The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide giveaway

bookcoverThe Hunger Games is one of the most popular movies of all times. Of particular note – many of those interested in preparedness liked the movie as most of it dealt with people trying to survive a “game” of survival in the wilderness. People used strategy, unique skills, and the forest around them to last as long as possible as they killed each other. Check the movie out of you have not seen it.

Creek Stewart of fame has written one of the most unique survival books I have ever read. Basically, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is a survival manual written with The Hunger Games in mind. Throughout the book Creek references characters, events and locations within the movie. Even some of the specific skills from the movie are shown and instructions are given.

One small example from the book is where water purification and filtration is discussed. Modern techniques such as Katadyn filters are mentioned – but also more primitive methods. In the movie the main character – Katniss – uses rocks that have been heated by the sun to warm a bowl of soup. Creek talks about how water can be boiled by taking small rocks that have been sitting in a fire or on coals, and dropping them directly in the water.

This book is a really interesting read. You do not need to be a Hunger Game fan to like the book – but it helps.


Here are a few questions Creek answered regarding his new book:

Q: What is The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide?
A: At the end of the day, The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is a primitive survival
skills book. These are real life skills for real life survival scenarios. The Hunger Games theme is just a
bonus. For Hunger Games fans, this book brings the survival skills mentioned in that book series to life.
Q: Have you seen an increased interest from teens in survival skills over the past few years?
A: Absolutely! Many of my students at Willow Haven are teens whose first dose of survival was from
The Hunger Games book series. This is what sparked the idea to write the book. I even host an
Unofficial Hunger Games Survival Course where I teach ONLY the skills mentioned in that series and
it’s full every time.
Q: What are your favorite survival skills mentioned in The Hunger Games book series that you
teach in your new book?
A: I love primitive traps and snares so it’s been a lot of fun bringing Gale’s famous Twitch-Up snare to
life. And, I’ve enjoyed perfecting Peeta’s natural camouflage techniques. I even teach how to make a
primitive bow and arrow similar to what Katniss might use.
Q: What’s a skill that you teach in The Unofficial Hunger Gamer Wilderness Survival Guide that
might surprise us?
A: I show readers how to make a wooden container using hot coals from a fire and then boil water in it
using hot rocks. That’s about as primitive as it gets when it comes to purifying water.
Q: Is your new book just for young adults and Hunger Games fans?
A: Absolutely not. No matter what your age, if you like survival skills you will enjoy this book. And,
reading The Hunger Games book series is not a prerequisite. This is a great survival skills book even if
you’ve never heard of The Hunger Games.
Q: Have you always been a fan of survival fiction books?
A: Heck yes, since I was a little boy. My Side of the Mountain and HATCHET are two of my favorite
books of all time. I can’t believe that 25 later I’m now teaching survival skills to people from all over the
world. I’ve also just finished my first survival fiction novel titled RUGOSA. It’s everything I ever
wanted to read myself in a survival fiction book. It’s the story of a boy who takes a treacherous 400 mile
journey to save the one girl he can’t survive without.


blog-review-give-away-packageTo celebrate the release of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide – Creek sent me two Unoffical Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guides Gift Packs. 

These Gift Packs contain a Willow Haven Outdoor Logo Sling Pack, a 100% cotton Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Bandanna and a Multi-Fuctional Survival Tool with built in lanyard, compass, ferro rod, whistle and water-proof container for storing matches other survival kit items – and an autographed copy of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.


Want a chance to win one of the packs? No problem! Just leave a comment to this post as to the one wilderness survival skill you would like to learn how to do.


That’s it! In three days I will select two winners.

Good luck all – 


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36 thoughts on “The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide giveaway”

  1. If/when the SHTF, whether it be through means of government tyranny/martial law or heavy-handed response to natural disaster, a hard copy of this would prove indispensable.

  2. I haven’t thought about “My side of the Mountain” in decades! I have to get that book and read it again. It was such a favorite of mine as a boy. Thanks for posting.

  3. Would love to learn how to do wilderness survival and how to make fire the old ways…this book would be a great start in those areas for me….Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway ….

  4. I would like to learn how to consistently make fire with a bow drill, and learn how to make a primitive longbow. I feel both skills could come in handy.

  5. For me it’s learning snares. I need to catch some of the squirrels who are getting in my garden. Thanks for this opportunity.

  6. I would like to know how to build an oven out of stones and/or mud. Maybe loose bricks (plenty are used to edge landscaping in my area).

    A little corm ground up into meal, wild bird eggs, salt, and wild onions, and then I should have some edible corn bread MAYBE? Got to have some bread with my venison stew. No matter what happens, I will be trying to feed my family good meals.

  7. Just getting interested, so learning about making fire seems to be a good start! Seems this book would be interesting and fun to read.

  8. How to recover and repair a severed Femoral artery. Failing that, Primtive bread baking.
    Regards, D.

  9. Primitive bow crafting and snares would be my choice. This sounds like a great read !

  10. I live in North Georgia just an hour from where they filmed the sequel to “The Huger Games”. They filmed the movie near Amicloa Falls State Park, which is a very scenic part of our state. One of wilderness survival skill I would like to learn would be navigation in the wilderness. Hopefully, this book covers this area. I know my youngest daughter will enjoy reading the book.

  11. Making a fire with a bow.question is since I live in Central Florida i would like to know what kind of wood to use to make a fire.Oak is to hard and pine splits.Also navigation by the stars.

  12. I think SERE training would be good to learn. Any skills would be good to learn, upgrade or practice especially if you had to lead a group of people in a survival situation.

    Thanks for the contest. I appreciated reading your testimony after Easter. Keep pressing on and learn to fight the good the fight!
    GRACE to you,
    (Romans 15:13; 2 Peter 3:18; Psalm 21:6; 1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

  13. My 14 year old son is very excited about a hiking trip he is going to be taking with my prepper husband – it was my sons request to go – he wants to get up into the woods (about a 5 mile hike) and set up a shelter without a tent (tarps only) and use freezedried food and water filters to drink from the lake – I would LOVE to give this book to him as a “coming of age” before they head out.

  14. love to learn how to privide in the wild for 3 months by myself. would be great to do some like that.but iam 69 years old an in poor health so i guess i never will do.

  15. i would like to learn more about the cammo information. this is something i think might become handy when shtf.

  16. I live with three teens, so Hunger Games is much loved in my household. The one skill that I am most interested in (may not be covered in the Survival book) is wild edible plants.

  17. When I was a kid I wasn’t very good at the Boyscout thing & having only a single mother to raise me, I didn’t get to involved (ie) as most went to pay rent and other more important aspect’s of urban survival-growing up !
    I would really like to learn how to trapping with snares & hunting with bows. As anyone knows anybody can shoot a gun/Rifle & Kill something or someone for that matter, but hunting with snares & a BOW that is a skill worth learning for an Intellectual city dweller like myself.

  18. Hey Bridget with 3 teens there are several books for sale on wild edible plants on + in the 1970’s version of the Boy Scout maual they had a section on Edible plants found along river’s & Creeks,It was one of my merit badge’s that I got before having to drop out due to lack of funds.

  19. I have not seen the movie yet, but hope to soon. I’m a grandpa, and am trying to get my son and grandsons to understand the need for prepping. I plan on using this book as a fun way (game like) to immerse my family into learning survival skills.

  20. I would like to learn how to make the fish/frog gig in the picture. Also primitive fishing methods!

  21. I wood love to improve my skills at procuring food. Snares/traps, primitive hunting, and mostly finding wild edibles in my area.

  22. I’m intrigued in learning about making the wooden container to boil water in that is mentioned in the question and answer script… I think knowing a skill like that could be useful in making other kitchen / mess kit utensils as well as making containers to store bait and scent lures used for snares… I think making something like that could apply to making a bow by capturing the steam from the boiling water to bend / shape a stave. A very interesting and useful skill to learn indeed… Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  23. The need for basic/primal survival skills are largely overlooked. Too many rely on gadgets…but those gadgets likely won’t always be there…then what? More people should know these skills, at least the basics…learn ’em now or learn ’em later, the hard way. Two areas I still need to build on are natural medicines and tracking (tracking evasion). Great website, keep spreading the survival message!

  24. I really need this . Since it’s Hunger Games it might just get my 15 year old daughter and of course her BFF’s interested in some of the things Dad knows.Yeah not holding my breath.

  25. The skills I am most interested in learning would be foraging for food in a survival situation. I go for hikes in the mountains, and I am not always prepared for the worst case scenario, so it would be great to have some new skills to aide in such a situation.

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