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Just wanted to give a big “shout out” to all of the sponsors to my last Survival & Preparedness Guest Post Writing Contest. I appreciate there willing to participate. If any of you are looking for survival & preparedness products/training – please consider these fine folks.


Here they are along with a list of what they donated:

1st Place – – OnPoint Tactical has donated one of their Urban Escape & Evasion classes. Value: $795, has provided a Royal Berkey System Value: $283.00, has offered up two cases of MRE’s  Value: $200, The entire NEW WORLD Series by G. Michael Hopf from Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $50.00, is donating another multi-book package consisting of 5 books of your choice from their preparedness library. Value: $75+


2nd Place – – Choate, Machine and Tool Company has donated a $200 Gift Certificate, Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill from  Value: $219.95, The entire Going Home book series from Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $50.00,


3rd Place – – has donated one Deluxe Pandemic Kit and Pandemic Preparedness DVD, plus a copy of The Survival Medicine HandbookOld West Lawman’s Forgotten Memoir courtesy of  Available in Kindle, PDF, and Printed formats. Value: $20+, Author Archer Garrett is providing your choice of 5 books from his series – The Western Front, Kratocracy Part 1The Nine of the North, and many more. Value: $50.00+, Mike the Gardner has provided a 1 Year Membership to the Seeds of the Month Club, The latest books from James Wesley, Rawles courtesy of Penguin Group Publishing   Value: $30.00

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The winners of the contest will be announced on Sunday.


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