The Next Large-Scale Crisis to Hit the US & World…

The water crisis in California continues to get worse and worse. Water is likely the most critical and often overlooked prep. The following was originally published HERE over at the Wolf-Fire Firearms Instruction blog.

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by Dave Wolf

As you read the news reports from all over the globe, it’s easy to see the bad news pouring in.  There are reports of Jihadist Terrorist, Ebola Virus outbreaks, Measles spreading, influx of Illegal Aliens and the Economy is still failing in many parts of the world; but one devastating issue that will be arriving which will decimate whole countries and populations is basically being ignored.  I for one did not realize just how serious this issue had become until I conducted a little research on my own.  Never trust your government when they tell you that everything is OK.

This one issue will cause massive litigation and deadly wars in the very near future.  This crisis is the simple fact the supply of potable water is becoming very scarce at an alarming rate.  The massive and expensive litigation regarding Water Rights, Usage Permits, and Re-Distributions have already begun in California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Colorado, and other states.  With the massive influx of new people, both legal and illegal, there simply is not enough water for everyone, every farm, and every head of cattle.  Some farmers who have had a long standing agreement with municipalities for water have found themselves cut off from water that once flowed from the Colorado River.  The city and county managers have simply chosen to ignore their formal, legal and binding agreements and diverted the scarce amount of water to the residents of their elected areas.  With these choices, farmers are unable to grow the normal amount of crops; the ranchers are unable to raise cattle which they were able to do in years past.  Thus, these choices have a negative impact on the American people in the form of much higher prices across the board for produce and meat prices.


As bad as this increase in prices are, it’s nothing compared to the prospect of clean water supplies running out for personal consumption.  Many local lawmakers have already issued bans on using water for lawns, washing cars, and other outdoor activities. The local and state government’s next step is to begin rationing the supply of water to residents and businesses.  In line with this, several states, such as Oregon has established laws which state rain-water is community property and thus illegal to utilize any method of gathering water or snow runoff for personal use of any kind, including watering livestock or gardens.  Imagine, if you have any open container which happens to catch rainfall in your yard, purposefully or not, you will be fined for gathering what falls out of the sky.

The US is not alone in the coming water crisis.  Brazilian residents have begun storing water inside their homes in anticipation of the Federal Government beginning rationing water which could leave their taps dry for 5 days per week.  The Government is looking at these drastic steps as the water reservoir for Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, is only at 6% of capacity.  The rationing is expected to last throughout the intense hot summer months until the rainy season arrives again, sometime in October.


In recent years, I have visited several countries in the Europe and Middle East; they too are experiencing the same types of water shortages.  Some of which are the result of infrastructure failure due to war or collapse of the governments.  But the bottom line is water is not available to residents on a regular basis.  In one country I visited, the local residents receive water for 1 to 2 hours every third or fourth day.  To their credit, the local lawmakers have not set themselves up to receive more water than the average citizen.  Everyone is equal in this plight.

For those who are reliant on local municipalities for potable water supply and waste water service, this will have a direct impact on your family.  It is anticipated that most local governments across the US are exploring ways to reduce water consumption.  This will range from banning outside watering, including gardens, to significantly raising water usage fees, to shutting off the flow of water to entire neighborhoods and developments on a rotating basis.

Those with water wells will not be immune from this crisis either. Yes, you will have as much water as you can pump from your well, but with the water source buried, sometimes hundreds of feet underground, you will be unable to see or determine if your supply is running low due to the decreased rainfall in your area.  When your water source dries up, most people’s only recourse may be to have a new well drilled, at a very hefty and unexpected cost of several thousands of dollars, or to hook up to the local municipal water source at a very high cost, sometimes as high as $50,000, depending on the local fees.

I’m not here to provide the answer to this world-wide problem, merely to bring this looming crisis to light and to promote each of you to consider what your options are or could be.  My thoughts are if entire countries are not able to sustain water requirements through rainfall, do you think you will be capable of providing enough water for your family using the same methods? Will you be capable of storing enough water for an extended period of time during a drought?  How long will your swimming pool water supply the entire community with clean potable water?  Each of these methods will help, but they will not be able to furnish everyone with the number one substance required to sustain life.  In our time of excess and plentiful water, take the required time to determine what to do when the spigot runs dry and little Johnny or little Janey looks at you and ask for something to drink.

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  1. Presently have a 90 day supply on hand for two people. A WaterBob on hand if time allows.
    The type of water you store is very important.
    Always purchase PURIFIED water. Spring water will go bad do to mineral content. Buy a mineral supplement to take daily with your purified water.
    If you do buy water in liter bottles by the case, I have many, and they have been in storage for awhile I strongly suggest cycling it though a gravity fed filter system, Berkery, Pro Pur, etc.

    Next to knowledge water is your most important prep.
    Don’t skimp.

  2. Man those pictures say a lot. Concerning to say the least. My wife came back from Colorado a few weeks ago and she talked about things that grabbed my attention. We were discussing the economic situation and state of the union. Rare thing as she cannot handle all the things going on and doesn’t want to. She’s on board, but can’t deal with the reality of it. Her thinking is just do my thing getting things ready. I say all that, to say this…so when we do discuss things and she engages. It’s even more shocking when she responds back with corresponding information. She explained in the area she went to visit her family in Californians are moving into Colorado in huge mass. Like rats living a sinking ship. She spent a good portion of her life there so she has a good grip on the area. She told me all the California plates on cars running around and the people who are now working there that came from California has spiked. I’m very confident there are good people in California that for whatever reason live there, but are out numbered by the liberals in that state.

  3. So if there are billions of people alive on earth and only so much water to go around then it seems the only solution would be to either find more water or decrease the demand? Hmm? Well with Obummer signed another executive order for the good of the country he is going to sacrifice himself by signing said order that makes the federal government sole owner of all water in any declared emergency. Including rainwater. As if he is the one that owns it? People need to wake up, quit looking at the trees and start looking at the Forrest. Look at the whole picture. First they want your stuff. Now they want your food and water. Why? The answer is simple my friend. They want total control over everything in everybodies life. They want to dictate the demands of your life. All these things coming together all at once are not what I refer to as a “co-inkydink” but an orchastrated event. Am I believer in conspiracies? Not all of them but anything that has obama’s signature on it you better believe I do

  4. In the meantime we shut down oil rigs that can make us energy independent and we sell water to China, who I recall wants to destroy us, and India, who wants to steal our jobs.
    We our are own worst enemy, and the band played on.

  5. Commingstorm, it seems in many ways we are on the modern version of the Titanic. Mike, it seems our idiot in charge only wants to give away our country to make for what his father thought we should punished for, being a colonial power, sorry none of here can be blamed for being as we were not even born then. Dave, the pictures should scare everyone into thinking what can happen in this country if we do not conserve our water resources.

  6. All mineral and water rights should be owned by US citizens only. pSpring water is pure whereas purified water can be from treated sewage water-whatever one prefers..Heard Lindsay Grahams speech annoucing his run for President.He sounded exc. we thought.
    Lester Brown has been writing books for years warning about the growing human pop. and the shrinking limited resources. His latest book Full Planet, Empty plates .
    Thanks to you all- I always learn so much….our collective exp. and geographic locations helps each of us .

  7. It is SIMPLE. DESALINATE. 5 years and a few million dollars and California can have all the water it needs. WE DID IT IN ISRAEL IN EIGHT YEARS!!! NO lack of water in the world. The opposite is true. JUST GET THE SALT OUT OF IT !

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