The rules of bacon……


Thought you might find this humorous.

Bacon rules!!!!



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  1. I have a few concerns regarding the health impacts of eating bacon. As it is early and I have no desire to get into an argument with anyone regarding this fatty food, I will address those concerns after I have finished my breakfast (I don’t want to burn the bacon). Bacon drippings also make home-made refried beans MUCH better than using lard. 🙂

  2. I dip all my bullets in bacon grease before reloading. Not only does it keep the bore of my pistols and rifles rust and corrosion free, it also prevents any radical Muslims from realizing even one virgin upon arriving in heaven! Yes, I know this is not PC. Don’t care!! 🙂

  3. @txm1836
    I tried to be a little softer on my approach but I must say in retrospect…..
    I like your approach better!
    Also takes care of rust? Well you learn something new every day

  4. BACON is good .. just lots of calories .. so I limit it .. and BTW.. I have caught every Fish in the Southeast on Bacon at least once .. and for small ponds it is preferred bait over anything else… just have to keep it away from the dog orrrr.. no more Bacon to fish with.
    Maybe I’ll put in a few pigs next year .. and NOW I am hungry .. UGH! hmm .. maybe a toasted BLT .. (Miracle Whip only)

  5. Rob –

    Like the hoplite chevron, the Sepoy Rebellion lives!

    From Wiki:

    The final spark was provided by the ammunition for the new Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle.[18] These rifles, which fired Minié balls, had a tighter fit than the earlier muskets, and used paper cartridges that came pre-greased. To load the rifle, sepoys had to bite the cartridge open to release the powder.[19] The grease used on these cartridges was rumoured to include tallow derived from beef, which would be offensive to Hindus,[20] and pork, which would be offensive to Muslims. At least one Company official pointed out the difficulties this may cause:

    unless it be proven that the grease employed in these cartridges is not of a nature to offend or interfere with the prejudices of caste, it will be expedient not to issue them for test to Native corps.[21]

    However, in August 1856, greased cartridge production was initiated at Fort William, Calcutta, following a British design. The grease used included tallow supplied by the Indian firm of Gangadarh Banerji & Co.[22] By January, rumours were abroad that the Enfield cartridges were greased with animal fat.


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