The Transgender Agenda – Tyranny in Disguise

transgender man

by Isabella

On first glance, it may seem easy to believe that the transgender movement is about freedom. We live in America, right? And in America, people should be free to live and express themselves as they please. If someone wants to live their lives as the opposite sex, so be it.

But anything longer than a first glance to any American, will show the agenda goes far, far beyond this. Even proponents of the transgender agenda hardly stop at freedom and generally whiz right on by to acceptance, tolerance, respect. They don’t really want freedom from transgender individuals. They want the rest of the world to believe exactly as they do.

The trouble is, exactly what the avid proponents of transgenderism believe is that humans can traverse gender as they choose or feel. This is, of course, when it gets down to it, patently false.

With the exception of a very miniscule portion of the population who experience a physical deformity called hermaphroditism, pretty much every human on earth has a gender which is determined by their genes from very early infancy in the womb (and yes, babies in the womb are also human, but that’s another topic for another day).

Gender is not fluid, and when a person has plastic surgery, takes hormone-blocking drugs, and wears the typical attire of the opposite sex, they do not, at any point in time, become the opposite sex, unless we are all in agreement that we are pretending.

The scary thing about the transgender agenda lately is that they don’t seem to be pretending. They seem to genuinely believe that gender is malleable, and, even worse, that anyone who disagrees is a hateful bigot. Us hateful bigots are quickly being pushed to the outskirts of society as the delusion takes hold of our whole country.

The National Delusion

Take the very recent example of an elementary school principal in Massachusetts who decided that he wanted to live as a woman. He wrote a letter to the parents of his young students, explaining that his gender confusion had haunted him his whole life, and that he was now publicly announcing his transgenderism and would slowly, in front of the young children over whom he was responsible, be transitioning to live as a woman.

That’s pretty crazy, for sure, but we’re getting used to this by now.

What’s really insane, is how the press wrote about this man.

The Principal’s name is Tom Daniels, who will now be using the name “Shannon.”

This person who would like to be called Shannon Daniels, like, last week, when he claimed he was a she. He’s a man. He looks like a man, talks like a man, walks like a man, and clearly is a man.

But because he woke up one day and decided to announce to his K-6th grade students that he was a she, despite the fact that every sensible bone in your body will tell you he is most definitely a he, we’re calling him “she” now.

And by “we”, I mean the mainstream media. This is a quote from a USA Today article on the Principal’s decision to come out as transgender, which is titled Massachusetts elementary school principal announces she is transgender:

A Massachusetts elementary school principal has announced that she is transgender, telling her school community in a letter she has “never felt completely happy or at peace.”

Shannon Daniels, previously known as Tom, is the principal at the Stanley Elementary School in Swampscott, a prosperous town northeast of Boston.

“I got to the point that I thought I would never be able to reveal my true self,” she said in the letter. “Frankly, the prospect of doing so was terrifying. … That has changed.”

In the letter, 52-year-old Daniels, who transitioned from her gender assigned at birth (male), said she identifies as both male and female. She now plans to present herself as female and use her middle name, Shannon, as her first name.

“Transitioned from her gender assigned at birth (male)”?! Gender isn’t assigned at birth, it’s clearly apparent in the physical features of the baby. This observation would be easily backed up by a quick glance at the chromosome of any one of the baby’s cells. He wasn’t “assigned” the gender of male, he is a male.

Tyrannical Transgenderism

There is a book that is often used as a benchmark for what tyranny looks like. It is 1984 by George Orwell, and ever since it was first published in 1948, it has constantly been referenced to indicate when society is dangerously flirting with the type of totalitarian mind control exhibited in the oppressive fictional government of Orwell’s imaginings.

One of the most notable themes of the book is the patriotic language that Big Brother’s government of Oceania uses to describe their war efforts abroad. At one point, their military alliance with Eastasia dissolves and they go to war with them instead.

However, the announcement comes as if it has always been fact, and they subsequently rewrite history accordingly, announcing to their citizens through the ubiquitous telescreens and propaganda that “Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

Principal Daniels is a woman. She has always been a woman.

This is not an isolated incident. Slowly, over the past decade, the transgender agenda, supported enthusiastically by the leftist media and even the enthusiastic defenders of political correctness in Washington, have changed our national conversation about transgenderism so that any language that falls outside of their carefully constructed delusion is considered “thought crime”, which was a heinous offence in Oceana.

It’s not enough that we treat transgender people with respect and try to work together as a nation to address their trials and challenges with compassion. No, that’s not what they want. They want us all to pretend their delusion is reality.

This is, at its core, tyranny, and it sets a terrifying precedence for those who choose to speak truth that transgenderism is a mental illness and ought to, for the sake of the people afflicted with it most of all, be treated as such.

Writer Stella Morabito of The Federalist agrees, and wrote back in 2014 that: “The transgender movement has strong totalitarian overtones that Americans (especially certain senators) don’t fully understand. How else to describe a crusade with such far-reaching consequences for First Amendment rights?”

“The legal destruction of gender distinctions will inevitably dissolve family autonomy, thereby uprooting freedom of association. Free expression becomes “hate speech” if one doesn’t fall into line with the directives of the transgender lobby or its pronoun protocol. Freedom of religion takes a direct hit any way you look at it.”

The transgender agenda strikes at the core of the invaluable liberty we enjoy in this great nation, and it is vitally important that we recognize it as such before it is too late.

Thinkpol – The Thought Police of America

One of the most chilling features of the novel 1984 is the concept of “thoughtcrime” which is enforced by “thinkpol”, or, literally, the thought police. In our own little version of Oceania here in the US, laws are being formed to literally ban acknowledging the reality of one’s gender.

In California, a bill was passed in October which dictated that caretakers of elderly people who did not use their “preferred pronoun” would face fines and even jail time.

Fox News reported:

Among the unlawful actions are “willfully and repeatedly” failing to use a transgender person’s “preferred name or pronouns” after he or she is “clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.”

The law states that if provisions are violated, the violator could be punished by a fine “not to exceed one thousand dollars” or “by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed one year,” or both.

Morabito describes a bill, Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that passed in 2014 that on the surface appears to be a simple non-discrimination bill for employers, but in reality, sets a noteworthy precedence about gender:

The [ENDA] is based on the assumption that one’s perceived “gender identity” does not always “match” your sex “assigned” or “designated” at birth. So, the thinking goes, the law should allow a more ambiguous array of gender identities: male, female, both, neither, or something else entirely. It’s not an overstatement to say that tENDA is a huge step, mostly under the radar, to codify a new definition of humanity.

A 2016 law passed in New York would also make incorrect pronoun usage punishable by fines up to $250,000.

The NYCHRL [New York City Human Rights Law] requires employers[, landlords, and all businesses and professionals] to use an [employee’s, tenant’s, customer’s, or client’s] preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.

Most individuals and many transgender people use female or male pronouns and titles. Some transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir. [Footnote: Ze and hir are popular gender-free pronouns preferred by some transgender and/or gender non-conforming individuals.]

Look at this language–it’s insane! These are made-up words used by people who are simply in denial about the biological reality of their body.

It is one thing to strongly feel you would be more fulfilled in life if you lived as the opposite sex, and to expect the government to write laws to protect you from discrimination or violent crime. But to demand everyone use made-up pronouns to refer to you in casual speech when you make an exerted effort to make your gender difficult to determine because you want to pretend you don’t “conform” to “gender norms”?

These are blatant violations of free speech that essentially set legal traps for anyone who dares go against the forced cultural norm that gender is fluid and we have to go along with whatever anyone says that they are.

Think of the reality these laws create: if we can pretend a person who is clearly a man, like Principal Daniels, is, in fact, a woman, and we can’t question anyone’s preferred gender pronoun, what does this mean for a big, burly man who walks into a woman’s room and cannot be asked to leave because he simply says he is a woman?

This is a scenario opponents of transgender bathroom initiatives have been proposing for a few years now, and it only becomes more and more realistic as time goes on, and other dangerous laws are passed.

Blackwhite-Denying Reality

Another noteworthy concept in the oppressive Oceana government contained in the pages of 1984 is that of “blackwhite”, the idea that one can eventually fully convince themselves that black is white, or, in an example that is most useful for our discussion, that a man can be a woman or that a person can have no gender at all.

This is a tried-and-true method for the transgender agenda, and, as you can see from the news coverage of Principal Daniels, it’s working. It doesn’t matter how obvious one’s biological gender is, the left is determined to completely deny reality.

Take for example a recent case in the UK. A woman, Christie Elan-Cane, who identifies as “gender non-conforming” or something to that effect, has been working her way through UK’s court system on a quest to obtain gender-neutral passports.

The Guardian reports:

“Legitimate identity is a fundamental human right but non-gendered people are often treated as though we have no rights,” Elan-Cane said. “The UK’s passport application process requires applicants to declare whether they are male or female. It is inappropriate and wrong that someone who defines as neither should be forced to make that declaration.’’

Elan-Cane, who was born a woman but began transitioning after surgery, believes individuals should be given more than the binary choice of being a man or a woman.

Notice the blatant denial of reality. First, in Elan-Cane’s language, as she clearly believes she is without gender, when her biology would dictate otherwise. Second, notice the journalist’s choice of words “was born a woman but began transitioning,” fully believing this woman can traverse her biological gender. Furthermore, he goes on to repeat Elan-Cane’s belief that “individuals should be given more than the binary choice” of being male or female.

That’s just it–biology dictates whether you are male or female, not the government. But when the government starts dictating whether one is male or female…that is when we have entered into the realm of blackwhite.


The Family and the Thought Police

In 1984, Orwell describes the family structure in the oppressive regime of Oceana:

“[The children] were systematically turned against their parents and taught to spy on them and report their deviations. The family has become in effect and extension of the Thought Police.” (Orwell, 1984, p. 133)

The children in our new transgender regime are in fact being targeted, and the result of their new brainwashing at school is being used to prosecute their parents.

The schools are rife with the transgender agenda, teaching children as young as Kindergarten that gender is fluid. One horror story from last year involved a Kindergarten “transition ceremony” about which the parents of other students were not informed.

The 5-year-olds went home crying and worried they would turn into the other sex, but the school stood by the teacher’s decision to read books about transgender TV child star, Jazz Jennings, and then change a little boy’s clothes in the bathroom to present him anew to the little ones as a girl. One pediatric expert called this bizarre display “traumatic” for the poor children involved.

In Ohio, a confused and clearly psychologically ill teenager who believes she is a boy is currently facing emancipation from her parents because they refuse to let her transition.

Despite the fact that the drugs and surgery she wants would alter her life forever and she is only seventeen years old, a judge will soon decide if the parent’s authority still stands simply because they would prefer their daughter seek counseling rather than the extreme surgery the nearby cutting-edge Children’s Hospital Transgender Clinic wants to perform on her.

In Canada last year, it’s even worse. The province of Ontario recently passed a law that would remove children from the home of parents who do not support their desire to “transition”.

So as our schools brainwash our kids into thinking it’s perfectly possible to change gender at will, the government tells these kids if their parents don’t approve of life-altering surgery or hormone-blocking drugs, they can just go live with another family if they choose.

Robbing Us of Our Humanity

In Morabito’s sobering article on the transgender agenda, she poses the question, why should we care?

“Because erasing gender distinctions, especially as they apply to childbearing and rearing, would serve to legally un-define what it means to be human,” she answers. “A new legal definition of human—as neither male nor female—would apply to you whether you like it or not. Already, there is social pressure for everyone to comply with the gender theory notion that biological facts are mere ‘social constructs.’”

At the end of the day, this is truly what is frightening about the pressure the transgender agenda has applied to American citizens. They have successfully redefined humanity itself, and if they can do that, they can do anything.

Once it becomes illegal to speak the truth about gender, which it already has, it means that a lie is being enforced at the end of a gun. In America, our Constitution recognizes that our rights are not given to us by the government, but by God. And God created humans male and female. By attempting to erase this important distinction of individual humans, the heart of liberty itself has been struck.

We must fight back before it is gone completely.


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  1. Really good article , needs to be said by a LOT more people. Thank you for being brave enough to make statements that ought to be glaringly obvious, but now (unfortunately) people shy away from. Why do most people seem to accept this obviously morally wrong brainwashing. Nobody can be gender neutral! And parents don’t “assign” your gender at birth. You’re (in most cases) obviously male or female at birth and nothing is ever going to change that. It grieves me that here in the UK, children as young as 10yrs old are (without parental permission), being questioned in school as to whether or not they are happy with their assigned gender! If they’re not then the inspectors /social services /school will help them to start the process of transitioning. Over the centuries how many little girls wanted to be boys and emulate their brothers –when they were children, or boys , not being afraid as small children to play with their sisters and their dolls–when they were children. But when puberty arrives then they change any ideas of wanting to BE the other gender and decide they want to be WITH the other. I am female. Between the ages of about 5 to 13 if I had been asked if I was happy about being a girl, I would have said a definate “no”. If I had been encouraged by my family and school to start “transitioning” to become a boy I would have been really pleased and happy to do that. By the time I was about 14/15 yrs old –I was really glad to be a girl and very happy to be recognised as such by the boys! As a child one knows nothing of life and it is imperative that children should be allowed to be children and not be forced into having to make long lasting decisions about their sexuality or gender. Parents and teachers have a duty of care to children and that means not brainwashing or corrupting their innocent young minds. Can humanity get much worse?

  2. Reminds me of the fable “The Emperor’s Clothing.” Even if everyone pretends that the emperor is not naked it does change fact that the emperor is, in fact, naked.

  3. I don’t see what this has to do with prepping. I know several individuals who have or are in the process of gender reassignment and they have never felt that they were actually the gender they were born with. I believe it is a personal choice that one can make WHEN THEY HAVE REACHED LEGAL AGE. That being said, I don’t believe that young children should be asked whether they feel that they are the correct gender because they are still growing and learning and becoming. I also don’t agree with the actions of the principal, his sexuality is nothing to discuss with the children in his school. If a female teacher had breast augmentation she surely wouldn’t broadcast it to the whole school! The states that are imposing laws(fines and jail time) for using the incorrect gender pronouns obviously need to focus on real crimes. Yes we should address people the way they want to be addressed, but as a woman with very short hair, I’ve been called sir or he on occasion and don’t need to fine someone for it. How many doctors have been called Mr. instead of Dr?
    That being said, I don’t believe that this has much bearing on prepping issues. I usually enjoy the content on your site, but it kind of seems like you got on a political soap box about this. Just saying

    • As I explained to someone on Facebook, this site has had political content since 2012. If you don’t like an article or a category of article, feel free to skip them.

  4. Sex is biological. Gender is a social construction. The two are not interchangeable. While sex is assigned at birth, gender is learned. I think a lot confusion arises from this.

    For example, the person in the UK fighting the system to have a gender neutral passport shouldn’t even be an issue. My passport doesn’t state gender, it states my sex.

    There is an issue of being politically correct in most western countries. I believe some people are too sensitive. If being pc infringes on one’s right to free speech but doesn’t infringe on another’s rights, then it shouldn’t be up to the government to have any influence in the matter, whether that government is local or national. However, if one is using their right of free speech to spread hatred or incite violence, that definitely infringes on another’s right.

    We are all entitled to have our own opinions about things, and I respect the author’s, however they make some pretty big leaps in effort to make the connections between transgenderism and totalitarianism and tyranny. Something to think about when we talk about politics and/or society is that they are based on culture, and culture is a very fluid thing. Culture is always changing. We may not always agree with the ways culture is changing, but we should be able to adapt to the changes. If the author is correct in her connections, then hopefully we’re prepared enough to get off the grid and avoid the totalitarian government.

    At any rate, as a democratic socialist, Orwell would most likely have been on the side of the transgender people.

  5. I like to think of myself as a liberal person, not at all politically biased, or religiously driven but I like to think that I know what is right and what is wrong without being told or (mis)guided. It goes without saying that people have different beliefs and viewpoints, that is the way of the world and the very fabric of our society, and having tolerance for those that are different to yourself, is now seemingly not good enough. Worse still, if you use the word ‘tolerance’ it now makes you into some kind of subverted bigot instead of someone who is open to difference!

    Great thought provoking article, we need more eye opening ones like it!

  6. When you disagree with transgenderism, you’re often called a “bigot” or a “Nazi.” But, consider what is said about that in “The Origins of Totalitarianism”:

    “Just as terror, even in its pre-total, merely tyrannical form ruins all relationships between men, so the self-compulsion of ideological thinking ruins all relationships with reality. The preparation has succeeded when people have lost contact with their fellow men as well as the reality around them; for together with these contacts, men lose the capacity of both experience and thought. The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist.”

    Transgenderism has lost all contact with reality. It uses no standards for labeling. Someone is “male” because they feel like it, someone is “female” because they feel like it, they label an opponent as a “Nazi” because they feel like it. These words lose any relationship with objective reality. So, not only do the terms: girl, boy, man, woman, female, and male, lose all meaning when used by them, so do the insults “bigot” and “Nazi.” There is nothing about defining the terms “man,” “woman,” etc. on the basis of biology that has anything to do with Nazis. It’s also not bigoted (not any more than any other objective fact is “bigotry”).

    At the same time that the movement is intolerable and it’s understandable why any rational person would want it over and done with, it’s ultimately unsustainable. (Meaning, it’s unlikely that it will persist en masse for very long, anyway.) These people are cutting off the branch they’re sitting on. Even people who get plastic surgery for non-gender-related reasons are more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Rejecting your body — the very fiber of your being — has serious consequences. Even if every person in the entire world accepts transgender people, they ultimately still don’t accept themselves — that’s what transgenderism is. It’s an identity based on the rejection of one’s own being. It’s not something that can persist. A person can’t live like that. Rejecting your own being is antithetical to life itself. Hopefully, they’ll find this out before this generation loses any more children to this nonsense.

    I appreciate the author taking the time to point out some of the issues with this ideology. The comparisons to Orwell’s “1984” are not only suitable, but a welcome relief amidst the anti-intellectualism which is rampant these days.

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