The Walking Dead Season 2 coming soon…..

The Walking Dead was a huge hit earlier this year with the prepper-crowd as well as many others. I can’t think of an apocalyptic event much worse than a full fledged zombie outbreak.

Zombies……..they really irritate me.

What doesn’t irritate me is the fact that on Sunday October 16th The Walking Dead Season 2 will premiere.

Here is the trailer:

Can’t wait…..


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  1. I rented the 1st season from blockbuster by mail. I stayed up late one weekend to watch all of it. I was hooked. A good intense show and very different from anything else out there.

  2. “Grave-Robbing”.. just food for thought:

    While I consider ‘Dead Zeds” to be a lot lower on the real danger-scale than “the ghost-planet Nibiru” or “The Mayans didn’t just run out of stone slabs and say ‘permanent xocolatl break time, boys’.”, there are still a lot of
    possibilities that could fill the roads with dead vehicles and, possibly, dead humans. The new tv series brings up some tough questions. I figure I would have no issue siphoning gasoline and acquiring abandoned gear.

    Still thinking about picking some dead-guy’s pockets, though … It could become necessary, but NO fun.

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