The Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please


Essentials of Prepping:   Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please


That great social democrat FDR once proclaimed, “All we have to fear is fear itself,” and that sentence galvanized the nation into action. Nowadays many of us have come to fear our blighted but powerful rich Uncle.


I have walked boldly through life sure in the knowledge that one day I shall die and after that, the judgment. God does not look at death the way man does. I repeat, God does not look at death the way man does. Recognition and acceptance of one’s own mortality has set many on the warrior’s path and has made possible much independence of action and individual bravery.


A few years before I was born, Churchill soberly proclaimed that ‘an Iron Curtain has descended over the continent’ [of Europe]. It was however, my parent’s reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis that set me on the prepper’s path. My father and his buddies were tough old WWII combat veterans. During those fear filled days of the Kennedy Administration, these veterans organized and oiled their Garands, the women canned food, and there was a whole lot of digging going on. Those tough men saw what needed to be done in order to protect their families and set to it.


In most cities, the police are accountable to the city government and not directly to the people. Where most of my friends choose to live, a popularly elected Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer. He is in office because we put him there and he remains in office only with our permission.  When law enforcement has adverse and improper encounter with citizens, that encounter is usually with either local police or the federal government, and not by the Sheriff or his deputies. There are huge differences between departments run by appointed chiefs of police and departments run by elected Sheriffs.


Cities generally have more power to create laws and regulations than do county government. Those who choose to live in the cities, by so doing, voluntarily agree to live by city law and regulation. Big cities have codes for this and codes for that ranging from motor vehicle law to construction. There are zoning restrictions determining whether you can conduct business at a particular address, laws against shooting in your backyard, on large scale gardening, and raising cattle. There may even be a subset of laws and covenants unique to where you live within a city. Homeowner’s associations may regulate how many cars you can own, how many pets, what color your house is, what kind of repairs and upgrades you can make to your house, and so forth. I once lived in some of the biggest of our cities and know. Can there be any better argument for eschewing highly regulated and well-enforced city life for that of the rural?


So you live in that city or state with too much Rule of Law? Don’t like how the police, police but don’t want to relocate?  Roll up your sleeves, get involved with government and fix the problem. That’s what my father and his friends would do if they were alive. What makes you any more privileged or different than past generations of responsible citizens? Alternatively, you can vote with your feet and relocate to a more desirable location.


My philosophy of prepping centers around establishment of stable situations and conditions to include shelter with reserves of water, food, methods of protection, and specie. Such should outfit one against the more common perils of life. Once that core of stability is achieved, then other surplus can be devoted toward developing countermeasures toward less likely eventualities.


In II Samuel 24:14 we learn that King David would rather fall into the hands of God (for he is merciful) than into the hands of men. I agree with King David. The bully always mistreats the weak but fears the strong. In this case, the bully I fear is my fellow man operating without Rule of Law. I fear anything that might disturb the established Rule of Law – so long as that Law is logical, reasonable, and equitable. Civil war and other widespread unrest strike at the heart of our increasingly dependent way of life and would likely create unprincipled hordes of desperation operating outside of the cherished Rule of Law.


What is one to do?  I found my way to a place with exceedingly low population pressure, rugged of terrain and well forested, thus inhospitable to mechanized army and generous to individual freedom. If I wish, I can burn my trash and construct an outhouse, lay in a garden and raise cattle, and all without permitting requirement or other interference from local government. My mountain home enjoys copious rainfall, eliminating the need to water beast, garden, and pastures. By relocating, I achieved the goals of shelter, water, and food while greatly reducing the possibility of challenge by either government or unprincipled hoard. I maintain friendships with like-minded individuals. Some of these old friends have mutual support agreements with pre-positioned supplies so that even were we to flee with only the clothes on our back, we wouldn’t arrive at a friend’s place like a refugee, completely dependant upon charity.


I have always been an independent cuss but it was witnessing the rapid breakup of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that solidified fears about the stability of our civilization. I had traveled widely in Europe during the late 1980s and early 1990s. One day the old DDR was a powerful and respected foe, and then suddenly it was no more. This was repeatedly echoed amongst other Soviet States in the days to come, and soon the Evil Empire was no more. Ideas and not battle tanks toppled that Socialist paradise; ideas that could not be assaulted by tanks and armies, how revolutionary!


If such could happen there, then it certainly can happen here. Today there is hue and cry to conduct a Constitutional Convention. We must never forget that a Constitutional Convention, in additional to the ability to create Amendments to the existing Constitution, also has the power to completely throw off the old form of government and create a new. We could wake one day in a republic and the next live under a king or despot – or under a weaker form of government such as the old Articles of Confederation.

Somehow I doubt those politicians living today are wiser or more enlightened than our Founding Fathers.


Yes, there are a sufficient plethora of threat on the horizon to form a cloud most dark and troubling, providing ample reason to adopt a prepper lifestyle.


All should be concerned about the polarization of our country, specifically those philosophies and attitudes that drive the Red and Blue states. No one reading this can fail to agree that these philosophies are on divergent paths. We have the Social Democrats clamoring for bigger government with more debt, more social programs, and less independence, and those of us who want to stand on our own two feet, to live by our own intelligence and initiative, who eschew governmental aid and intrusion into our lives. This divergence of opinion if unchecked, will surely be our undoing. Divergence so determined and entrenched may well lead to a rupture of this union, possibly another civil war, and with it the abeyance of Rule of Law.


Civil war is the darkest of dark clouds, the most stormy and dangerous. We have a society in which one part believes the Second Amendment is an essential safeguard of liberty, or that guns kill and should be melted into slag, and yet seeing no problem with killing unborn children; a society that believes one’s work product is their own, or believes in taking another’s hard earned wealth; a society that cherishes independent thought and action and one that wants big government to protect them. We are a society of producers and takers and because franchise is available to all adult citizens without sacrifice, takers are in ascendancy.  It has always been easier to tear down than to build. We are becoming a bankrupt nation of takers and destroyers and if unchecked, we shall surely eat our own.


I fear life without Rule of Law. It is that very nomocracy that provides a framework for productivity, which constrains outrageous behavior of citizens, bureaucrats, and government officials. Thomas Paine writing in Common Sense stated ‘that in America, the law is king.’ John Adams sought to establish a government of laws, not of men. Anything, anything, which attacks Rule of Law should be feared. There are home grown forces at work today seeking to destroy Rule of Law in this country.


Rule of Law applies leveling governance equally to the individual and to government official from which is coined the phrase, ‘no one is above the law.’ Contrast this to the concept of Divine Law that DID NOT apply to kings; Napoleonic Code which assumes guilt until the accused prove innocence vs. our system of law which places the burden of proof on the government and assumes innocence before guilt. Rule of Law is an enormous and revolutionary concept that enables the possibility of free men. It is an unique western concept with origins as old as Aristotle yet is as current as today. I fear any force that destabilizes Rule of Law for without; anarchy will certainly reign.


Anyone fearing destabilization of Rule of Law, should be prepping. Without Rule of Law, every city and locale would become a horrid Mogadishu ruled by strongmen extorting from the weak. Every day would be full of fear of capricious action by the stronger against the weaker. Every day would become one more day without hope and would put new meaning to Thoreau’s ‘life of quiet desperation.’


Citizens of the US have been given a great gift by our fathers, a gift of representative government operating under Rule of Law. Woe and shame on us if we cast away such a pearl of great price. We the molly coddled, we the shortsighted, we who want what’s in it for me – we are on the cusp of great destruction, and while we wait and watch and take no action, the storm gathers.


There is a measure of hope. While we still enjoy the power of franchise we can vote professional politicians out of office. I define anyone at any level of government, be it local, state, or federal, which has served more than two terms in the same office, a Professional Politician. Their allegiance is to themselves because elected office is merely a method of livelihood and not sacred obligation. The Professional Politician will do anything and make any compromise in order to stay in office. The Professional Politician is all about being re-elected and not about conducting the people’s business with probity and dispatch, with integrity and honor. Most of our problems today stem from voter apathy that is directly responsible for the ascendancy of the Professional Politician.


Turn all Professional Politicians out of office, out I say. Every last one!


Each generation must earn the right to live peacefully under Rule of Law. This nation has been on a path to oblivion every since the wide sweeping social programs of the Great Depression. We may have only one last chance at the polls to peacefully re-establish an honorable representative government of high principles. Should we fail to act, should we fail to remove the Professional Politician from office, we shall surely join that long line of people who have the very government they deserve. For shame. Shame on us.


The wise see dark clouds and prepare.



Panhandle Rancher

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13 thoughts on “The Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please”

  1. Words of wisdom, indeed! I have lost faith in the validity of the National Elections, though. I feel we experienced fraud on an unprecedented scale in NOV 12. This belief shatters my hopes that we’ll vote the scoundrels out who aim to destroy this Republic. Perhaps an overwhelming majority of angry voters will render the previous fraud methods obsolete. I’ll hope and pray for that. In the mean time, I prepare. (I just ordered Mini-14 magazines and ammo online, seconds before opening MSO)!

  2. PR- My respect for you just went up another notch-grin!! Thanks for your well thought out reasons to be an involved citizen and prepper. “Every form of refuge has a price” .Your historical perspective is very helpful.
    As a child etc and my Dad ( an WWII) vet always kept flashlights,water and basic supplies.My Mom canned tomatoes,jelly from our pear tree and grapes.Living in a suburban area of NYC I remember the milk strike .( only families with children could buy 1 quart of milk at a time) My Grandpa taught me how to garden organically when I was 13 .
    My husband , a few years before we met,was in the Navy during the Cuban blockade.
    Other nations would relish our demise. Schopenhauer said “We raise the dust and then complain we cannot see” . Its time to see through the dust and
    be as prepared as we possibly can . Arlene

  3. Very insightful PR. I wish your mountain was in my line of sight. As an American and a patriot I have often gone from vocal outrage (over the insanity I witness) to hopeless bewilderment. Prepping has allowed me some sense of security and with each grim reminder of our nation’s continued trend downward my preps offer up the permission to say “screw it, it’s a lost cause… but we’ll be alright.” This does not come without the feel of a hasty retreat complete with whisking “to and throw” a large branch across my path to cover my tracks.

    You say that there is a measure of hope, this may be true but its a small measure. We can gather up all the “piecemeal” issues plaguing us and lump them into one self destructive fault; we have failed to preserve the revolution, we have allowed our liberties and our freedoms to be squandered by those who do not understand that they can be lost forever. And we have allowed those who use the passage of time as a weapon to rule the day. We have been sorry caretakers of the gifts given us by those who came before.

    Its true, we can save ourselves, but only after we have become wiser, and that wisdom will be acquired only from pain and only if we survive. And considering what is currently being done to our military there is no assurance we will survive. The world becomes much more dangerous while we dismantle what keeps us safe.

    I here it often, hell… I used to say it myself, vote! Voting is the answer! But lately voting only seems to offer them our permission for the things they do. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “all we need is an informed populace and we can fix this”…. well… it seems unlikely to ever happen…. I hope I’m wrong.

    PR, let me share with you and any others who bother to read this how I see things shaking out. We will (as a nation) continue to lurch along, stumbling from one crises to the next until something really bad happens. It might be another economic collapse (much worse than 2008) or an EMP attack (the most likely) or some other devastating event…. the pain I spoke of earlier…. and then things will change.

    It amazes me that while those in the highest levels of government who deal with national security are wringing their hands and sifting thru vetted info on plans being drawn against us (EMP), the media remains silent and the people clueless. This has moved far beyond “paranoia”.

    I get up each day excited with what I might do with it, and I take great comfort in my pantry, my gun room and my circle of friends, we’re going to be just fine….. not sure about everyone else…..

  4. PR, again thanks for an article that makes you think of what is happening in our country, I met a professor at a community college in NH during the collapse of the Soviet Union, my statement to him was Russia went broke before we did. Then he told me he had just returned from a teaching job in Russia and he agreed with my thoughts. It seems that this is what is happening now as our debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger with no light at the end of the tunnel. Irish-7, I also thought there were problems with the last elections, I have now volunteered to be a poll worker and at least watch my local polling place, I am waiting to hear from them.

  5. Arlene, I like the Schopenhauer quote that goes, “almost all of our sorrows come out of our relations with other people.” A corollary might be that they arise from unbridled ego. Please thank you husband for keeping a little boy safe during those bad old dangerous days. His service to this country is appreciated.

    JG, thank you especially for your insight. I tried to respond to you in the commentary but it grew too lengthy for this format. Just sent a response on to Rourke. JP, good for you. Democracy cannot exist without honesty at the polls. Charlie, I7, and JS, thank you for your too kind words.

    John P, my impressions of the Evil Empire was that it smelled like old boiled cabbage and turnip (which is popular amongst peasants due to its long growing season). The people had an alcoholic hint of madness or was it just desperation? Their bread was ‘expanded’ by liberal use of fine ground sawdust. Those people certainly have a knack for suffering. Me, I’d rather live under the Czar with God than the Communists without. What a sorry choice those people made!

    Would you believe that the Russians are clamping down on the Jews in the Ukraine? There is nothing new under the sun.


  6. A few more thoughts. Citizenship of this Republic incurs certain responsibilities. Those responsibilities include the power of the franchise, the responsibility to become finders of fact while setting on a jury, and I might add, the mature responsibility of running for public office. Many of you may think we need more politicians just like we need more lawyers. You might be right. There are valid reasons for seeking public office. Among them include service to one’s nation, righting perceived wrongs, restricting unbridled growth of government, and being a rabid watchdog, ever alert to that threatening our freedom. These things we all should do before we die.

  7. PR, I agree wholeheartedly. I think you may agree (since you were a judge) that our judiciary (some) is a major contributor to our problems. Some call it activism, perhaps that is it, or I think more likely its the abdication of their true responsibilities.

    When the senate (Harry Reid) invoked the “nuclear option my first thought was “travesty”. But should the Repubs take control this could offer a path to putting solid Constitutionalist judges back in action. Course there’s little confidence that the Repubs wouldn’t screw even that up.

  8. JG, please don’t mention Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, Clinton, or that fake swift boat skipper of an Ambassador. Those things just make red blood boil. They’re the worst of the Professional Politician class of swindlers. Sometime ago, I wrote a piece about judicial activism. Judicial activism and it’s cousin Executive Order, both seek to rule without going through Congress. There are worse things in this world than a deadlocked Congress. Victor Hugo remarked he, “didn’t care what Congress does, as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses.” Groucho Marx quipped that, “No man’s life, liberty, or property (and I might add, wife) is safe while the Legislature is in session.”

  9. Ok, one last quote. I wasn’t going to repeat it but here goes:

    The Tim Worstall guide to how you should vote. A few basic points first.
    All politicians are liars.
    All politicians are stupid.
    All politicians are thieves.
    You should, therefore, be biased to vote against the incumbent in any and all elections. All of them will lie to you, all of them will attempt to steal your money and freedoms but their stupidity means it will take them a couple of years to work out how to do so. There may be another election before they do, at which you can vote them out and start again.

  10. PR, I agree with you, and it appears the Russians may be taking a page from Hitler’s play book. OH, the Russian government seems to make it easy for everyone there to get a good amount of vodka to ease their sorrow. Some one a lot smarter than me once said a hero dies but once, a coward dies a hundred times, though I believe Patton also said it was not my duty to die for my country but make the other guy die for his, a smart man.


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