The European Migrant Crisis or a Prequel to Civil War


by Silence Dogood

If you only listen to Mainstream media, they mostly talk about immigrants as if they are assimilating well. Those good-hearted people are enduring a tough time in their lives with virtues and skills that fit in well with European society. All one big happy family.

However, is this what is really going on in Europe?

There are many people with statistics from police sources, and video as well as online discussions that indicate that this is not the case.

In fact, this may be completely false, for it seems that what is happening is quite the opposite. Whole sections of cities across Europe have fallen under the control of Muslim migrants. There have even been cases of residents being forced by the government to forfeit their property to the housing, or even leave their neighborhoods to make room for these interlopers.

Local police have been asked to play down the criminal activities of these migrants including covering up rapes and assault on the nation’s citizens. The request to play down criminal activity is to prevent an uprising by any, “Right-wing-vigilante” groups they say.

Many YouTube videos have been posted showing entire portions of cities have been cordoned off by the migrants, who have erecting barricades, smashing shop windows, and set fire to parked cars.

However, the government people intend to bring even more migrants into the struggling nations. This seems counter-intuitive to common sense.

Instead, they decided to hide the truth from the people, and continue their planned destruction of Europe.

If our government is so afraid of upsetting the very citizens that they represent by hiding the truth, why allow this massive influx of refugees into their nations in the first place, why not stop and try another tactic.

For instance, why not use a much cheaper way of dealing with this inhumanity of these wars, by sending aid to their countries instead of bringing the people here.

Let’s face it most will never assimilate, no matter how long they stay.

No, matter how many people question the statistics of the violence we find in alternative media, there is one fact that both sides agree is true. Among these migrants is a mass of very desperate people. Mingled with those are people with ill intent for the largely majority Christian nations. They are bent on inflicting their Sharia Law within our democratic societies. It will never work.

Yes, there is a human tragedy on both sides of the debate, however, does our government not have an obligation to protect our citizens first, and foremost? That is what we pay taxes for, right? After all that is the one clear duty of government, is it not?

The rub is that many of our citizens are afraid to voice their opinions in mixed company, for fear of upsetting the far left, who continually shout down from their high horses at the neutral people below them, using words like racist, Nazi, Xenophobe. They are cut off whenever they try to express real concerns.

So, allow me to speak for the moral majority here.

I am not a European. Truthfully, I do not have a vested interest, other than to open up the discussion, for these poor people of Europe.

First, it is true that the rape rates in many nations have skyrocketed since the migrants’ arrival. This fact is no longer a debate I hope. With the introduction of the large groups of Islamic followers that have been allowed in these countries, a staggering number of rapes, in fact, have occurred.

It certainly does not help European tensions when leaders of these radical Islamic groups are seen on YouTube promoting videos that shout rhetoric straight from the Koran. Ideas of breeding out the European races, ending the infidel family lines by using the means of rape and sex enslavement of our women is what they preach. Oh no, these are not my words they are Mohammad’s, straight from the Koran.

(Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right-hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war.”

Mass immigration is happening all over Europe. For the last year and a half, the media seems to barely cover this issue, leaving many unsuspecting European’s at the mercy of these criminals.

Rape rates have gone up by undeniable percentages. It can’t be ignored in the European communities. German authorities claim that more than 2,000 men were involved in a New Year’s Eve gathering that ended in mass sexual assaults and other related crimes inflicted on more than 1,200 women in Cologne and Hamburg.

The numbers do not lie. Some are saying that the vast majority of native white Europeans may soon be turned into a minority. The plan for outbreeding their populous will take only a few years.

No wonder Germans are afraid to mention the obvious. With their track record, it might be construed as racist.

Plenty of evidence is available regarding the intent of the Radical Jihadist regarding Europe, not to mention the United States and our coming invasion.

These prophets, shout of infiltrating of the West and conquering the weak-minded men of North America by raping their women, and out breeding their current nuclear family ideals, of the meager 1.5 child units per household, statistically speaking.

They plan on using polygamy, and taking four or more wives each, and having a dozen children with them.

Given a sort of absolution by the Mohammad, they claim they are not afraid of our jails or the sin of rape. So far, they have already taken many opportunities to commit these crimes when living in our nations.

Surely not all Muslims are this way you must wonder, and for those that are not like this do not fear. But you must talk to your radical brethren before they drag you down with them.

Take the documented case of Sara Logan’s rape, although this was in Cairo and happened a short time ago, it is so horrific; it bears reminding others of what I speak of.

A well documented, and hard to dismiss intent was involved here. Many say they saw this coming, but few mainstream networks bothered to get the word out to the people.

This is Sara Logan’s, own words’ during a 60 minutes interview:

“Logan: …I feel them tearing at my clothing. I think my shirt, my sweater was torn off completely. My shirt was around my neck. I felt the moment that my bra tore. They tore the metal clips of my bra. They tore those open. And I felt that because the air, I felt the air on my chest, on my skin. And I felt them tear out, they literally just tore my pants to shreds. And then I felt my underwear go. And I remember looking up, when my clothes gave way, I remember looking up and seeing them taking pictures with their cell phones, the flashes of their cell phone cameras.

Pelley: Ray reported that he found himself with the sleeve of your jacket in his hand. It had been completely ripped from the rest of the jacket

Logan: I felt at that moment that Ray was my only hope of survival. You know, he was looking at me and I could see his face and we had a sea of people between us, obviously tearing at both of us, beating us. I didn’t even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things, because I couldn’t even feel that. Because I think of the sexual assault, was all I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again.”

When will this type of assault be a big enough concern to the mainstream media, when will we see this on the evening news, and how about some action from those EU government representatives?

The numbers cannot be suppressed forever; the truth will come out. Simply shouting down our concerns by those leftist crybabies or burying these issues by the right wing Neocons for government favor is fueling the rage of the nation’s people.

It appears that some are now speaking out. They claim the White race has been peaceful for long enough now, but no longer. They say mark their words they will paint their war faces, and the world had better watch out. There will be no more mister, nice guy when that train arrives.

A sleeping dog you had best hope never wakes up Mohammad.

If radical religious sects are intending to stone these Christians back to some arbitrary Stone Age, they are fools. On the other hand, maybe they believe, they can start some new age Jihad, retribution for the crusades that took place, over seven hundred years ago. Do they really intend to aggravate the west by raping our women, burning our neighborhoods down, and shouting racist slurs, at us, hoping we will back down from these clearly ignorant madmen roaming our streets?

Well, if that is their only plan for their Jihad, it must not have been thought out very well. They may have bit off, way more than they can chew.

I am sure even the aloof French or the austere Germans still labor under the guilt of a past world war fought by their grandfathers. I contest that this can only last so long, and the younger generation of Europeans will, like those fence sitting Jihadists, decide to choose a side and do something about these interlopers.

The perfect storm is brewing, almost as if it was planned this way.

And, of course, it may have been.

It does play well with the elitist globalist ideas that we read about. From those sociopaths who would love nothing more than to have the world turned upside down, in some global nuclear war, especially a religious war, oh what fun.

That kind of war that will rage on for a thousand years and that would fit nicely into their global psycho plan of a one-world government.

If the New World Psychos were not behind this, then why did we not accept Greek refugees when they were in need. They have the same philosophies, religious beliefs, and have already proven to fit into the European ideology. It only seems right we take them in, they are our closer allies too.

No, we ignored them when they were in crisis. Instead, we were encouraged to take in people that had zero chance of assimilation in such large masses. I cannot help but wonder why?

We still must try and think about this crisis critically. Stop the migration immediately, not because they are Muslim, but because they are Jihadist. Then vet those who are here under false pretenses, and rid the country of those undesirable ones.

Sure give them food and water and shove them back out into the sea, if necessary, or if you must, you can prepare for war. For this is the message that the Jihadist are sending you all.

Only you can know whether this is the right option to save your nations.

If people think that after a year and a half of enduring this mess, that the likes of Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France, and Elio Di Rupo of Belgium and others  who are simply oblivious to what is going on in their countries. On the other hand, perhaps they are just stupid, and cannot see the forest for the trees…well think again.

These maniac minions of the UN members may not be willingly… doing the dirty work of the New World Order, but they are certainly doing it on purpose.

You can almost see the past change in these leader’s attitudes when that psychological shift happened, and they sold you out.

Whatever the Elite have on these politicians must be big, to sell out their countries so cheaply.

Even children get what is going on in Europe today, especially when they cannot even walk home after school, without being assaulted by some young Muslim thugs.

Now I know, bullying has been around in our society for a long time, but I think you will agree that these attacks are slightly more brutal, then just kids bullying each other.

The question: Is Europe in danger of civil war? It is burning up the Internet.

I would like to point out that to be a civil war, one would have to be fighting one’s citizens.

I contest that what is more likely going on here is an invasion of another country that is fighting a religious war. Whether or not our nation’s government invited them is irrelevant. They are not citizens of the state, and only citizens can riot.

They are an anomaly, a twenty-first-century phenomenon created by the modern plutocracy of globalism. Whether you like the numbers or not, they are causing the unraveling of Europe. It is highly unlikely that Europe will survive such a large unmeasured influx of people so suddenly thrust upon them. They are clearly different in so many ways; most will find it difficult if not impossible to fit into the European culture, even if they chose too.

What does it take to have an uprising?

It takes only 10% of a population to unite, and push forward an idea such as civil war or all out war.

The facts are that the western policies of the globalist government have created these wars in these people’s home countries. The migrants have fled their homelands to the very countries responsible for invading them. Along with the refugee’s are a huge amount of loyal fighting age men for, “a free ride.” I suspect that possibly they are there to spread their version of Islam’s Sharia law, forced upon the European infidels. Everyone must realize that two entirely different governments cannot exist together.

How will the EU cope with such an influx of illiterate immigrants unwilling to seek higher education? These are not the “huddled masses” that the plaque of the Statue of Liberty described. These are desperate souls coming from a country with a history of oppression, a lawless society, rife with war.

Statistically many have been brought up under an oppressive regime that does not even allow its women to attend school. Many are illiterate.

Admittedly, the disparities in IQ are facts that ring of racism__ except they are true.

I am sure a significant percentage of Muslims from these countries are highly intelligent and possess IQ’s equally as high as their western counterparts. However, I also suspect they are not among these people that recently immigrated. I suspect those with higher IQ’s most likely got out long before this mass exodus started.

The IQ map represents, what many people refuse to discuss openly.

I am confident that some leftist troll is now preparing a rant to leave for me below, about racism, bigotry, and some other name-calling.

I have no doubt that they will never actually express one salient point of why they see this claim of intelligence as being false or misleading. Never the less, I am willing to bear that cross just to get people to acknowledge these issues are real.

All, I am saying is a large en masse integration of a backward and ignorant people, unwilling, and in some cases unable, to assimilate into the European school system and culture is asking for trouble.

I say this because if they are NOT backward and ignorant, some of the intelligent Muslims would stand up to them and put an end to this nonsense. It will not end well if they do not.

Still they do not, and furthermore, any Muslim elder would know, that this free ride would not last much longer, and then what are you going to do? Their burden on the working class people of Europe will be the downfall of all of their countries’ social systems.

Picture this scenario. In step our buddies from the UN, and those banking loan sharking-bastards of the IMF, or world Banks and CFR. They are ready to prop up what they created with their fiat money printing press.

Clang, clang, clang as the tin can is kicked down the road once again.

Also, it is not because many Muslims will not have the drive to improve themselves either. It will be because many will likely fail to assimilate in such a large groups of what is mostly a radically different ideology than the European people.

This sudden mass of opposing societies will be impossible for any nation to absorb all at once.

You see my vision of what is going on here. My eyes are not clouded by Racism or any other ism. I possess what use to be called common sense. A mindfulness of others that most people possessed in the good old days. It is a concept that many in government nowadays seem to have lost.

The solution is not to take refugees into your countries like some group of friendly exchange students, but to help them remain in their countries of origin and to promote peace instead of the globalist agenda of ever-lasting war.

For me, this is not a case of why these issues cannot be resolved. I know why they are not. It is easy to see the corruption behind this worldwide problem. Fix your governments, and you will have fixed these problems too.

Many of these refugees will never even attend European schools, or try to assimilate with the local population. Therefore, the current circumstances are too revealing, there only other option at best, is welfare or a life of crime.

Both of these options will be taking their toll on an already suffering social system of many of these countries.

It will, no doubt take several generations. If these desperate people ever ascend to a better way of life, at least on par with the European communities.

The real question here is, not whether there will be a civil war, but if the current European countries even survive this onslaught of charity cases without succumbing to the same fate, a failed economic system.

Statistically speaking civil war breaks out when only 10% of the sovereign population gets together and initiates an uprising. That is not a large percentage of disappointed people.

What if a non-sovereign invader, grows enough to start a civil war on their own?

Muslim hatred is growing in Europe as tensions escalate due to the strife many are facing in the Eastern Europe Nations.

The main routes for these refugees are indicated below on the map of Europe.

My conclusion: Is there a civil war on the horizon for Europe?


The graphs indicate that it is nearing at that 10% tipping point, yet only time will tell for sure.

Either way, I propose action to be taken, to stop it before it reaches that stage. We all must realize that there is no turning back from a war scenario once it starts.

Citizens must concentrate on fixing your governments, and rid the Banking cartels that usurped them. Confiscate all their proceeds that they purchased with those ill-gotten gains. It is your tax money they stole to grow their wealth. No sane person wants a war.

God Bless you all, your humble servant

Silence Dogood



Below are some more numbers, regarding Muslims in EU countries:

Where are they coming from?

First-time asylum applicants by citizenship, Jan-Mar 2015

Non-EU first-time asylum applicants by citizenship, Q1 2015

Kosovo, 48875

Syria, 29100

Other, 18430

Afghanistan, 12910

Albania, 8140

Iraq, 7295

Serbia, 6335

Pakistan, 5310

Ukraine, 4705

Nigeria, 4220

Somalia, 3415

Russia, 3175

Eritrea, 3155

Gambia, 3085

Bangladesh, 2365

Senegal, 2275

Iran, 2260

Macedonia, 2165

Mali, 1965

Stateless, 1795

Algeria, 1575

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1545

Georgia, 1530

Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1285

China, 1250

Sudan, 1190

Libya, 1145

Turkey, 1105

Guinea, 1105

Morocco, 1065

Ivory Coast, 1060

Where are people applying for asylum?

Number of first-time asylum claims, Jan – Mar 2015

Country, Number of first-time asylum applicants Q1 2015

Germany, 73120

Hungary, 32810

Italy, 15245

France, 14770

Sweden, 11415

Austria, 9705

The United Kingdom, 7335

Belgium, 3440

Bulgaria, 3190

Greece, 2610

Netherlands, 2425

Spain, 2035

Denmark, 1505

Poland, 1440

Finland, 960

Ireland, 625

Cyprus, 430

The Czech Republic, 355

Malta, 345

Romania, 335

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  1. 10% huh? So 62 million voting for trump … 62/330 = 19%. Add in the fence sitters of 5% = 24%. The mediocre GAF you can discount. Then as you said “That is what we pay taxes for, right? After all that is the one clear duty of government, is it not?” Maybe the EU population should call for a general strike on taxes and labor until actual deportations start and importing refugees stops.

  2. Thanks for this informative and disturbing item. The statistics are useful as well. I wish the writer had done better editing and proofing of this before sending it out. The misspellings and problems with syntax make it something I’d not want to re-send with credit to the author until I’d copied it and corrected it. Best wishes for next time. Do continue to send these…!

    • Hello Harris, I’m sorry about syntax and grammatical errors, and any misspelling of words. However, I spend 30-40 hours on articles like this. I am not a professional writer (Agreed I’m not even a good amateur yet I try), and I have another job besides this to support myself. I do this because the mainstream media will not even recognize problems like this. I hope to merely point out these dire situations to people. So actually your stance of not passing these articles do to grammatical errors or what net, only helps hide these problems from the world, and does nothing to help the true victims here.
      So, I hope you reconsider your position of not promoting articles and not re-posting issues this serious to the rest of the world. Because simply complaining like some form of grammar police is not really constructive is it. I’m sure I will get better and I do appreciate your honesty really, but you can’t seriously think that a few misspelled words is more important then the message…

  3. Being a European living in Denmark we have seen a lot of rise in crime since, especially; the crisis in Syria. It is my personal belief that ISIS is using the refugees as an economic weapon. If I was a devout muslim would I want my brethen to go to other Muslim brothers or into the lions den called Europe? No, flooding Europe with tens of millions of refugees and putting a huge strain on our healthcare and welfare systems is an economic and cultureal weapon…

    • I am so sorry about what’s happening to the Nordic countries, including yours. I hope your politicians will begin to make the right decisions asap.

  4. I am Swedish, our country has fallen. I see no hope for the future. Regardless of what people like Langford say, the truth is more important then the misplacing of a few comma’s this issue isn’t about Grammar. It is about the religious dogma of a archaic and insane 1400 hundred year old misguided ideology of Sharia, and the war tactics of a cult of hateful tyrants, who impose their will on an child like unsuspecting nation that lives in a cultural bubble. God help us!!!

  5. we dug europe out of a hole the dug themselves 2 other times last century DO NOT ASK THE US TO DO IT AGAIN YOU MADE THIS PROBLEM YOU FIX IT

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