The ultimate survivalist……

We humans like to think of ourselves as the epitome of evolution – the supreme being on the face of the planet. We have conquered and inhabited the four corners of this planet and have ruled over all other species to the point that some have gone extinct. Man continues to dominate Earth – however, man is not the ultimate survivalist.

I believe that distinction goes to the cockroach. Yes…..I believe the cockroach is the ultimate survivalist.

The cockroach can live for a month without food and a week without water. It is famous for its ability to resist radiation to such a level that many believe that if there were a full scale worldwide nuclear war – that the cockroach may be the only survivor. The cockroach can actually remain alive for a week…..with no head at all. Ever try that?

Cockroaches are very durable. They can swim and remain alive underwater for up to 40 minutes. They can also live in very cold temperatures  – especially if they can be gradually exposed to it. Ever try to live where it is 32 degrees? With no clothes? These little creatures can literally eat just about anything – including human hair.

Cockroaches wear their skeleton on the outside of their body – like armor. They are tough.

So – what does all this mean?

How am I supposed to know….. I just write a blog? Guess it will give you something to think about the next time a cockroach doesn’t survive the bottom of your shoe.






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  1. I agree that cockroaches can survive nearly everything but the Mythbusters did a show testing this very myth and found that both fruit flies and flourbeetles outlived cockroaches when exposed to an enormous number of rads. See the video here: In all other circumstances, however, cockroaches WILL probably inherit the earth.

  2. Roaches, ugh. Resilient little things. When the population is under duress they can reproduce faster. And if they run out of food they eat each other. Made them a real pain to keep down. Even stepping on them doesn’t always immediately kill them.

    While I personally don’t believe that they will come to inherit our planet I’m sure they’d be a serious contender if given the chance.

  3. WIth out humans the cockroach would die off in areas where it gets below freezing . How about cats they live all over the world and are such successful hunters that the sleep an average 18 hours a day. Even we can’t do that.

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