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Author: Matthew D. Goebel, Disabled Veteran, Retired US Marshal, Patriot &  Survivor.
I believe the most important necessity needed to survive any disaster or breakdown in the WILL to survive.  I know this because I’ve faced death and the total destruction of what I understood as ‘my life’ and lived to talk about it.  Bullets, Food, Fire, Shelter, Income, Safety and Security, or what we perceive we need to live can change in a heartbeat.  
The day I turned in my x-wife for sleeping with one of her underage students from a special needs school in New Jersey…My Will to Survive was tested…and tormented.  I lost my home, job, car, kids, retirement, and sanity.  I became bankrupt, jobless, homeless and began my journey of couch surfing. I married and divorced a third wife that tried to have me arrested after a PTSD moment..and me and my two wolf dogs, living out of my SUV… I traveled from NJ, and lived in national parks and couches in several states, WY, CO, KS, OH, PA and Virginia.  I lost 33 lbs and went without and medical care or meds, no guns, just a knife.  

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I wandered through mountains, deserts, forests, and did a lot of soul searching.  The ONLY thing that kept me alive was the love and admiration of my dogs.  THIS IS A KEY component to survival of man.  Without a dog primitive man could not be warned of danger, assisted in hunting, sleep with assurance, herd sheep, etc.  I fed off their resilience and they fed off my praise.  My Will to keep them alive honed my survival instinct and determination not to perish from this disaster.  After a series of horrible relationships I relied on my wolf dogs to choose who I would trust.  This led me to a strong relationship…the best ever.  

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I worked out and marketed myself with renewed strength and confidence which led to solid employment. Now I work with the Marines in Afghanistan because I have no fear, literally my Will has turned to hope and fortitude to not just survive but thrive. With my good pay I am recouping everything I lost and realized my new lifestyle as a Prepper…because disaster comes in many forms, BUT with strong WILL and a good Dog I believe we can make it through the hardest of times, like primitive man did, with ‘Pack’ mentality…leading and sacrificing to optimize survival.  How many times have we tried to kill off wolves and they continue to survive? How many dogs have rescued children or fought off an armed enemy to the death to protect its master?  The Relationship between Dog and Man and the WILL to Survive is the strongest of bonds and cannot be broken. 

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4 thoughts on “THE WILL TO SURVIVE”

  1. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” sums it up pretty good. I wholeheartedly agree. Without the will to live and survive, you’re just biding your time. Most people have become so dependent on others and things, and ensconced in modern technology, that they will be in for a very rude awakening – everyone’s will, including my own, will be tested, and I fear that test is on the horizon. Preparing yourself now, will minimize your coming struggles and increase your chance of passing the ultimate test ahead. Bury your head in the sand, and you will find yourself and your loved ones wanting – or worse.

  2. The bond between a man and his dog(s) is truly strong. Years ago I was dating a young lady that apparently did not understand this. At the time, I had a beautiful pair of beagles. We were devoted to each other. They slept on a pallet next to my side of the bed. They had a “doggie door” in the utility room and came and went as they chose. One night the young lady was at my house. We had finished eating and went to sit on the couch to watch TV. The female beagle jumped onto the couch between us, backed up to me, turned to the young lady and bared her teeth. The young lady told me “when we get married those dogs are going to go”. Ha, ha. I told her the dogs were here before she was and would be there after she was gone. That was our last date. She later married someone I knew and his life was misery.
    Think what you will, but listen to your dogs. They sense things that you can’t.


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