right wing doesn’t for obvious reasons). he is not responsible for the flood of refugees coming over the border. ask yourself this: who are the people who are constantly crowing about the u.s. being the greatest country that’s ever existed? i don’t watch or listen to right-wing tv or radio, but even from the occasional clip i can tell you who is always pounding that message home. i wonder if they watch fox “news” in honduras?

    JOHN GAULT: “teabag” is an old nickname i picked up at work, which has nothing to do with politics. every assumption you made about me based on that is dead wrong. it is truly unfortunate that you wasted so much vitriol on me without checking the facts first. but then, you strike me as someone whose vitriol is not in short supply.

    • teabag –

      Check your facts. The Obama administration changed the method of how they count deportations. They now count any person/vehicle that does not have the correct credentials and turn them around to go back to Mexico as a deportation. This was not done under Bush as that is NOT a deportation. They do not talk up their increase in deportations because it is not true.

      Obama is directly responsible for the crisis at the border due to his actions of NOT deporting illegals. Again – do your research. He relaxed the immigration laws to provide more avenues to keep illegals here. This sent a message to millions that amounted to – “Come on in!!”. If the crystal clear message was “Come here illegally you will be deported” those coming across the border right now would never had come.

      As far as your comment regarding Gault – I have to ask why you bother to come here. Are you simply a troll looking to spread negativity and irritate others and make statements with no basis in facts? Liberals hate logic and facts because they work against them.


  11. Teabag-For many years I have read liberal magazines and conservation magazines- newspapers-talk shows ,tv etc. -Why because I want to glean facts and see the TRUTH as both sides try to slant the truth. President Obama has done much to harm this country that I cherish deeply..We currently have 16 million hungry children in this country-we do not need more of them. When the President went to Texas and DID NOT go to the border- he made a huge statement – to the countries that are sending illegal immigrants.When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island -if they even had a fever or an eye infection that were returned( I know as my husbands great grandfathers sister was one of them.Obama has refused the Gov of Texas’ twice by refusing to send the National Guard to help. In time sadly you will see that history will treat Obama as one of the WORST leaders in our history.
    Are you willing to volunteer at a “detention” center and adopt a few of these children?
    John Gault and Rourke are both very intelligent, caring men-just because you have a differing view doesn’t mean you need to be condescending to them. Arlene

  12. ARLENE: 1. what do you suggest the national guard do if they were sent to the border? i would really be interested in your answer to that question. 2. i can’t adopt those or any children, but if i were physically and financially able, i would be offering to help; i speak spanish and could probably find some way to be helpful. 3. i was “condescending” to mr. gault because he was obnoxious and insulting, and didn’t even bother to find out where i was coming from before attacking me. i wouldn’t let someone do that to me in a face-to-face conversation (and neither would you, i hope), so why should i let it happen online without protest?

  13. teabag, answer me a question if you don’t mind. How do you believe we should take this comment…. your comment… ” apparently, you would want them to get raped by the coyotes, live in squalor until we send them back, and then resume living in a war zone.” Would it be unfair if we thought it “obnoxious and insulting”? An attack by you with very little (if any at all) consideration from where we are coming from? It’s interesting to note that the influx is actually only 20% children….

    I can’t help but notice that you ignored most of my comment (other than the condescending part, yes I admit it). This seems to be a consistent habit throughout your replies (or non replies) to Rourke and Arlene. If anything, it’s suspiciously convenient.

    It’s good to know that you would gladly help handle this mass influx of humanity…. if only you could. But don’t worry. They will receive some care, a lawyer and a court date, which over 80% will not show up for, having already vanished into the well established handling network at work across america. They will end up somewhere, hopefully of their choosing, where they will receive their free medical care (including dental and eye), a housing subsidy including utilities, WIC, food stamp credit card and cash through the TANF program.

    teabag, can we share a bit of brutal honesty? Throughout my life my heart has bled as freely as any toward the needy. The truth is that this influx of 3rd worlders, today, as it has been for many years is not caused by war or political oppression, it is an escape from poverty. And it’s clear that poverty in this country is a considerable step up from the poverty in most other countries.

    Shouldn’t we just tear-down all the fences and invite everyone in, come one, come all… what could possibly go wrong…. helping the needy?

  14. Arlene, Rourke, it does not escape me when someone attempts to cover my backside. Whether I deserve the effort or not…. I appreciate it…..

  15. John and Rourke-you both are fine men and exc. contributors to our blog. My suggestion is that whenever someone comes through that is too derogatory I will just ignore them. The sound of one hand clapping…. Arlene


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