“The magnitude of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa has been vastly underestimated”

The magnitude of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, which has killed more than 1,000 people, has been vastly underestimated and will require “extraordinary measures, on a massive scale” if it is to be contained, the World Health Organisation has warned.

The admission came as Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), the medical charity, said the disease was spreading “faster than we can respond to”, and accused the WHO of being too slow to react.

The outbreak, which is the worst to date, has killed 1,069 people, with 1,975 cases recorded in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. However, the WHO fears the figures are unreliable.

“Staff at the outbreak sites see evidence that the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak,” it said.

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The except above came from an article by The Guardian. Concerning? Very. Are we in danger of a world pandemic the likes of which we have never seen or heard of? Probably not. I believe that the situation is dire in other parts of the world and efforts are being made to contain it. Eventually the current Ebola crisis will be a thing of the past but it will leave countless thousands of dead in its wake.

Then again – I could be wrong. It is a rarity – but it has happened.

Regardless as preppers we do not go off of “probably” very often. The hurricane, the drought, the power outage, the economic collapse probably won’t happen – but we prepare nonetheless. This Ebola threat should be no different.

How to prepare? Well, that is he subject of another article.


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9 thoughts on ““The magnitude of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa has been vastly underestimated””

  1. In all things we are told, it’s getting harder to find the truth. If we are lucky or skillful enough to stumble upon it, could we even recognize it? We have been fed shit and told it’s caviar for so long, many now prefer the shit.

    I find myself questioning everything I see, everything I’m told, or read, … EVERYTHING…. It’s not by choice, it’s instinct, it’s self preservation.

    If you get it wrong…. there’s no undo button…

  2. If they are telling you publicly that 800 have perished, it is more than likely over a thousand … I am yet to meet a public servant be 100% truthful with information to the public.

  3. Ya listen, Ya read, ya watch the media that be and I am left with an image so ..thin.. I’m not going to wring my kuckles and wort around for some hole to hide in. Flu, SARS, (que the Chello Music).. EBOLA .. (que the Vagnar) I find that the ‘Media’ love to find some … thing … to churn the fear. Riots in the Streets with live action shots .. No justice.. No peace. A mud puddle at the bottom of what we are told is Lake Mead .. Oh Gawd… Ady-ous Las Vegas .. Los Angeles .. Norther Mexico. Lake Erie is turning into a green oublic pond….. Detroit is bur…. well that fire is over. The Truth will announce its presence with that gut understanding of events that have always warned those willing to listen, read, watch … and calmly connect the dots. Reality always gives a hard nudge … just before it hands out the Bitch Slap.

  4. The caring Drs and nurses and helpers on the front lines are too overwhelmed to report the real crises.I recently read an article that stated hundreds of ebola victims are not going to the medical tents but staying home-in their villages.
    This will get much worse before it gets better. An indication that its worsening is that ALL flights to and from the affected areas have been stopped.
    I would recommend getting the following if you dont already have them stocked.
    Disposable medical gloves
    a powerful germ killing spray (Misty surface disinfectant by Amrep (very powerful dont get on skin)

  5. I fear these numbers are similar to when they say they are sending in special forces. It’s a true statement, more would be more accurate. Gault right, most press releases smell like someone didn’t put lime down the outhouse.

  6. I agree that deciphering all the incoming information and drawing a reasonable conclusion, can be a daunting task. I listened to a so called “expert ” last night pooh poohing the idea of the Ebola virus getting into the USA. His opinion was we have a better chance of dying in a plane crash than coming into contact with it here. He may have a point, I would like to believe hes right.But with the influx of people coming into the USA from countries that do not require vaccinations of any kind, I suspect there is an eventuality it could happen. So, while I won’t be going to the grocery store garbed with gloves and a mask, I do carry my antiseptic wipes and hand wash everywhere I go !

  7. Regarding this EBOLA situation,you might go to clinicaltrials.gov type in Ebola.
    You will find 9 studies ALL in 1 country all by 1 soon see (dept of defense


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