The importance of CASH

We are on the verge of a cashless society and there are so many benefits to it – and some drawbacks. Just think about it: Finding $7.50 worth of change in the cushions of the couch is close to being a thing of the past. I hardly ever carry cash anymore. In today’s world where I can walk into a convenience store and grab a hot dog, chips, and a drink and pay for it – and be in and out in about 4 minutes. I swipe my debit card and ZOOM! I am out the door.

There is a significant drawback though to not carrying cash. What happens when the power goes out or the ATM/banking system is down for one reason or another. Will that cashier at the grocery store let you pay for the bread and milk with your good looks? Me neither.

Although we may often say that there is no real value in the US dollar and that in a long term SHTF/WROL situation tangibles rule the day – the dollar has its place. In most any “emergency” we are likely to face today cash will still be considered legal tender and desirable. Good luck trying to pay for gas at the gas station with a silver coin tomorrow if the power is out. No – I think they will be looking for cold, hard, cash.

If you have a bug out bag in your car make sure you keep some cash. $100? Divide it up using 5’s, 10’s, and maybe one 20.

Got cash?



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18 thoughts on “The importance of CASH”

  1. Rourke- I agree and yes I do this. Just after TG I was Christmas shopping and had gotten toys for the grand kids etc. and as I approached the cashier she yelled back
    just check or cash the computers are down- no credit. I was ok because I had my checkbook with me.Many people were upset as they didnt have cash or a checkbook.
    The store should have posted a sign and didnt. Arlene
    The store was Walmart.

  2. Try stocking up on dollar coins. which would you rather have: paper or metal? Both will be worthless, but coins feel better in my pocket! The sound is a psychological thing. They come individually or in in boxes of 1000.

    Have a nice day!

  3. I live in the Middle East ISRAEL but I always have around a thousand dollars in cash in my pocket. Here they are trying to make a law to severly limit the amount you can pay in cash for things !!! Mostly to prevent the black market payments with no record.
    Uzi ran

  4. The dollar coins are good (thanks, barebones);but if you flout these, you will be drawing attention to yourself, which is not good for OPSEC. However, in planning for a LTSHTF lifestyle, you can’t beat any coin with silver in it.

  5. I hesitate to carry large sums of cash with me. A couple of hundred dollars is okay. I instead hide cash within my vehicle and home for emergency needs. Silver and gold coinage weight adds up quickly. I will trust the paper as primary, but still have a small amount of coinage. If I purchase a 1 oz coin at todays prices, wonder what it’s value would be WTSHTF? Will sellers take if for face amount, or have scales to use by weight? I have $10 gold coins, but pretty sure they are worth more than $10.

  6. Uzi Ran-You in Israel are always in our prayers.We want to write a letter to PMB Nentanyaho.Could you tell me the address of an Embassey or place to mail it?I couldnt find one on line.Thanks.
    Re your question Rourke about what one would do if one knew that the S.would hit the fan in 6 months. Thanks for asking that question-as it got me to thinking-I would sell as many of the possessions I have that I dont need.I would practice my survival skills – (shooting,getting in better shape,I would create a local support group of several people.I would buy dark shades for all the windows.
    Well I am planning now on doing all these things this spring !!! Arlene

  7. We prefer to pay cash for as much as we can. It’s untraceable, accepted far more readily than credit/debit cards, and it’s safer than electronic means or cards. I’ve found that most places WILL give you a cash discount, if you ask NICELY, especially for larger purchases.

  8. in Arizona a few weeks ago a major fiber optic line was cut “by vandals looking for copper to steal” according to news outlets. Not very convincing. At any rate the impact was a TOTAL network outage to a large # of northern AZ cities in the state fed by this main line for a 3 to 4 day (maybe more can’t recall) period. No ATMs, no paying with card, no transactions at stores, banks, gas stations you name it, if it involved a card you were out of luck. Even Internet and general phone outages as a result. But just in those few days there was pockets of panic for purchasing anything! Cash is necessary but I always struggle with how much will I need for how long. . .

  9. Check out A HUGE solar flare will be affecting the northern state March 18-19th.Minn, Dakotas etc. 50-60% x flare- very intense. Arlene

  10. I am the same way, Brother! I rarely carry cash. This presented an issue last week. My family went to a local diner for dinner. The register operated from the web. The internet was down, so none of my debit or credit cards could be approved. Lucky for us, there was an ATM that operated from a hard phone line! I withdrew some money and paid in cash. I have multiple cache points. I keep a few firearms, some ammo, food and Bug Out Bags there. I never put any cash at these locations! I just started adding some money a few days ago. You make a good point. Other than total economic collapse, the US dollar will still be accepted. Small bills are the way to go!

  11. I would hate to see a cashless society because it makes it trivial for any person to simply be turned off. Click- no food purchases. Click – no gas/travel. You think you own things? Now someone on the other end of that switch owns you. We’ve already seen Operation Chokepoint attempt to shut down the sale of goods & services which “are out of favor”. Click- Ammo is out of favor. Click- guns out of favor. Click – anything which makes you independent from Government is now out of favor. Think about how many bills are paid by automatic drafting from a bank account. That’s another pay system where your switch can be flicked and you are S.O.L. Now I realize the impractical nature of carrying large amounts of cash, and the difficulty in stuffing a wad of cash in an envlope to pay monthly bills. I do believe we should not let our cash, checks, and systems be controlled. Even newer tech solutions like Paypal and Square now decide who is naughty and who is nice. Whenever possible, I try to think about who a manufacturer, reseller, merchant, store, system, person supports. Should I vote for their values or against them? My dollars still have some freedom, and I try to exercise them when I can. A few internet sites and smartphone apps help find this sort of information, such as 2nd Vote. I argue for keeping our choices alive.

  12. I made sure each of my kiddos have both cash and a roll of silver maple leaf in their BoBs. My family is credit adverse and the other day I realized I had a poor credit score. It surprised me as we own our own houses and land (and in several states) and have a barn full of expensive new trucks (well I did pay cash for those). In looking at the USAA financial page that listed factors influencing my credit score I saw to my advantage that the old credit we had back when had been paid on time and to my disadvantage was a lack of mortgage. To my disadvantage? Wow, and I just thought it was a good thing to actually owe nothing other than to the taxation district on one’s home. How absolutely barking mad crazy our society has become.


  13. Uzi, is the cash restriction on purchases against the black market or against loss of tax revenues due to purchase on the black market? Congratulations on the recent election. PM Netanyahu could successfully run for office in the US. His address to our Congress was masterful.

  14. It takes $1.40 in pre 1965 silver to make an ounce. Approx. Real close to an ounce. Just in case, my problem is when would there be a scale to use for purchases, if there ever is how long do you think it would take?


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