Technical difficulties……..

Starting sometime after midnight on Thursday ModernSurvivalOnline got shut down by its hosting company due to server issues. I still do not know exactly what occurred and I am not the only preparedness site that had issues. Basically I had no access to the site all day and most of the night Friday.

Problems may not be over.

Probably someone at the NSA playing games.


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4 thoughts on “Technical difficulties……..”

  1. I hate to be the pessimist here… but if there’s others having problems, this could be an indication of someone pulling the switch too soon. Dry runs aren’t always intentional…


  2. Shortly after your server went down I lost access to my laptop requiring buying a new one. After many varied attempts to gain access. Hopefully my HD is intact for recovery. As part of attempting access I fired up my seldom used desk top to find that the HD was caput. Hmmmmmmmmm. Regards, D. PS BTW I hate windows 8, insane totally un-intuitive OS. I feel like my learning curve is going to be a year!

  3. My wife seen on Fox News that internet service was being slowed down, I have talked to others i know who have other providers and are experiencing the same problems. I live in a fringe area to start with and I have to keep restarting my computer as the slow down just locks the system up, and yes I believe the NSA is responsible.


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