The Book of the Empowerer

The Book of the Empowerer

These are not all original. Many of them you may have heard used colloquially. I just decided to make a list of some words to live by; words to grow by; words to empower.

by M.B.


  • Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Emergencies Are Just Unplanned Reality Checks
  • Information Leads to Knowledge. Knowing How To Apply That Knowledge Is Understanding. Knowing When To Apply That Understanding Is Wisdom
  • From A Far Enough Distance Everyone Looks The Same – Choose Your Companions Wisely
  • If You Aren’t Ready-Get Ready. If You Are Ready-Stay Ready.
  • Fear Breeds Failure Envy Anger Regret.
  • You Can Only Try Something Once – After That You’re Just Doing It
  • Logic Cannot Defeat Ignorance. Only Bloodshed & Proof (In That Order) Can Defeat Ignorance
  • If You Want Your Message To Be Heard & Understood You Have To Speak To People In A Language They Best Understand
  • People Only Do What They ‘Know’ (Think Or Have Been Led To Believe) They Can Get Away With
  • Talking, Alone, Never Solved Anything. Action Must Always Accompany It. Talk [email protected]#t-Spit Blood So To Speak
  • Sometimes The Story Of The Myth Is Better Than The Legend Of The Truth
  • By Belonging To None You Can Belong To All
  • Camouflage Comes In All Colors
  • Don’t Let Your Pride Get In The Way Of Your Common Sense
  • Be Suspicious
  • Be Comfortable – Not Complacent
  • Don’t Make Permanent Decisions With Temporary Feelings
  • Live Each Day As If It Might Be Your Last. Just Be Aware That It Might Not Be
  • In Times Of Crisis, Never Put A Person In Charge Who Has Nothing (Left) To Lose
  • Always (If You’re The Leader) In A Crisis, Prepare & Make Known Escape Routes Or ‘Outs’ For Everyone.
  • Wearing A Cape Doesn’t Make You A Hero
  • The View (What You See Through Your Eyes & Your Understanding) Of A Man Standing Is Different Than The View Of A Man Sitting. So Too Is The View Of A Man Sitting Different Than A Man Lying. Adjust As Needed.
  • Just Because Someone Shares Your Situation Doesn’t Mean They Share Your Goals
  • Don’t Just Look – See. Don’t Just Hear – Listen. Don’t Just Know – Learn.
  • C’MON
  • There Are Two (2) Types Of People You Should Never Mess With: The Person Who Has Everything To Lose & The Person Who Has Nothing To Lose
  • There Are 6 Types Of Animals (Manimals) You Should Never Mess With: A Trapped Animal (Not Caged), A Wounded Animal (Unless You Mean To Kill It), A Hungry Animal, A New Mother, A Mating Animal (Including One Looking For A Mate), A Sleeping Animal
  • Take It Easy. If You Get It Easy, Take It Twice
  • Aim For The Bushes
  • If  You Can’t Afford To Lose It Don’t Gamble With It
  • If You’re Jealous Don’t Marry
  • If You’re Scared Get A ______
  • Be Who You Are
  • Nothing Is Free. Even If It Only Costs You A Minute Of Your Time, It Costs.
  • Trust Lost Can Never Be Completely Regained. While You May Trust The Person Again In General (Or They Trust You), It Will Always Be Tainted
  • If It’s Not Worth Killing Or Dying For, It’s Not Worth Fighting Over (Physically)
  • The Laws Of Nature Supercede The Laws Of Man. Just Try Telling Someone Not To Pee. They’ll Be Able To Hold It For A While, But Eventually Nature Always Wins
  • Retreat Is Always An Option, Surrender-Never
  • Sleep Light
  • Pay Attention
  • If It’s A Fight They Want, Give Them A War. If It’s A War They Want, Give Them The End Of Their Existence
  • If You Have To Resort To Physical Violence To Resolve A Verbal Confrontation You’ve Been Outwitted
  • Overkill Is Underrated
  • Focus
  • Don’t Underestimate Others Or Overestimate Yourself
  • Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should
  • Never Underestimate The Stupidity Of Greed
  • Don’t Beg For Your Life, Fight For Your Life

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1 thought on “The Book of the Empowerer”

  1. Most Important…
    Always remember, Noah was a Prepper, too.

    Thought about that quote the other day. Our Pastor asked us who in the Bible we most relate to, I thought about that quote after we left, unfortunately. He would have got a kick out of that.


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