The judging is complete……finally!

Below are the results from the latest Guest Post Contest. The next one starts Tuesday.

– – – Rourke


First Place:  My Philosophy on Preparedness and an MD Perspective on Wound Closure AND What Med’s Would You Want in Your Personal SHTF Pharmacy by Doc Morgan


Winner Receives: A fantastic Rainwater Harvesting System provided by Water This system consists of a 305 gallon Water Storage Tank, a Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter, Rainwater Harvesting Manway Adapter Kit,  and a 3/4″ Drain hose Kit. Total value over $550.00.




Second Place: The Importance of a Fire Kit and Knowing How to Use It by John Taylor


Winner Receives: An awesome assortment of M16/AR-15 accessories provided by Choate, Machine, and Tool Company. This accessory pack consists of a M-16/AR-15 Telescoping Stock Kit, Carbine Length Picatinny Forend, a set of Rail Covers, and an AR-15/M16 Essentials Parts Kit. Total value for this prize is $326.39.




Third Place:  The Necessary 72 Hour Kit by Jeff


Winner Receives:   The Berkey Guy has graciously donated a Volcano Collapsible Propane Grill ($150.00). Camping Survival has donated a WISE 84 Serving Breakfast and Entree Grab and Go Bucket. ($150.00). Great combination. Total value of this prize is $300.00.




Fourth Place: Getting Your Kids Involved by Making It Fun by The Proud Father


Winner Receives: has donated wonderful food storage combination consisting of 6-can Mountain House Variety Pack and a Mountain House  Best Sellers Kit. Total value for this prize is $265.67.




Fifth Place: Prepping for Older People and Those with Health Problems by PrepperGal35


Winner Receives:      Deadwood Stove Company has has donated one their super rugged Deadwood Stoves.  Total value of this prize is $150.00.

Honorable Mention #1: Trust Thy Neighbor? Trust No One! by West McBride

Winner Receives: 2 Man Survival Kit has been donated by and a Mace Pepper Baton from  Total value for this prize is $116.00.


Honorable Mention #2: The First Prep by blueridgeprepper1

Winner Receives: A “Joe Nobody” book library provided by Prepper Press.  A $50.00 Gift Certificate to


Honorable Mention #3: Preparedness on a Limited Budget by Julie S.

Winner Receives:  A great Medium Transport Bag from One of my favorite bags!!



WINNER: Why I Prepare…… Valerie

Prize pack will consist of the following:  2 Man Survival Kit has been donated by and a Mace Pepper Baton from,

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Folding Knife  AND Streamlight Stylus Pro Black LED Flashlight

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  1. First, congrats to all of the winners, Rourke I do not envy the positon you were in making these judgements, all the stories were good and I for one think you did a great job of choosing, thank you for having these contest, keep up the great work and love your site.


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