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I was excited to find out recently that Jason over at The Self-Sufficient Gardener has made some changes to his website – and is now offering a rather unique membership opportunity. This Garden Club Membership in very inexpensive and has a lot of great content.
Check out the info below. Another huge benefit…well, just kidding….is every sale of the membership provides some loose change to this website.

Check ’em out.


What do you get out of the Garden Club Membership?

1.  Access to premium content videos. These videos will show you how to do things cheaply and efficiently.  Videos include:  How to Make a Parabolic Solar Cooker for ~$30 and How to Make a Planting Bar for ~$5.

2.  Access to the latest updates and full package of the Food Security Knowledge Pack. The Food Security Knowledge pack is packed with ebooks and articles described below.

18 Articles! + 2 eBooks

New articles will be added to the Garden Club Member Site as the package is updated.


  • The Process Oriented Gardener
  • Planting Trees:  The Low-Cost Easy Way


  • No-Fail Fall Gardening (coming soon)
  • Finding Fall’s Forgotten Fruits
  • Fishing Well With (Almost) No Gear – Survival Fishing (coming soon)
  • The Unsecret Garden – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Grow My Garden
  • Grow in Multiple Dimensions (coming soon)
  • When to Harvest Guide
  • Garden Manifesto – Chapter 1 – Inputs (First chapter of my book)
  • Basics of Deer Hunting
  • A Brief History of Influenza and Influenza Events (coming soon)
  • PawPaw – The Forgotten Fruit
  • Hunting With the Ancient Atlatl (coming soon)
  • Garden Defense – Repelling Four-Legged (and Winged) Pests
  • Saving Seeds
  • The Best Crops For a Survivalist’s Garden
  • The History of the Tomato
  • The Three Sisters Garden
  • Nasturtium: The Super Flower
  • Tracking Game in the Wild (coming soon)
  • Transcripts from some past Self-Sufficient Gardener Episodes
  • Five Reasons to Love Your Weeds (coming soon)
  • Permaculture on Ice
  • How to Build a Cheese Press for ~$10
  • Friday Night Lights (Frog Gigging in Farm Ponds) (coming soon)
  • Unique Ways to Preserve Food
  • Juglines, Trotlines and Limblines
  • Companion Planting and Good vs. Pest Insect Matrix

Over 60K words (a novel is between 65 and 100K), About 100 pages of information on how to hunt, fish, gather, grow or raise your own food and preserve it.

The Process Oriented Gardener contains another 80+ pages (some are duplicated from gardening articles in the FSKP).

Planting Trees: The Low-Cost Easy Way contains another 20+pages.

Click here for a PDF Sample of an FSKP article

Click here for a PDF Sample and Table of Contents for The Process Oriented Gardener

Click here for a full content list in of articles in PDF

3.  Chapter by chapter audiobook content from The Process Oriented Gardener Ebook. You can take the book with you on the go, listen in the car or wherever you are.

4.  Vendor discounts. One example is 10% off any order at  I will be working out deals with various vendors to provide members with discounts.

For more info – click HERE.


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