The winners are……….

Super tough choice to make selecting the winners of the most recent ModernSurvivalOnline Guest Post Preparedness Writing Contest.

Many great entries were sent in and I literally could have selected another 3 articles to win and would have been fine with it. Regardless – after much thought……here are the winners:


#1   How to make injectable lidocaine. by RalphP.



#2. D. wrote several excellent articles, including the continued multi-part series

The Un-Thought of………


#3. Disposal of Human Corpses Part I and II.    by Harry


As a reminder – here are the prizes that are being rewarded:

First Place winner will receive:



Second Place will receive:



Third Place will receive:



Winners – If you haven’t heard from me yet – please forward your shipping information.


Congrat’s to all the winners and thank you to all those that sent entries in. An announcement  is forthcoming on the April-May Edition of the Preparedness Writing Contest. 

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  1. Good luck getting your magazines for the Ruger 10/22. They charged my credit card but they don’t have the mags to ship. Perhaps they might treat a prize winner better.

  2. Once again…thanks to all who participated…posts and comments, on all of the articles that i submitted. I guess I will have to keep writing, that deadwood stove keeps eluding me:) D.

  3. Of all the sites I visit, this one is the best. I always heard that if you want to learn something new, give a class or presentation on it. Want to be considered an expert? Publish a book. All the contributors should get an award! Except for the guy who tried to sell me some dairy chickens…

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