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Please show me where in the Constitution that makes the US Government responsible for jobs or job growth. Can you do so anywhere in any of the founding documents? The purpose of this government of the people is succinctly set forth in the preamble to its constitution:


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


Proud words full of dignity these, but jobs? Jobs? I can’t seem to find a reference. So many citizens have accepted Uncle Sugar’s help for so long the government has been made, a go to resource for all answers to all problems. Freedom comes with the highest of obligation. Freedom demands we accept responsibility for our conditions, be they good, or be they bad.


The Founding Fathers understood that although we may be created equal, it is what men make of themselves after creation that govern destiny.


A significant consequence of our constituted government is the creation of opportunity. What we make of that opportunity is up to us, using that increasingly rare commodity called individual initiative.


Nay I say, it is not the government’s purpose to create jobs. Not now, not ever. That duty falls to us, the entrepreneurs, those most optimistic and rugged of individuals who see things as they are and while standing firmly on their own two feet and by their own initiative, create better conditions.


Now is the time for us to quit whining. Life is hard work and we all come from a long line of survivors.


Now is the time to set aside petty differences, to work together once again, and for those willing to shoulder the high responsibility of freedom, to forge anew a bright destiny full of hope and opportunity.


Respectfully submitted,

Panhandle Rancher

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  1. I agree rancher, government should not be responsible for providing us with jobs, neither should it be as large and invasive as it is; nor should it be something elected officials should be able to retire from. If the government should not be responsible for the creation of jobs, where do you stand on its (government) ability to tax those who do provide services and create jobs?

  2. One important point; This is not the government “creating jobs”. What they are doing is using the crisis to pay off friends and supporters. This simple fact makes this effort a 1000 times worse, that is not only are they not trying to improve the economy but they are using the crisis and confusion to loot the treasury. This will of course make the economic crisis worse requiring more government intereference, etc. There needs to be a special prosecutor and people need to go to jail.

  3. It also doesn’t say anything about ensuring our medicines are safe, our air and water clean, our businesses honest, or our food free from toxins. It does say “promote the general welfare” and I believe all of the things I mentioned can be included under either of that clauses. It seems reasonable enough to interpret that to include providing an economy where jobs can be created,

    I guess the question is, how far down the path do we go. Some think we’ve gone too far, and they’re probably right, in some areas. But I have a hard time seeing how we can ever “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” without a vibrant job market.

    • bedingfield –

      I am not peaking for the The Rancher – however I do want to respond to your comments.

      I agree that the government plays a role in the general welfare of the citizens of this great country. How we define that is up to interpretation. What I do believe is the government does not create jobs. Jobs are created by business that are backed by men and women who assume great risks in starting and running those business’s.

      Government can provide an environment which makes it easier for business’s to start and flourish. Take a look at our tax code and the need to hire professionals to file taxes every year. Multiple permits and fee’s that business’s have to pay. Government can allow business’s to operate and succeed…..or fail – all on their own. Currently – I believe government does NOT provide that environment – and the economy is struggling for it.


  4. I agree 100% but the big gov fans (repubs and deems alike) use the catch all phrase ‘ promote the general welfare’ as a license to do nothing they want. In their opinion, providing jobs, welfare, healthcare, homes, food and everything else is good for all of us. The founders are spinning in their graves!

  5. We have strayed so far from the original intent of the Constitution that the document has little relevance in politics today. The Constitution is used when it suits there purpose and it is circumvented when it gets in the road. The government only needs to create a conducive environment for job growth, not to create jobs. With out a third party in our government we will achieve nothing. The republicans and the democrats will just sit and argue and spin their wheels. There are always two sides to every argument and each will take a side and get no where. Having a third party involved breaks up the traffic jam or rhetoric and petty arguing that goes on everyday in congress.

  6. I agree with Swamp Dog, the constitution very clearly lays out 18 enumerated powers for the federal government. Why would they go to the effort to limit government, only to throw in a phrase that has been interpreted to mean “do whatever the hell you want”? The whole “general welfare” has been severely taken out of context.

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