Terrorist Cell in Heart of United States?

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Evidence is mounting that there is a possible terrorist cell operating in the Columbia, Missouri area. Over the past several days local Walmarts have reported having multiple incidents where men are purchasing large quantities of prepaid cell phones and paying with cash. These “throw aways” are often used by terrorists and criminals for communication purposes due to the lack of traceability to the buyer and the difficulty for law enforcement to conduct surveillance.

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So, what is exactly happened thus far?

At least five cities so far have been included – Ava, Lebanon, Columbia, Jefferson City, and Macon. In all cases individuals are coming in and purchasing upwards of 100 cell phones and paying with cash.

In at least one event the men were “foreign speaking”. Due to this being highly unusual purchase the stores called police. Law enforcement in at least one case was able to talk a man making the purchase and let him go as he had not broken the law.

The FBI is currently investigating at least three of these cases.



In addition to large purchases of cell phones explosives were found buried along an off road trial in Waynesville, Mo. by a deer hunter back in October. These explosives were within 2 hours of Columbia and 30 minutes of Lebanon. The explosives were investigated and the official word is that they had no connection to terrorism.

In my world 2 + 2 = 4 every day of the week. Is it possible it only looks like a 2 and it is really 1 or 3? Sure – it can happen.

In late November a BP gas station and a CVS reported having more than 40 propane tanks stolen. These events occurred approx 2 hours west of Columbia.

Be vigilant folks. Also be aware for yourself. Although I commend these WalMarts for being aware of the possible situation I would be pretty upset if I was detained for a few hours for purchasing a couple thousand rounds of ammunition because some employee thought it was suspicious for buying too much.





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11 thoughts on “Terrorist Cell in Heart of United States?”

  1. Well .. when the small town I keep bees outside of Pop 335 has an Islamic outreach center in it, you can bet that there is a trend to go rural to recruit from pools of people that have nothing and don’t see any out. Under employed and under educated, a little bit of attention and folks can be easily mislead.. one step at a time. A long term plan would be quiet and not worry about immediately.. Moreover .. noisy events might be just the thing to distract from the real purpose at the grass roots level. Maybe I am just paranoid. It bugs the crap out of me every time I drive by the place as I have never seen anyone that is identifiable as a Muslim either by dress or a congregation. Maybe it is innocent .. but my gut says not.
    There is no way it is coincidental, false flag maybe, but well out of the realm of coincidence statistically.

    next .. so what we did by providing information of the number and location of phones to the media.. What idiot did that ? You find that by sifting through mountains of data and looking for anomalies. We just told the enemy to by 20 phones in 20 locations now.. so they can’t be seen. awesome.. wanna take bets on how easy it will be to spot 20 phones one at a time now ?
    I like knowing the truth.. I really do.. but you don’t tell your enemy things like that .. to educate them..
    here is where I stretch it too far likely.. If I wanted to fan the flame, things like this we could never prove was government or not would do it. And about recreational explosives .. really ? vs what ? So they are military .. or professional ? or what ?

    Whole thing just feels wrong .. contrived maybe .. but what do I know

    and it teaches .. Bury a cache with real care .. food.. clothes whatever..

    thoughts ? am I over reaching ? too much caffeine ?

  2. There have always been enough patriotic Americans to face down threats to our way of life. Perhaps not all conflicts and wars were justified and worth the blood and treasure we spent but that does not diminish the character of our Patriots and their motivation to fight for us. This new war we are in is different than any anyone alive today has ever witnessed. No longer is it reserved to some far off land, it is here. We are no longer shielded from collateral damage. We are the actual targets of our enemy.

    We have a government that currently seems obsessed with denial, prone to rationalizing the threat and instinctively condems our rights. It is not only slow and loathsome in its response to terrorism but promotes ideas like middle east immigration and disarming its citizens….Atlas facepalms.

    The record gun sales and conceal carry applications of late are not a reaction driven by fear of gun bans or terrorism. They are in no small measure an affirmation of our willingness to extract a price and a body count from our enemies, even if it’s to be done in our malls, our businesses, at our celebrations and in our streets. We are settling in for a long war. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a warrior, only if your present when and where they strike next. Last year Mark Vaughan wasn’t a warrior but he was armed and present when a resent convert to Islam decapitated a co worker and attempted to do the same to a 2nd……..

  3. Things are heating up again for sure. There seems to be an ebb and flow that will not stop until(if) we get that *beep* out of office.

  4. goingray58 — I share many of your thoughts. often times I find too much “coincidence” in some of these stories and events.

    None the less, it is most certainly an apt reminder of the importance of vigilance. Specifically, as Mr.Galt pointed out, since this fight is different than any before it.

  5. My brother called this morning from Kalifornia to tell me they shut the schools down state wide do to terr threat to bomb the schools.

  6. Mobiles/Cell phones also common use (wait for it)…..remote I.E.D (Improvised Explosive Device). Just saying: Propane/Explosives + Burner phones= Moderate Educated Refuge eeees.


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