What’s your “trigger”?

September 15, 2015 Rourke 42

I was recently contacted by loyal reader AP. AP brought up the fact that his group meets a few times per year and develops guidelines as to what needs to occur to cause his group […]

Getting Started with Survival Preparations

May 12, 2015 Rourke 8

There are many people that are just now looking into “survival”. Many of these new “preppers” have become interested due to severe economic situations in this country as well as uncertainty throughout the World. Many people are having their […]

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Prepping: It’s a Family Affair

June 28, 2013 Rourke 3

Prepping: It’s a Family Affair by LM   As even the most seasoned prepper will attest to, the hardest part about preparing for when the SHTF is often trying to communicate how important this is […]

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Thoughts on ammo availability…….

June 6, 2013 Rourke 25

I received the following note from frequent contributor D. –    Various calibers of ammunition are now starting to make an appearance on the marketplace. (Natchez Shooters Supply, Midway USA, etc)    Most are still […]

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Guest Post: The 3 5’s……….

May 18, 2013 Rourke 9

  The 3 5’s   We know that in the aftermath of any major event like a hurricane or even some riot brought on by a political differences, society tends to fall apart. Once that […]

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Guest Post: On Being Overwhelmed……

January 8, 2013 Rourke 20

On being overwhelmed….   If you have been a Prepper, Survivalist, whatever you wish to call yourself, for any length of time, you may have become overwhelmed with it all. That it’s just too much […]

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EMP Weapon developed by North Korea?

March 13, 2011 Rourke 7

Fellow blogger over at ModernSurvivalBlog wrote up a post about the following – An EMP attack is one of the most feared methods of TSHTF for me. Unfortuately – I also believe it is one of […]

bucket potatoes

Growing potatoes in buckets

March 4, 2011 Rourke 22

Alright guys….this is a post I wrote last Fall for another blog but they never published it. Wanna grow some potatoes? It is amazingly easy. Check it out……. Over the past few years I have […]