The Left Says Terrorism Isn’t a big Deal. Pathetic.


by Isabella

For those of us who have attempted to talk some sense into a leftist in regards to Muslims, Islamic terrorists and the threat they pose to our lives and Western civilization, you probably heard that one of two things.  Either that the West deserves to the victim of terrorism, or that terrorism isn’t really a big deal and I shouldn’t be so focused on such an irrelevant issue that poses such an insignificant threat to me, this coming from someone that more than likely thinks traditional gender roles are something worth getting upset about.  But since leftist can’t think for themselves where do they get these ideas from, and is there anything to the assertion that Islamic terrorism is minor threat and not as worthy of our attention as other issues?

Let’s start by taking a look at a quintessential leftist propaganda piece that takes this position.  The Washington Post published an article in November of 2015 by Andrew Shaver entitled You are More Likely to be Fatally Crushed by Furniture than Killed by a Terrorist.  Shaver makes claims like “…while the Paris attacks left some 130 people dead, roughly three times that number of French citizens died on that same day from cancer.”

What Shaver doesn’t mention is that most of the people that died of cancer that day weren’t in same age demographic as those killed in the Paris attack he refers to, and that if it wasn’t cancer some other natural death would soon claim them, while the victims of the Paris attack could have lived on for decades.  Shaver goes on to compare Islamic terrorism favorably to such unnatural killers as auto-accidents, which is ironic because gun advocates are always bringing up the amount of auto related deaths compared to the deaths from firearms that the Washington Post loves to spotlight.

That being said, however, Shaver is right.  More people will die from diabetes, car crashes, and cancer than they will from Islamic terrorism, and I congratulate him on actually using the term “Islamic terrorism”.  But does that mean that we should open our arms and our borders?  Not exactly.

There are two reasons why.  One, Islamic terrorism is often not called Islamic terrorism, and two, Muslims do a lot more than hijack plains or cut people’s heads off.

Let’s quickly address the first reason.  In America, Obama has a history of not being willing to even use the term “Islamic terrorism.”  He has gone as far as to call the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence” even though the shooter who was in contact with al-Qaeda was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while shooting U.S. service men.

Obama also referred to the shooting of Jews at a kosher supermarket by Muslims in Paris was a “random” shooting.  But this sort of disconnect between acts of terrorism carried out by Muslims in the name of Allah and the term Islamic terrorism is not confined to the United States.  In Germany, when a Muslim terrorist who had sworn allegiance to ISIS attempted to kill scores of innocent Germans at a music festival with a suicide bomb hidden in a backpack that did end up injuring over a dozen bystanders, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said “We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others”.

As if depression often drives people to seek out black market explosives and pledge allegiance to terrorist organizations before killing yourself with a bomb strapped to you in a crowded area without ever wanting to harm anyone else.  But can he be blamed?

Maybe he just gets his news from the BBC, which ran the headline “German Blast Kills Syrian Migrant” when reporting on the incident.  That’s right, “German Blast”.  So, one reason why leftists think that Islamic terrorism is not a legitimate threat to their health and way of life is because when it happens, the media and even national leaders of the countries that are attacked often don’t treat it as if it was in fact Islamic terrorism.

Even if one were to adjust the statistics to accommodate for all the deception Islamic terrorism would still not rank very high when it came to causes of death.  But that brings us to our other point.  What are these upstanding citizens doing when they’re not offering us the benefits of multiculturalism that comes with suicide bombings, shootings, and machete attacks?

In Norway, for instance, they can hardly find the time to carry out an act of terrorism with all the rape they are busy committing.  Rape seems to be the number one import that follows Muslim “refugees” these days, but nowhere is it as evident to those with a rational mind (which does not seem to include the Norwegian authorities), as in Norway’s capital city of Onslow.  Non-white immigrants account for 100% of reported violent rape attackers.  That’s right, literally every single case of rape in Onslow was committed by an immigrant, a non-white immigrant which means that we are not talking about Swedish men coming to Norway for fresh victims, but African and Middle-Eastern Muslims.

What has been the near-universal response from European leaders to the rape epidemic?  They promote Sharia law of course.  Well, I’m sure that they don’t come right out and say it that way, but under Sharia law, a woman is required to dress “modestly” and is not allowed to travel alone.  A school official in Bavaria Germany sent a letter home to parents that told them their daughters need to dress “modestly” because the gym nearby was being used to house Muslim migrants.

Among other things the letter stated that “shorts and skirts” could lead to “misunderstandings.”  Vienna’s chief of police told women not to go out alone; maybe he meant well, maybe he was just taking the lazy approach to his job since covering up rapes wasn’t working for him anymore.  Either way, Muslims are not being rounded up and deported, instead Western women are being told to adhere to Sharia which demands that they dress “modestly” and have an “escort” when outside of the home.

Even the kids get in on the exchange of culture.  In Halifax, Canada, refugee children (because I guess some of them actually are children and not only military aged males) were reported to have choked a third grade girl with a chain while shouting “Muslims rule the world”.  The girl’s mother said that school faculty intervened, but that there was no discipline taken against the assailants.  The mother, who wanted to be referred to only as “Missy,” said that her daughter begs not to go to school now because of constant violent bullying.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, two elementary school aged Muslim boys stripped and sexually assaulted a 5 year old white girl while a 14 year old Muslim recorded the scene, then they urinated on her and her clothing.  Several leftist propaganda outlets “debunked” this incident because it was originally reported that the boys were Syrian refugees and that they used a knife in their attack.

The boys were not Syrian and they didn’t use a knife, they were from Sudan and Iraq, and no weapon was reported to have been used.  But they did sexually assault a 5-year-old before humiliating her further by urinating on her while filing the attack to enjoy watching later.  Local residents that complained about Muslims being forced on their community without their consent were labeled racist and white supremacists by city council members.   At least these incidents were only ignored or denied, instead of the victims being told that they caused their attacks by not following Sharia law carefully enough.

But maybe we are just “getting carried away” as the leftists would say.  After all those rapes all over the European continent were the fault of the women who didn’t dress moderately enough, or they were consenting and made up the rape charges because of racism.  Maybe assaulting a 5-year-old and urinating on her was just the result of a “misunderstanding” because of what she was wearing or maybe it was just kids being kids.

Surely adult Muslim men don’t victimize young girls, and if they did the European authorities would do something to stop it and punish them right?

Of course not.

The Higher Regional Court in Bamberg, Bavaria recently ruled that it was perfectly legal for a 14-year-old girl to be “married” to her 20-year-old cousin.  Why?  Because they were married in Syria and the “marriage” was conducted under Sunni marriage rites.  This ruling has set a precedent that is only going to get worse, 14 is not at all young for a Muslim “bride”, in fact 9 isn’t too young since Muhammad married a 6-year-old and consummated the “marriage” when the girl was 9.  I use quotations for all of this because I refuse to validate the rape of a child that is too young to give consent with terms used for legitimate relationships between adults.  So, once again Sharia law is the answer.

Surprisingly, women and children are not the only targets of Islamic violence and aggression.

Occasionally, when in large enough numbers Muslims might even attack grown men.  This happened a few years ago in Whales when a mob of pro-Palestine Muslims attacked a group made up mainly of men that were seated outside a pub.  Why were they attacked?  Because they were drinking alcohol and eating pork products.  Someone should have told these ignorant Brits that if they wanted to prevent further attacks they shouldn’t have voted for Brexit, they should have just instituted Sharia law to keep the Muslims from getting justifiably violent when offended.

Surely that kind of stuff only happens in Europe, not in America, right?  Well, not exactly.  During the Dearborn, Michigan Arab festival of both 2009 and 2010, Dearborn police stopped the distribution of religious pamphlets by a Christian organization comprised mainly of former Muslims.

This is a direct violation of American’s 1st amendment rights, since the festival was takin place in public and the Muslims were themselves distributing religious information.  Some of the Christians were even arrested.  I’m not sure what charges were trumped up against them, but I doubt the charges were as honest as to admit that Sharia law was being protected.  It is against Sharia law to attempt to persuade a Muslim to leave his religion, and it is a capital crime for that Muslim to choose to leave Islam.

There is also the famous “clock boy” incident. Ahmed Mohamad, a 14-year-old high school student of Sudanese descent, brought a “clock” he had “made” to school. The supposed clock was simply a reassembled digital clock he’d put into a pencil case, and his teacher, alarmed, sent him to the principal’s office where they called the police, because the “clock” resembled a bomb. He was arrested and questioned by police officers, who determined he had no malicious intent and released him to his parents.

The story went viral, with angry social media pitchfork mobs crying racism and Islamophobia. The boy was invited to several prestigious events relating to young people and science, and even visited the White House where his creativity was hailed by president Obama. His family also sued the city of Irvine, Texas, and received millions in compensation for their “emotional trauma”.

Nevermind that the clock he made did indeed resemble a homemade bomb, and we live in an age of constant paranoia about gruesome acts of violence committed on our schoolchildren. Because he was Muslim, apparently the school officials and police officers had no right to take precaution. When the president himself bends over backwards to accommodate someone suspected of terrorism, what does that say about our nation’s willingness to stand up against Sharia law, rape, and violence at the hands of immigrants? Or authentic terrorism itself?

But maybe I’m just overreacting.  If diabetes is more dangerous than terrorism, then maybe I shouldn’t worry about being attacked for drinking a beer, arrested for telling a Muslim that Mohammad was a false prophet, or my wife and female family members being raped and urinated on either.  I am just prone to overreacting I guess.  Worrying won’t make me any safer, I should instead spend my time concerning myself with my blood sugar and the finer points of Sharia law.  And anyone who says otherwise is a white supremacist, as always.

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  1. Please get your facts straight. The “Clock Boy” sued the City of Irving Texas not Irvine. Furthermore the city didn’t pay millions out to him and his family. The judge order the family to pay 82,000 dollars in legal fees for bringing a defamation lawsuit after he dismissed it. Not sure if the Judge has dismissed all parts of the lawsuit yet but the family has lost at every turn in their suit. I didn’t fact check your other claims, but it only takes one false statement to destroy your credibility.

  2. Destroy my credibility? Not a chance, I have an awesome website here. Instead of pointing fingers, write your own article and I’ll post it.

    • Dan Stevens it doesn’t show you writing the article!!! So you standby the article being factually correct?
      Update: Mayor of Irvine Texas, Oh sorry Irving Texas was removed from lawsuit today by the Judge.
      Also it Wales not Whales! If you truly want to keep it an awesome website in the tradition of John Rourke than do a better job of vetting the articles posted. I caught this one, because I’m more closely related to it than the other ones cited. I may very well take you up on the article offer, and I assure you mine would be factually correct!!!!

      • I don’t stand by the scandal. I’m not familiar with it. In fact, I couldn’t care less as I have better things to do. What I care is the article topic, about terrorism and the left’s point of view. You know those disclaimers used by Big Media stating that the opinions of the people who are invited to make ratings aren’t necessarily theirs? Same thing here.


      Doing Rourke justice it does.

      Keep on Keeping on Mr. Dan and Company.

      i learned a dang ton of great stuff from Mr. Rourke whom i miss and followed for years,
      and i am learning a dang ton of great stuff from you Sir.

      “The more survival skills an individual has that have been practiced physically and otherwise, the better odds they have for those skills coming to the forefront during a stressful emergency.” – CODY LUNDIN, 98.6 Degrees, The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive

      “There are no experts in outdoor survival. There are only students…” – DAVE GANCI, The Basic Essentials of Desert Survival

      “The more you know, the less you have to carry. The less you know, the more you have to carry.” – MORS KOCHANSKI

      Thank You Dan Sir.

      yojoslowmo; A.K.A BREARBEAR A.K.A RANGER:
      (this site).

  3. Liked your article; but in the tradition of the Grammar Police “To correct and serve”.
    Oslo is the actual capital of Norway not “Onslow”
    and Wales is a part of Great Britain, not the marine mammal you referenced.
    Stuff like this allows the left to write off an otherwise excellent post as irrelevant for trivial reasons. ’cause that is what they do.

  4. Who gives a damn about the correct spelling of the capital of Norway. It was probably the auto correct or word prediction of whatever device the author was using.
    Bottom line, from sand jockey to snowflake, anyone that messes with me or my family automatically gets the death sentence. Liberal suck pumps are just as bad as the ragheads. We need to find an island somewhere, where we can dump all these liberal losers and the refugee scumbags they want to save. Then maybe drop a few Moabs on the island.

  5. If you aint teachin’me no thin g…
    do not post here.
    Bitching and whining about all ‘dis
    gramma’ police crapola aint teachin’ me nothing.

    C’mon lads ‘n lassies…


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