The Survivalist #30: Inheritors of the Earth…..just released

I just found out that a new edition of The Survivalist has been released – starting all new adventures for John Rourke (my childhood hero). The Survivalist #30 is now available on Amazon in paperback form. I have ordered my copy and cannot wait until it arrives.


Here is some information on it from

 Book #30 in THE SURVIVALIST series is finally out!  THE INHERITORS OF EARTH has been a long and complicated journey for Bob Anderson and me; he as an avid reader of the series with lots of ideas concerning the continuing saga and me as the original co-creator now left in the position of deciding how Jerry would feel about the decisions made with our characters. This part of the series is based on a long term plan of action Jerry and I came up with quite some time ago so, Bob and I know where we’re going, it’s just all in the getting there. 

            This book is for those of you who have realized that perhaps some issues were not fully resolved in the series. This is also for those who read the last installment and were not satisfied that John Rourke seemed to be doomed to a new life, consumed with growing old and star gazing.  THE INHERITORS OF EARTH is especially for all the loyal fans and friends who cared for the Rourke family and for the Aherns as well.

            As Jerry would have said, “God bless you all.”


For more information – check it out HERE.

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3 thoughts on “The Survivalist #30: Inheritors of the Earth…..just released”

  1. Well, I am VERY HAPPY for you! I know how much Ahern meant to you and acknowledge that without The Survivalist, we would not be joined together in our mission today. I hope the book fulfills your expectations.

  2. I’ve always wondered why the authors/publishers don’t require the cover artist to read the manuscript first. At least then they may actually depict the character wearing the gear and carrying the weapons described in the book. John Rourke typically carries Detonics Combat Master .45 pistols in Alessi shoulder holsters. Not something shoved into his pants. Oh well, good read anyway.

  3. Arrrgh!! Guess I’ll be getting it also – I’ll rather spend the money on that than a Rawles book. I’ve always wondered why it seemed to end so suddenly. I have every copy, even the one that had been a mistake & printed another story inside it for several pages. I did enjoy the series even when it became a bit far fetched after they ‘slept’ for the 2nd time.


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