The Panhandle Rancher speaks…….

The Panhandle Rancher responds to my recent post on redoing my bug out bags……..  – Rourke




It is my experience that the large and medium ALICE rucks and metal frames offer the very best value to price ratio. For safety, I drilled all of the old loose rivets on the ruck frames and replaced with 10-24 bolts and nylon locknuts. After stripping off all of the webbing (be sure you can replace it properly especially the lumbar support strap), the frame was repainted using Krylon camo spray paint. For day trips in my vehicles, I have a heavily packed large ALICE with sleeping bag, which fits inside of ratty cardboard box annotated, “for Salvation Army.” I always keep a pair of well broken in boots with two pairs of wool socks in my truck along with a case of bottled water.
For times of high probability of trouble, there are four large military surplus aluminum medical containers containing smaller prepacked rucks, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, spare boots and socks, medium hand axe and file, binoculars, handitalkies, compasses, maps, camping equipment, extra Katadyn water filter and water treatment, snares, food, nylon holstered Ruger MKIII standard pistols with ammo (I think the MK III to be more rugged than their new .22 pistol and unlike their MK III Hunter model, the standard has more rugged all steel sights – the old MKII was the best ever), and similar much of which is too bulky for even the large ALICE. Together these containers fill about half of a standard pick up truck bed but offer the advantage of being rust proof, critter proof, water proof, and packed ready to go.
Weapon load out for every member of that planned vehicle based departure includes SIG P220, M4 carbine with Trijicon, L1A1, stainless Ruger SR22 with Leupold, and Remington 870. Ammunition/magazines are prepacked for the battle rifles in a chest rig and in .50 caliber ammunition boxes. Several large metal munition boxes are prepacked with canned goods and hygiene supplies to complement that in the medical containers.
The latter of course is the refugee path and I although hope to never become a refugee, there is at least a small measure of solace in being a well prepared refugee.
Panhandle Rancher

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3 thoughts on “The Panhandle Rancher speaks…….”

  1. Rourke, I was not sure where to out this message-PLEASE everyone on the East Coast and the Northeast PLEASE check your weather reports.The weather channel has predicted that Hurricane Sandy will be a monumental storm-
    shes much larger than Irene and more intense. Its due to hit NY state and Conn on Mon. I hope everyone in her path will prepare a.s.a.p. God Bless. Arlene
    Our state , county friends etc were flooded out by Irene -we have this warning ahead so please prepare.

  2. PR,
    Can you clarify something?

    Every member of your group carries a M4, a L1A1, 2 pistols, and a shotgun? Or is that the weapon load for one vehicle?

    Just curious.

  3. Other than a squad of Marines, I can’t imagine too many people willing to try to face you down, or able to hold you back. You’ve raise some interesting and well thought out plans and ideas. All I need now is a 6×6 with the Allison automatic transmission, snorkel, front and rear winches, an extra fuel tank, oil and transmission coolers, etc.

    Now, if we can all just get lucky and never need to use these things as intended, we’ll have it made.

    Semper Fidelis & Semper Vigilans


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