Taking care of ourselves here at home first….

I have been thinking a lot lately about government, politics and the state of this country today.

There are a few things that really frustrate me.

Borders– No matter your opinion on the immigration problem in this country – I suspect most all of you believe that there should be better security at the borders. The first step that needs to be taken to resolve illegal immigration is to stop illegals from entering this country!! I mean – this has been going on for years and both sides of the political landscape are to blame.  It doesn’t take much common sense to see that a wall needs to be built and measures put into place to monitor the border – NOW!   Period.

Am I missing something?

Rhetoric -The bickering and spin that goes on both sides of the political aisle is ridiculous. Finger pointing and making accusations – so much effort is made in the direction of “nowhere” when so much could be done in making good decisions and taking positive steps to improve this country. The media is so blatantly biased. I would love to see some real reporting and investigating going on. We have crooks in government – report the truth and lets get things better.

 Am I missing something?

Billions of our tax dollars overseas – I pay plenty of my money in taxes – and I am not talking just about federal income taxes. From supporting local sales taxes, state sales taxes, state income taxes, excise taxes, gas taxes, property taxes, vehicle taxes, etc.  – I pay more than my fair share. I am sick and tired of hearing about MY money – and YOUR money – going to help others. Countless billions of dollars are being sent overseas to to so many countries.

Here is an excerpt from The Federal Budget planned for 2011  – money being spent in other countries :

  • $8.5 billion to expand the President’s Global Health Initiative to save millions of lives and securing our future with smart health and development investments. The President’s Budget expands funding to treat and prevent global HIV/AIDS, implement maternal and child health initiatives to reduce the mortality of mothers and children under five, expand efforts to stop malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases, and enhance capacity and long-run sustainability of local health systems.
  • $1.6 billion for agriculture development and nutrition programs as part of a multi-year plan to lift people out of poverty and reduce under-five malnutrition for millions of children by 2015, with funding provided through two main channels to poor countries – through bilateral assistance and through a new multi-donor facility administered by the World Bank.
  • $1.4 billion to help developing nations adapt to climate change and pursue low-carbon development with the assistance of U.S.-built clean energy technologies and increased sequestration of carbon stored in soils, plants, and trees.
  • $446 million to fund the second year of the President’s initiative to significantly increase the number of Peace Corps volunteers, and keeps the Peace Corps on track to grow by 50 percent so it reaches 11,000 volunteers by 2016.
  • $1.9 billion in annual contributions and arrears to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to help meet the needs of the poorest populations globally, including countries that have disproportionately felt the effects of the global financial crisis.
  • $1.3 billion for new Millennium Challenge Corporation compacts in eligible countries, such as Indonesia and Zambia, to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth.

Now – I am all for charity and helping our fellow man in other countries – but let’s display some sense of  judgement. What about the people here at home? How about taking care of “number 1” first? How about funding our schools? How about funding our infrastructure? How about reducing taxes?

I am tired of hearing how programs and teachers have to be downsized due to a lack of funding. School field trips being cut due to no money. Libraries closing due to no funding. Pretty unbelievable that the cost of college continues to skyrocket while at the same time billions of our tax dollars are being sent to other countries. Pretty much sick of hearing how some government sponsored employee is getting paid $75k per year to study ketchup flow. Unbelievable that our tax dollars are going to fund a study as to whether or not alcohol has an effect on the sex lives of college students (no joke!). I can answer that!!!!! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter! – my hand is raised. Give me back some of my damn tax dollars!!


Alright – there is my rant for today.

Take care all –


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  1. Whether crime, disease or economics, I consider the invasion of our country, by foreign nationals, to be one of our greatest threats. Dr. Robert Rector, of the Heritage Foundation, has estimated the annual cost of illegal immigration to be well over one hundred billion dollars. While securing the border is extremely important, it would only cut down on those who come into the country from Mexico. As many as one half of those here illegally came on visas and just stayed. Without robust interior enforcement, of which the current president does none, we can never get a handle on our immigration system. We could greatly enhance enforcement for one years cost of the status quo. While both parties pander to those who have broken our laws as their first act on U.S. soil, the line to immigrate here legally is 4.5 million people long. I suppprted the 1986 amnesty and, much like Ronald Reagan, grew to regret it. I did, however, learn from that mistake and have been in the political battle for enforcement for decades. Another personal lesson was my time in the construction field, watching the impact that the revolving door of illegal labor had on american workers. The George Bush talking point about how, “They’re only doing the jobs that Americans won’t do”, is an absolute falacy and I cringed every time he said it. Americans stopped another massive amnesty several times during this administration and the one before. We are the only ones who can stop it again. Call, write, fax or whatever. Let your members of Congress know that you will not vote for anyone who supports foreign nationals, who are here illegally, over working Americans.

  2. Lmfao rourke, i dont blame you a bit bro, i feel the same way man, every time I think about politics I get so sick and disgusted that it affects my health and I think that’s the way many Americans think we would rather be numb to it then be sickened by the thought of what’s really going on today, it’s disgusting. The problem is politicians and the government have figured this all out they keep us divided on race, on issues such as gay marrage, women’s equal pay, white against black, against brown, against ect, rich against poor, you name it we ALL have a side its a divided nation… Divided We Fall… Our representatives no longer work for us, they now work for the lobbyist whenever you see a bill they can’t get past, this because one sides lobbyist is against the other sides lobbyist they’re all working for the extra bonus, there has never been a republic in all of history that has not failed… Im sorry to sound like such a cynic, but I am a realist and know and prep to survive it….

  3. When I was a kid living in SoCal, I rode the bus to school. The bus stop was next to a very large farm, where they used “Migrant Workers” (read ‘Illegals’) to do the harvesting. during that season we would often hear one of the kids yelling “La Migra” which meant “Immigration Enforcement”. You would see a bunch of heads pop up from the field and start looking around nervously. This was funny at the time because they were doing work that no one wanted to do for a wage no one could live on, and we didn’t understand that these people were doing it because it allowed them to provide for their families. Just a bunch of kids messing around. A few years later I was riding my motorcycle back to my base after a Christmas Liberty and was hit by a person who was in the states illegally. I was not seriously injured, but my bike was badly damaged. When local police showed up they called immigration who arrived with a van. The guy who hit me stepped onto the van, and was taken away. I was left there with my broken bike, and a police report. The guy had no insurance so I was also left with all of the costs associated with the accident out of my pocket. Fast forward to today and I wonder what would happen in these instances. The Junior High School kids would be suspended, banned from riding the bus, and probably charged with some sort of hate crime. They guy who hit me would not be taken away, and I may be charged with some racial offense for being in his way or something. About 13 years ago I received a ticket for speeding and had to appear in court for it. The judge ask if anyone didn’t speak English (in Spanish) and a large number of people raised their hands and the judge said she was going to hear all of their cases first so the interpreter could be released to help in other courtrooms. Most of the people in Traffic Court that needed the interpreter were not in the states legally, and the normal fines would create a “financial hardship” for the offenders who didn’t have a license anyway. Their fines were reduced and they then were free to go.

    I just find it interesting that as a tax paying citizen of this country I am punished more severely than someone who has committed the crime of entering this country illegally and is exempt from having to meet the requirements that I do. Simply because I am a legal inhabitant of this country and they are not.

  4. Our loaning/giving money to other country’s has only cost us more each year. I’ve never understood why we still give “aid” to people and country’s that hate us. I have yet to see any group of people that we have armed that haven’t turned on us. We need to stop “helping” others that won’t help themselves. If you don’t like the way your country is ran – then change it – you are no longer welcome here. Close the door.

  5. You won’t be able to understand why the things that are happening now are … happening. It must first be understood that the communist, America hating Trojan Horse, Muslim impostor is trying to take down the once great republic and is scoring a direct hit. We must also understand that the left is corrupt but also, that the GOP has been corrupted as well. Big business owns them. That is why we aren’t seeing them attack the usurper’s amnesty plans and having the border taken under control. It is a very sad time for America.

  6. Re: Foreign spending:

    You total is $15.146 BD

    This years budget for Texas is $91.7 BD

    The military budget for this year will be $615 BD+

    Kinda puts it in perspective.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for “wasteful” spending, but we need to cut somewhere it will really make a difference.

    This year we will spend:

    Social Security: $851 BD

    Medicare: $836 BD

    “Other” social programs: $370 BD

  7. You are all right on. Yes we MUST contact our representatives. Our 80,000 signatures and voices helped re the ammunition ban issue and so far step one against the Nuclear Iran deal..If we kept all the money here we would not have trillions in deficits. Arlene

  8. As life time organic farmers- US farmers especially young people wanting to become farmers need financial help.
    Border issue has emerged in New Hampshire/Canadian border.Drugs are coming down from Canada causing a major problem in NH. Arlene

  9. Arlene, I have to agree with you, they are all correct. Brad M, 20 years ago I was broadsided by a Hispanic women who after apologizing promptly left the scene of the accident and left me with a totaled auto and a herniated disc which I still have today. I had to use my own insurance which I found out was no where near enough coverage.

  10. I have no way of knowing if she was an illegal, but I don not think she had insurance as at that time Florida was supposed to have had a 25 % uninsured rate but latter amended to about 40 %.

  11. two years ago it cost 5800/yr in tax money for each illegal in the US. Nancy Pelosi when speaker of the house said at that time there were 20,000,000 illegals in the US. So by out of date figures it costs11,600,000,000/yr to have maids and bean pickers in the US. Only 400,000 work in agriculture, They now state that 20% of illegals have felony records so by out of date figures we have imported 4,000,000 felons who are supposed to be happy picking beans Doing the jobs we dont want to do like mugging, rape, armed robbery etc Some areas of the country have been abandoned to the drug cartels period. In my own small town in six months 150 illegal kids have been dropped on the system for everything. None speak English In one year drug crimes have gone up 1200% Hispanics shoot up neighborhoods at night for fun from speeding cars Some parks have been taken over by hispanic drug gangs. I just love Obamas immigrantion policy Hillary is Obama on steroids

  12. Rant away: rant rant rant. I think most who follow this site are quite in agreement with each other. I am. A lot of this money goes to keeping people alive who have already been degraded by malnutrition as a child. America has quite enough people legally born here, and I don’t mean dropped just after crossing the border illegally. Can’t get rid of them? We kicked the crap out of the Germans and Japanese at the same time, so don’t tell me what we can’t do when we decide as a nation to do it. The poseur/imposter
    in the White House may have gone to a Catholic school, but the society we live in is where we get of deepest beliefs. Many go to church on Sunday and screw all over others the rest of the time and call themselves good Christians. Which is just exactly what Obasturd is doing.

    Putin has already handed him his ass diplomatically, and continues to push nearer our borders militarily with subs and planes. He knows a punk when he sees one – remember that “red line” in Syria that turned pink and then disappeared when Putin one-upped him? Sure you do. He bred two beautiful daughters, but we don’t keep people for breeding as property anymore, thank God. The Hell of it is he really doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do, who he is, and what needs to be, must be, done to get this country back on an even keel. He reminds me of a wet rag, hanging from a line and twisting and blowing with the wind, whichever way that may blow.

    Amnesty? Or Am Nasty? Look what has happened since 1986, when they made about 3 million illegals citizens. Now we’ve got 20 million or more from everywhere. What if we let every person who wanted come here come. Fly and boat them in ourselves. Bangladesh has the same area (nearly) as the State of Wisconsin, and 155 million, more or less, people. Wisconsin has about 5 1/2 million, about 3&1/2 % of Bangladesh. So let’s multiply the 9 million in New York City by 30 (roughly)and see what we get;
    270 million people in New York City. Amnasty is just an invitation to EVERYBDY to “Come on in, folks>”

    That’s what Obasturd has in his mind, to break this nation down by illegal immigration, because prices for everything will never stop rising and will rise even faster as the numbers grow, and where is the water and food going to come from. Do you want to live in an America with 9 BILLION people? That’s’ where the numbers lead folks. Our present 307 million times 30 equals 9+billion. I might well be crazy, but I’ll bet your calculator will give you the same numbers, using the same procedure. I’m no “on the far frontier of any mathematics” genius math child, but this is simple division, ratio, and multiplication. My Bangaldesh info comes from the CIA World Handbook, available on line for FREE at “CIA.gov/”.

    RANT RANT RANT: That’s mine for today.


    • Dam dh, lol had to read that twice to get it all, I feel you though, politics in this country are truly sickening

  13. Hi Doomsday

    How much money did you say you were going to give to Hitlery’s campaign? $25? Umph! $25,000? Still can’t hear you. $250,000? She’ll send you an auto-penned thank you. $25,000,000? That’s my boy!!! I can spare you 45 minutes when we get to Podunk, Iowa. YES!! There is a town named Podunk in Iowa, although I don’t know if it’s still on any maps. excepting maybe county maps. Anyway, there won’t be anybody but me, my sexetary, and top political advisors, to hear the conversation. And they know what happened what happened to those who really got in Bill’s way in Arkansas – fell down stairs, killed in auto accidents, suicided. and so on .For $25 million, I’ll go down on him like a bucket falling in a well if he wants.

    The upper middle class slut from Highland Park, Illinois never had a soul, mores,values, or norms that fit with the ideals of America. THE ONLY RULE: What’s in it for me? I’d like to think the gallows, gas chamber, electric chair, firing squad, or the needle in the Federal Penitentiary at Terre Haute, Indiana. Would be the most fitting end to her existence, and some relief to our own. But I’ll bet 100,000 to one that unless the media begins to tell the whole truth about her, the way they’ve destroyed other politicians they weren’t in bed with, the sow will be the next POTUS. And that makes me too emotionally distraught to further consider the implications of that.

    Every evil man has ever committed will be the order of the day, and so Slickly delivered you’ll be in an Alaskan logging camp for the rest of your days, a la Stalin, if you even whisper the word “NAY”. “Gird thy loins, and prepare for battle. for something EVIL COMETH THIS WAY”. Lock and load, children, make yourselves ready for the She-Devil, and follow the Special Forces Guide to Survival. You know they have their wits about them, and are true Americans, and worthy of your faith and trust.

    Thanks, Doomsday. You must be another well read student of history, of whom we need more of, and not these uncaring idjut’s who “don’t want to know”; that plague our nation like a pestilence. Most Americans strike me as the 3 monkey’s. Maybe they are monkey’s. They sure act like them, or the 3 Stooges. Take your pick. Live well, be well. I don’t write to exhibit my low IQ, or my pitiful vocabulary, but to express my worst fears under the potential status of our nation of her Empress-like Rule.


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