Technical issues and Remember 9/11

All – I am having serious server issues with ModernSurvivalOnline which is limiting my ability to work within the site.

I am not feeling too positive about the prognosis here…..

Meanwhile – let us all remember the events of 9/11 and the hero’s that stood up and made a difference that day. What anĀ amazingĀ feeling it was to be an American that fateful day. Times have certainly changed.



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  1. Rourke, I am having issues with my e-mails, either slowing down, freezing, or just shutting down. The problem seems most severe when I am accessing a conservative site, JohnP.

  2. I’m surprised to hear of your difficulties, we here at the NSA aren’t having any problems at all accessing your site, or working within it….

  3. To Rourke, Keep up the Good fight. i see no thing here evil. Trying to teach others to prepare is of the highest good! Caring for Country and Constitution is of the highest good! Hold your head up high Sir! Be proud and hold your head up high! What your site has taught me over the years should be taught to those in high school with many of the skills taught here being a requirement to graduate! God bless ye Rourke! God bless ye!

  4. Dear Rourke, being a Canadian citizen and reading your msonline minutemen, has truly inspired me! I wish, somehow that there was a North American Minuteman awareness! I admire the Swiss Civil Defense Plan, and wish we had such a Intercontinental commitment! I would also ask ye humbly sir, is there any way your site could have special area totally dedicated to Fuchishima? The msm talks of it rarely, and i humbly believe that every one on Earth needs to be sending as much money trillions, and that every scientist on the planet needs to be working overtime on fixing this problem! No on talks about it, hardly anyone knows about it, and yet this disaster if it reaches a true meltdown, i believe could make the entire northern hemisphere a dead zone!

  5. Tomorrow afternoon i finish a first aid course, adding one more arrow of skill, to my quiver, and although there are much higher courses and training i would like to have, at least it is a true start, and something to offer my fellow humans. A small step on the long road. God Bless you all! Humbly, from Brearbear. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum! Be prepared!

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