The First Step to being a True Prepper – Emerging from Debt

Until the event, life will continue to plug along as normal.  When SHTF – and we don’t know exactly when that’ll be, prepare debt-free-2yourself like it’ll happen tomorrow. Free yourself from the chains of society, also known as debt. More than 40% of the country is considered to be “in debt” and spending more than they make. Debt is a tool used by the rich to subdue the rest of the population. They allow us to have access to credit cards and loans to get us to purchase tempting, expensive goods we wouldn’t normally be able to afford. This is really only a ploy to continue enslaving ourselves under debt.

Plutocracy is defined as rule by the richest members of society. America is a plutocracy. But wait, I’m not a slave – I have freedoms! So how do the plutocrats enslave us? Well they can directly enslave people in chains and force them to work on plantations. This type of slavery is illegal. So – how do the men behind the curtain ensure that you and your friends, families, employees, and other associates are held in check? They do so in a more subtle manner. They offer you high interest loans. They get you to sign off on purchases you really can’t afford. Once you sign your name on the line, you are obligated to pay that money back in full plus interest.

Debt is the vehicle driven by the plutocrats. It is essential to eliminate these debts. So, which debts should you pay off first? Start with those with highest interest. By taking down the debts that carry the highest interest, you’ll save in the long run. You’ll be able to put forth additional money towards your lower interest debts later with the money saved from paying off the high interest debts. This doesn’t mean you discontinue making payments on your other loans – you should still pay the minimum payment required month-to-month. Any extra money you have (after monthly bills are paid) will be additional dollars sent to pay off that high interest.

If your debt is so bad that you are unable to pay off multiple debts at once, finding a debt consolidation program is an option. I will not get into it much here and Dave Ramsey believes, “You can’t borrow your way out of debt,” but it is an option that can lessen your monthly payment. It will not disappear but it is just another way of looking at paying it off. The end goal of eliminating all outstanding debts remains the ultimate goal.


Once a foundation is in place to pay down that debt regularly and an end is in sight, it’s time to change your spending habits from this day forward. No longer buy objects you want. Prepping is a mindset and you must embrace it. At the time that the structures currently holding society in place (federal and state governments, laws, and societal norms in general) break down, every man will be for himself. There will be no time for jet skis, new pickup trucks, fancy multi-bedroomed houses, or a brand new television simply because it offers higher resolution. There is no point in buying goods that lose value the minute you take them off the store lot. Rent for a weekend if the draw is that intense and compulsory. Become accustomed to attaining only what you need in life; food, water, shelter, and supporting your family.

Paying off debt is step number one to breaking the shackles of debt slavery. Once this debt is taken care of, your other prepping activities may begin. Until you get your debts paid off completely, you’ll still be under the thumb of the plutocrats. Scale the walls of the hole that is debt and emerge from the dark to find true freedom.   

By G.N.



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4 thoughts on “The First Step to being a True Prepper – Emerging from Debt”

  1. Wait a minute there, ‘debt is a tool used by the rich to subdue the rest of the population.’ WRONG. Debt is a tool the population uses to subdue itself. Ever hear the phrase, neither a lender nor a borrower be? It is very old and true as the ages. By hard work, delayed gratification, achievement of post graduate school education (learning is the hardest of work which is why we have so few engineers, chemists, and physicists walking around looking for work), and risk taking behavior, my family is in the highest tax bracket and beyond, rich by our Uncle’s definition. We don’t loan money and have put no one in debt.

    Oh, I’m sure you’re talking about those other plutocrats, surely not the Panhandle Rancher.

    I’ve been a worm on west Texas drilling rigs and owned west Texas drilling rigs. I resent the tenor of your article. I’ve lived in 20 year old trailer houses and in mansions. No one put me there but the grace of God, the labor of my back and of my mind, and willingness to underwrite outrageous risk. I have also served this country with honor and carry the scars both mental and physical from that service.

    G.N. I applaud your attitude toward debt. I too am debt adverse. Enslaved by plutocrats? Never, outrageous, unheard of. Those in debt hold the keys to their own prison.

    Panhandle Rancher

  2. When I was young and dumb, I got myself into a lot of debt…and a prescription drug addicted ex husband sure as heck didn’t help…I’m a little older and a bit wiser, but I still have that preponderance of debt following me around…Debt consolidation? Better watch your butt…tried that and got bit in the butt by a fly by night group…These days, I only deal in cash, haven’t taken on any further debt in years…but also am not in a spot to be able to get out of it…

  3. We make many mistakes in our youth and it sounds like you have learned from those mistakes GP. I had a son born with a serious medical condition that resulted in him staying at a children’s hospital in intensive care for a month or so. I thought I had excellent insurance but my annual limit of coverage was soon reached and after that, the hospital came after me. Of course I had a great job, and they told me that if I was unemployed the debt would be forgiven but because I had a job I must pay. We sold our house, sold all but our oldest vehicle to pay down what we owed and moved into a dump where we lived until the last of the debt was discharged but discharged it was. Debt adverse we are. We are also neither that borrower or lender.



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