The Berkey Guy Radio Show

Just want to mention to everyone that if they were not familiar with the Berkey Guy Radio Show – you should check it out.

The Berkey Guy Radio show is heard on the Preparedness Radio Network every Tuesday night at 5:00pm P.S.T.  (8:00pm EST) Jeff Gleason – aka The Berkey Guy – discusses a variety of survival and preparedness topics. Jeff often has guests on to make things interesting. Podcast lasts for 1 hour.

For more info – visit and also go directly to – search The Berkey Guy.


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  1. Jeff is a great guy. He always has a great show and some interesting people. I try to listen when ever possible.

  2. I’ve had a travel berkey for over a year, and love it. It paid for it’s self in about 2 or 3 months just in savings of botteled water. When I clean out the top part of it after a couple of weeks use I cant believe the horrible crap it has filtered out of my tap water, and everyone in town thinks we have great water hahaha.

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