The Obama Administration has a plan to pay off the $17 Trillion in US Debt.

The Current administration has unveiled a plan to settle 100% of the US debt, most notably the $1.28 Trillion owed to China.  Sen. Reid (Nevada) & Sen. Pelosi (CA) fully support this revolutionary Debt Elimination Amendment. The plan helps explain why the US Government was so determined to seize the open land used by cattle farmers in Nevada and Texas over the past several years.  It also explains why the EPA is working so close with the Bureau of Land Management is its attempt to control of all water-ways, including any and all rivers, streams, creeks and ponds on public and private lands.  This has already begun in several western states such as Oregon.  Last year, Mr. Gary Harrington, of Oregon was fined, arrested and jailed for collecting the rain water which fell on his land to water his farm animals.  The judge in this case found that all water belongs to us all and no one has the permission of the state to collect and use it, even in an environmentally responsible manner.  It also did not matter that Mr. Harrington’s family had used snow run-off for the past 40 years and had a state permit to do so.

I am sure many of you remember the confrontation between the Bureau of Land Management and Clive Bundy of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada last summer which all but came to a gun-fight until the BLM realized that all of America was watching in horror and finally backed down.  The facts surfaced shortly after the confrontation that Sen. Harry Reid’s son Corey Reid was attempting to seize the land and sell it to a Solar Energy company owned by the Chinese Government.

China’s need for natural resources such as coal, natural gas, and crude oil is growing with each passing day.  These former US resources will only increase China’s ability to overtake the US in both economical and world rankings as a dominant world power.  As China drills for crude oil, mine for coal and natural gas within the borders of the US, do you really believe they will adhere to the same standards of safety or be concerned with the environmental impact of such operations.  What would stop China from then selling these resources and/or lands to their allies such as Iran, Syria or North Korea?  Can you imagine what our once great country would look like if Iran, Syria, or North Korea had control of more than one million acres located inside several US states?  What would stop them from developing massive weapon systems and release them within their new borders?

For those of you who do not understand just how much land the US Government owns, look at the map below.  It indicates just how many millions of acreage the government has to sell off to settle the debt which is owed to China and other foreign countries.


The United States government has direct ownership of almost 650 million acres of land (2.63 million square kilometers) – nearly 30% of its total territory.   Here is a breakdown of how many acres are owned by the Federal Government by states:

Nevada: 84.5%

Alaska: 69.1%

Utah: 57.4%

Oregon: 53.1%

Idaho: 50.2%

Arizona: 48.1%

California: 45.3%

Wyoming: 42.3%

New Mexico: 41.8%

Colorado: 36.6%


I fully understand how this plan sounds to those of you who are not current with the news outlets.  It sounds very far-fetched and most are convinced this would never happen to the US.  If you follow the scandals out of Washington DC during the past two years, you can begin to understand just how easily this will happen.  This is why the Obama Administration is strongly looking at selling parts of the US Public lands to China’s leaders to settle the $17 Trillion debt.

No, this is not a true news-release, but if you continued reading this article, you understand this is a very plausible course of action for our Commander-in-Chief.  This would be a truly frightening end to America that we now call home.  This article’s intention is not to instill fear among our citizenry, but to motivate the US citizens to use facts and to think.

I pray this, or anything close to this never happens.  But we need to realize it is a possibility with this President and we should take action this coming November elections.

Take care & God bless,

Contributing Editor

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  1. China…Iran…Syria…

    Honestly though, none of those regimes are or ever could be as great of an enemy of the American people as the one that already owns all that land right now. And it has nothing to do with who’s occupying the White House.

  2. This is why the Chinese are land grabbing in areas of natural water sources here in the US like the Great Lakes…they can’t care for their own water sources, so they look to take ours…all in the name of ‘development’

  3. Obama and his handlers have a goal that spans decades, to destroy the United States as a Capitalist nation. This is why he is downsizing the military and ruining the morale of those service members that remain. Obama’s massive borrowing, spending and handout spree are part of the plan as well. The Main Stream Media, controlled by liberals, are supporting this hostile takeover. American Communists changed their name to “Progressives” over 20 years ago, to avoid scrutiny. The sheep are led to the slaughter…….

  4. Irish-7, you forgot Clinton’s and Obama’s purging the military ranks of top leaders who do not share there political Agenda.

  5. “Downsizing the military”…yeah, right.

    Obama’s expanding the federal government’s size, cost, and power in every way possible, just like almost every other president the regime in DC has ever had. And just like them, he knows full well that one of the best catalysts he has for that is military adventurism mixed with trumped up fears of foreign threats, crises for him not to let go to waste, to use the terminology of his former chief of staff. We should be so lucky as to have funds choked off to that leviathan. But I assure you, it won’t happen under Obama.

  6. Eric,

    It is true that the cost and spending continues to rise in government. BUT, the biggest gains are in DHS, and other enforcement arms laying pressure on the civilian side of our country. Military spending, while huge, is a smaller part of the budget.

    At the same time, there are such large gaps in the income and spending of government that we continue to pile more deficits on top of an already unsustainable debt. We already knew of the plan to sell the land to the Chinese, if the takeover had been successful. And I imagine there are other plans in the works that everyone needs to keep an aware open eye for telling sign of.

    Our best defense at this time, though it may be too little and too late, is to do our best to buy American made goods so we can deprive other countries of the means to buy our country out from under us.

  7. About four years ago I asked my last Reps. secretary if I should expect a Chinese agent at my door with the deed to my house as collateral for our debt too them, her answer was because governments can print money that could not happen. In the 2012 elections I asked her the same question and her answer then was she did not know anymore with the way the way the country was going, the above article appears to support my thoughts on the subject, though I wish I was wrong. His sole intent is to destroy this country. Wolf, thanks for writings.

  8. The federal government owns absolutely nothing, which is why it is called public land. It is owned by “We the People”, held in trust by OUR government and overseen by the Bureau of Land MANAGEMENT. If this coup were actually attempted, I believe that it would be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Ninety million American firearm owners would finally rise up in open rebellion and the Tree of Liberty would be decorated with the traitors of freedom. Just look what happened when armed federal agents showed up to sieze on rancher’s cattle. Pay attention to what is happening in Murrieta, California where federal agents are attempting to dump hundreds of disease carrying illegal aliens in a community. The dam of apathy is cracked and the Obama administration just keeps on putting more pressure on it. Americans have gotten to the point where they realize that their safety is jeopardized more by inaction than by confronting the tyrants in their midst. MOLON LABE

  9. DrSique, I am also watching the situation in Komrade-fornia with interest. The Feds are bringing in riot control forces to protect the CRIMINAL ALIEN SCOUNDRELS. Make no mistake, this was planned by the Obama Administration! I would predict that our Marxist Moslem Commander In Chief will hide many of these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS on military posts, then threaten the troops not to talk about it. I read online that the civilians (administrative staff, medical personnel, security, etc) taking care of the hordes have been warned not to speak with the press or media. IMAGINE HOW MUCH THIS IS COSTING THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER!

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