“The Survivalist” is back?

I don’t get on Facebook all that much. I recently visited The Survivalist Group Page and saw that Jerry Ahern and his wife are bringing back the super popular classic action-book series The Survivalist.

I know that there are many fans of the book series as well as Jerry – so I had to let everyone know.

Here is what he said……..“Sharon and I are planning on bringing back THE SURVIVALIST with an all new storyline, picking up right after the last book ended.”

The Survivalist was published in the 80’s and early 90’s. 27 books were released as well as 2 novels.

I was honored to interview author Jerry Ahern many months ago – check it out HERE.

I can’t wait!!!


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  1. What have I missed? Florida sank into the ocean, he really torqued off his wife when he blew off a dozen or so birthdays, he and his buddy already killed every poor shmuck with a different opinion…. and he still has that cool hide out with a million pairs of jeans and boots and enough ammo for another couple hundred years. Question… Does his chopper still run?

    Sorry Sir! Those books came out when I hadn’t learned to type…. didn’t have a PC then. Mayhaps in my elder years I have become mellowed…jaded some. I hope Jerry and his Wife have mellowed somewhat also. When it hits the rack, I wanna see how he comes back to the whole story line. The last time I migrated from.. the left.. West coast to the heart land I left the whole stack of paper back behind. I kept them till they started to fall apart. The series is a good…. long….. adventrue which is lacking as Mr. Johnstone killed off Ben Raines a few years ago.

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