Tensions ease in Nevada


It appears that the standoff in Nevada over cattle grazing, endangered tortoises, and owed grazing fees is over – at least for now. The Bureau of Land Management withdrew it agents and efforts to round up cattle due to a “serious concern” over the safety of its employees, and the public.

I am hoping that the entire matter is the last we will hear of it and a peaceful resolution can be found.

Just prior to the announcement from the BLM I came across a couple video’s from April 9th that I was going to share. No reason not to:


Cliven Bundy speaking at the Moapa Valley Town Board meeting 04/09/14 


Friend of Cliven Bundy speaks……April 10th, 2014




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  1. I have ‘heard’ that the supposedly endangered tortoises are nothing more than a ‘smokescreen’ and the real issue is OIL…fracking rights…so I’m thinking this is actually far from over, however it IS an example of how Americans banding together to uphold the Constitution CAN prevail…

  2. this is not the of fascism by our government! just not ready to enact martial law NDAA and doesn’t want the pre election problems Next event soon. I feel the government was caught unprepared for the reaction. we need to learn from this including haw local government participated. gives meaning to KNOW WHERE YOUR LOCAL police thugs live. we need to file FOIA request for all Peace Officer Licences with home address when it hits the fan the fascist
    officers need to be concerned with there own families while they are out killing ours

  3. I am hearing that the government has no intentions of giving up, their “fade” is just a ntrick. Please keep tuned in to the situation for a while longer. Paul

  4. Agree Paul, and I think they did the right thing retreating to avoid injuries on both sides. They will be back for Bundy, and/or his trespassing cattle, at a later date.

    Curious grammyprepper, what part of the Constitution was upheld here?

  5. I don’t think any of us know the truth of this matter yet. No other government agency would have just packed up and left. I think everyone owes the BLM a measure of confidence for departing without leaving dead people behind. Certainly, this action was no Harper’s Ferry and no one deserves to be shot or hung. I think we as a people need to pull back as well. The facts will come out. Me, I’d be very surprised if that rancher was in the right, but we’ve always owned our own land and never let our animal herd grow without buying more (and I once owned a piece old land grant Texas where the original documents commanded me to, ‘hold and defend’).

    My thoughts,

  6. the full story is yet to be told – desert tortoise – cattle grazing – failure to pay ‘grazing fees’ – naahh!

    harry reid – rory reid – china – u.s. government – oil and gas – fracking – yep!!!!!

    the next chapter will soon be written – you can count on it.

    keep your —— dry and stay villigent!!

  7. I believe this only of many battles to come, the war is not over.
    a) Obama said he wanted to build an army outside of the military, AK(BLM,EPA,CPS,OSHA,)
    b) BLM is supposed to keep the mustang herd at 300, yet there population is =/> 2000
    c) Read something that Sen. Harry Reid and his eldest son is connected trying to push ranchers out to build a Solar Energy Farm on the land by a Chinese Company
    Remember these families have been ranching three for over a 100 years.
    It’s all part of the Agenda

  8. Good points, remain vigilant as this is more than likely far from over. It did impress me the number of folks that were willing to step up…the numbers are growing 🙂

  9. I heard a recent rumor that Prison buses are coming into the area. Just hearsay at this point/.
    If the turtles were the real reason, how much damage did the feds do with all that digging and bull-dosing, trucks plowing around in the area. Putting fences up, post holes dug etc. To say nothing of the turtle kill the government is accused of doing in the near past.
    How about the fact that blm has been caught selling public land to China? Does that sit well with you? It did not sit well with me. 73 Paul

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